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Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Carolyn Palit; I am the program director for a nonprofit program, ExoticWarfare. We are a member group of the International Humanities Center a 501 [c] [3] organization here in the United States. If you will look at our website at: , you will see that many Americans and other world citizens are in immediate need of help.
We are being tortured with directed energy, psychotronic weapons that attack not only our minds, but our eyes, ears, genitals, solar plexus, throats, and other parts of our bodies. We believe that the conducting metals and self-replicating nanowires (with sensors, nano-arrays, and their own metalized batteries) that are sprayed over all NATO countries enable this technology to work so effectively. These easily ionized metals provide the basis for plasma clouds to be propagated all over the globe. This provides plasma for particle-dense, steady-state, pulse plasma weapons and for plasma clouds that hold Alfven frequencies for global brainwave entrainment. This technology is hard to describe, but can be well understood from a close reading of the above website and its associated web links. It is possible that these atmospheric, spray operations were portrayed to the world’s leaders as something necessary for a sunscreen against global warming or for a missile shield. But, it is obviously more than that; the world’s leaders may have been lied to so as to perpetrate a secret agenda to deploy these weapons worldwide for torture, mind control, economic control, weather control, disaster weapons, and to the great profit of those who have  investments in pharmaceuticals and the defense industries. The toxins and germs in the spray are making people very sick all over the world, and this is going to make people with these investments very rich. Some of the people in the White House and our Department of Defense have large stock market shares of companies that make respiratory, heart, neurological, and Alzheimer medicines. The aluminum and barium in this spray cause diseases of the lungs, heart, nervous system, and memory.
The victims of this directed energy torture and chemtrail activists have appealed to our legislature, the Environmental Protection Agency, our Justice Department, the Federal Communications Commission, the White House, the Department of Defense, all branches of our military, Homeland Security, and many, many other agencies and officials within our government. We have tried to bring lawsuits for damages and permanent injunctions; but none of our efforts have been successful. We are treated like we are insane and of no importance. We desperately need your help. We are literally being tortured to death. Most of the victims of this torture cannot work and so have no financial resources to continue to bring lawsuits to the courts. Some of the victims have died from internal injuries resulting from these weapons. Some have committed suicide because the pain is just too great. Many of our servicemen and servicewomen are victims, too. These are not nonlethal weapons; these weapons are cruel, inhumane, and eventually totally lethal. The military refers to these weapons as slow-kill weapons. Some of the victims have children who are being  tortured with these weapons. How do we help these children who are being tortured in their minds, bodies, and sexually by these psychopathic people? Many of the victims that we are in contact with live in other countries. In this country, there are telephone conference calls every night, and one day a week there are a number of international conference calls. These calls are to support each other and to try and figure out what course of action to take next.
We are not sure which agency in this country is responsible for this torture. It is possible that this is a huge joint operation involving many different departments of our government and military along with NATO  involvement. In 1977, we had a senate hearing here on MKULTRA, a program that experimented on 27,000 Americans with radiation, germs, drugs, electroshock, and non-ionizing radiation. There were around 30 U.S. agencies and departments involved and over 100 universities. Many of us believe that this program never stopped, but it became more secret and has continued on a much larger scale. There was another program called, COINTELPRO, which was a federal psychological warfare, harassment, and surveillance program that went along with MKULTRA. We believe that the  COINTELPRO program never stopped either and is used in conjunction with MKULTRA to break our wills, deprive us of freedom and due process, and in short, destroy us as persons. These programs probably are called by other names by now.
 These programs appear to be worldwide, and it maybe that they are just parts of a global mind control, torture, and surveillance program led by corrupt, Gladio elements of NATO. All we know is the nanowires are all over the globe, this directed energy/psychotronic program is all over the globe, and that if allowed to continue, this program will destroy all republics and all life. These nanowires copy germs and can now be found in the plants and the animals. Many reptiles are dying because of the nanowires growing out of their eyes. Sometimes one can break a dead bee open and find that there is nothing inside anymore except nanowires.
In America, people who are sick from the nanowires are referred to as having a disease called Morgellons. Some of these Morgellons victims have died or committed suicide. It is believed that most people worldwide carry these nanowires in their bodies and minds but are asymptomatic. These nanowires can send and receive specifically tuned electromagnetic, radio, microwave, and ELF frequencies. This would appear to enable disease frequencies, mind manipulation, remote control of limbs and the body, and chemical/molecular control of organs. It operates as a network –an intra-body network.
I know that what I am conveying to you may seem preposterous, but I assure you, one could not make this tale up. It sounds like science fiction, but  it is backed up by hard science documented on the above website.
Please send us a Special Rapporteur to take our lab reports, our documents, medical evidence, certified meter readings, ultrasounds, advanced materials testing reports, and our stories. Please send us help. We are getting no help  from our government or the courts, and we just feel like dying.
We are in an electronic prison, an electric slavery, and we are just about at our wits end. Everyday we fight terrific feelings of just killing ourselves. We need help. The pain is unbearable. Horrific. The information we have will allow your organization to open an investigation that is global in scope and may just save the planet from extinction. We are finding anthrax and uranium in the spray. The nanowires are causing people here is grow pseudo hair and artificial skin – like I said, it copies DNA. For all we know, these nanowires may be copying our bones, tissues, and nerves.
A Dr. Staninger, here in Los Angeles, has the lab reports on these nanowires. She is an environmental and industrial toxicologist and can tell you much more about this than I. You will also find information .. damage and biowarfare elements of this program at: .  One can put anything inside of these nanowires: drugs, hormones, genetic materials, germs, toxins, nerve gas, or other substances.
These wires conduct, work as a network, and can be used to link people together using the electronic brain link technologies.
Please read the above sites very carefully and listen to the audio files that are linked on the site and please send us a Special Rapporteur. We cannot take the agony of these weapons or breathe these toxins and genetic  warfare substances any longer. People are dying of strokes, heart attacks, and organ failure, and we believe that these are covert murders–death squad-type activity. Someone intelligent must begin to take these  facts seriously and act responsibly to end this illegal and criminal enterprise. What is happening deserves a crimes against humanity and theenvironment trial. We need a worldwide injunction and ban of this spray and these weapons. If nothing is done, the world will go under abject fascism. People will be murdered and tortured to death in their homes in massive numbers. This is genocide. Please, please help us – send us a Special Rapporteur.
 I had written to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, and they wrote me with a reference number. That letter has since disappeared from my house. I have break-ins now and then. This is  standard COINTELPRO black bag operations in this country. They were  trying to decide if they had jurisdiction. I believe that they do because  these spray and “zap” operations are worldwide. I wrote to them again,  but I believe that my email to them never got there. I don’t know.

Could you please check on this for me? Also, reply to all of my email accounts and maybe you will get through to me. I can be contacted at my home, my phone number, or through the Alpine Police Department, my state  representative, or The Big Bend Family Crisis Center, if all else fails. Their numbers are:
Alpine Police Department +1-432-837-3486
The Big Bend Family Crisis Center, Carmen Sierra is my contact – +1-432-837-7254
State Representative, Pete Gallego, Brian or Patrick know the most about this, but anyone there will help you get in touch with me – +1-432-837-7383.
Our International Liaison, Ron Angell, of Ft. Myers, Florida, at +1-239-693-3263,, will be following up on this for us. He speaks a number of languages and is a wonderful person. He needs to get some torture counseling, also. He is horribly shaken by the covert murders that he has seen. Many of us need this counseling. Please assist him if he contacts your organization.

This where you can reach Dr. Staninger:

Integrative Health Systems, LLC

415 3/4th N. Larchmont Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90004

Tel: 323-466-2599
Fax: 323-466-2774
Carolyn Palit, 1208 W. Sanderson St., Alpine, Tx. 79830

Written by rudy2

November 15, 2010 at 20:25

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