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Bioelectric Technology and the Black Arts of Hypnotism

Each of us has an electro-magnetic field around our bodies. This is what we know as the aura. Our thoughts and the activity of our brain form a circuit within that aura. Since thoughts and brain activity are electrical impulses, they can be decoded and read. The world powers are well aware of this and with advanced computer technology, are able to decipher a person’s thoughts, where they can be received by a special device and the out put is much like when satellite signals are formed into a picture on our TV sets.

There are also microchips that can be used as implants along certain neural pathways to send electrical impulses to the brain, stimulating certain thoughts, feelings, beliefs or implanting certain memories. Although this technology has a way to go, there are now actual thought reading machines, which, like everything else in time, will be perfected. A device is placed upon a subject’s skin at certain points that reads the bioelectrical output and decodes these impulses to where they can easily be read with a special computer.

During the 1970′s the world powers acquired major advances and breakthroughs in mind control technology. Hypnosis has many positive applications, such as healing or breaking certain habits. Most “professional” hypnotists agree that when under a hypnotic trance, the subject will never act against his/her own will or perform acts contrary to his/her own nature. This, in reality is bullshit. A trained and confident operator can impel a subject to do anything he/she commands him/her to do.

20% of the population is perfect subjects for hypnosis. Above average intelligence, the existence of an imaginary playmate in childhood, a strong tendency to daydreaming and fantasy, and the will to comply make one a desirable candidate.

In the black arts of hypnotism, the hypnotist and subject form a master/slave relationship. The subject must be isolated from friends and family and spend much time alone with the operator, where a rapport is established, as in government experiments or sometimes as one does with a cellmate in prison. An emotional rapport is very important in establishing trust and obedience. The operator must come across as a good listener and show supposed genuine interest in the subject. The subject is made to feel comfortable around the operator and can be open with him/her.

The initial hypnotic induction is the most important, as it breaks through into the subject’s mind and opens a door to the hypnotist. When in the alpha state, the logical mind is inactive, and one is open to all suggestions. The operator gives the subject the suggestion that he/she will become deeply hypnotized again whenever the operator gives the induction cue. This can be in words or a signal. Each session induces a deeper hypnotic state where the subject slips under the complete control of the operator. With deeper trances, the subject becomes more and more powerless against the operator.

Artificial amnesia (also known as a “mind wipe”) is induced by the operator suggesting to the subject that he/she will not have any conscious knowledge of the session. Further important suggestions include that the subject will not in any way be able to be hypnotized by anyone else and that he/she will act in a trance, just as if awake.

Once the subject is easily hypnotized by the operator, the mind and personality can then be conditioned. Childhood playmates are often extensions of one’s personality, especially in those who are of weaker character and would not fight back personally or defend themselves. The imaginary playmate can fight back and get angry, where as the child cannot. Often, there is an abusive parent, to whom the angry thoughts and actions of the playmate are directed against.
During the initial conditioning phase of the session, the operator regresses the subject into childhood. Regression plays a very important part in establishing control over the subject. An operator who works for the government as in producing spies, will look for the most aggressive of the imaginary friends, in attempting to artificially split the personality. The most aggressive aspects of the personality are the ideal in destroying all inhibitions.

Artificial splitting of the personality occurs where the imaginary playmate is brought out in the subject and the subject becomes the playmate on cue. The playmate usually emerges through one of the subject’s chakras. The operator informs the subject that “playmate’s name” will come through subject’s stomach, third eye, throat, etc. The subject is further told again that he/she will not remember anything of the session or the emerging personality. In actual cases, the emerging stronger personality is conditioned through programming and suggestion to be hostile to the root personality of the subject.
This aggressive personality in nearly all cases is stronger and can take more abuse. The world powers use the subject as robotic spies. Extensive programming is instilled in the aggressive personality, so that they will never divulge certain information, even under torture. The root personality, who is amnesiac of the entire experience is often the one who endures systematic torture, with no memory or recall of the information the interrogator is attempting to force them to reveal.

Through repeated sessions the personality is brought out more and more and becomes much stronger, completely splitting off of the root. The subject, due to being programmed not to remember, has no knowledge, only gaps in time and missing pieces in the memory. Much time slips by unnoticed and is unaccounted for.

Further conditioning sessions, while under, include talking the subject through an experience completely abhorrent to their nature, where the subject is made in his/her mind to do something he/she would never consciously do. The subject actually experiences what the operator says. Through repeated sessions, all inhibitions are overcome and the personality is shaped into whatever the operator wishes. This is where the subject, for example, can murder ANYONE without hesitation or do anything else the operator commands. Like anything else, repeated programming is instilled and maintained in subsequent sessions.

Barbiturates can be injected into a stubborn subject that will render his/her mind open to whatever suggestions the operator wishes to instill. This is known as “Military Psychology.” Charles Manson was known to take less drugs and to be more in control and aware than the other members of his family. This is how he put many under his control, without their knowledge. People on drugs are extremely easy to control either psychically, as a skilled mage would do, or in an actual clinical setting. He learned these methods in prison and applied them. Drug use also puts holes in the protective aura that can easily be manipulated by an adept.

Electric Shock Treatment works to destroy memories and can be used to wipe the mind clean by agencies within the world powers. The mind is then reprogrammed, beliefs, ideas, thinking patterns, and habits are instilled, usually through trance induction by drugs, until the new personality takes hold and the drugs are no longer needed. This is known as “brainwashing” and can be done for all purposes.

Most people are unaware of what can be done to their minds by those who have more knowledge and control. Self-hypnosis is useful in where we, ourselves, program our own minds. We can program our minds to be resistant to all unwanted influences. In addition, others will not be able to influence our minds or establish control over us in any way.
References: Secret, Don’t Tell : The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery, 1998


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December 9, 2010 at 21:18

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  1. I recognize past times and events where this could apply to my experience. Last night for example … I’m bothered that it seems an hour is somehow missing from my recollection of the two hours I was actually somewhere. I pay attention to verbal red flags so that I won’t be under control of another since I learned about these things. At least I thought I was tuned into other’s trying to invade my mind, body and soul. I also thought I scanned the room and that there was nothing unusual. I felt a good vibe actually from the person and place. Yet I pay attention and have reasonably good guestimation of the time that has passed usually as I watch it and clocks regularly to double check. I’m reasonable good at keeping a close to accurate time in my head that is close to real time on a clock. Regardless of if I’m able to verify my internal clock to a real one. Yet somehow as I recap I can’t account for up to an hour … at least 45 mins. I feel overall I was on point and in reality. I was more patient than usual but yet no lag time or wasted minutes by either party that could explain how 120 minutes passed. Fucking Yankee Mind Fuck is what I write it off to … where ever the hell it comes by who ever the hell is programming or handling. Am I an experiment ? It feels that way ! What things should I look for that could trance me electronically ? What device could I use to double check my surroundings ? I know that in the past being under delta model type is possible. But I really thought that was a thing of the past since knowledge is power. I guess the events of the prior two weeks were contributing factors. If you know what I mean !? Do you ? And who are you ? And how deep does the rabbit hole go ? Can anybody be trusted ? Under program control the answer would be NO and could apply to any and all … according to what I read above.


    June 13, 2014 at 08:33


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