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Fight against International Biological Terrorism

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Fight against International Biological Terrorism. Walk with us against these Illegal Human implants.

Over the last 8 years I noticed these implants inside my body. Each and every person in the medical sector I have approached has diagnosed these implants as a form of mental illness. Yet, these implants are used to torture and cripple my body. Up to the point I lack energy to function as a normal human being..

I have tried several methods to stop these biological terrorists entering my home. I have had this case in the International Law Courts without my presence. In the American Law Courts without my presence. Each and every time someone creates a barrier. So I do not get notified of my circumstances and where the hospital is, which is meant to remove these implants..

More importantly who these people are. Luckily for me I also see visions of the future, past and present. So I do know where in the body these implants are. Who these people are is right in front of my own eyes via their phsycial presence, as well as those who I can see through my visions.

Military officers from the British MOD are involved in these implants. A person by the name of Caroline Bowdler from the city of Sheffield is a biological terrorist who puts these implants in our bodies, alongside the military personnel we know of. Also  some of my neighbours are involved in this form of terorrism. I found mouse poison in my food, dog food juice in my milk.

Bells palsy Blind spots in eyes Heart Attacks Arthuritus Blocked Digestive Genital Problems Voice to skull Brain Implants

Brain Wire . Home Protection. Surveillance. Food Protection .Relocation . More implant removal

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Written by rudy2

June 16, 2010 at 06:05

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