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Biomedical Targeted Individual dies suddenly

Stinn fought for rights of  Targeted Individuals covertly tortured, sometimes killed in Obama's "targeted killings" era. Stinn recently posted this on Facebook.

In interviews Saturday, Deborah Dupré learned that the Targeted Individuals‘ community is mourning news reaches them about the death of their friend and human rights advocate, Sean Stinn of Chicago Illinois.

“Our friend and TI (targeted individual), Sean Stinn, who was a victim of electronic harassment has passed,” advised Kim Smith in a Facebook notice Saturday.

Stinn, 45, died unexpectedly on Sept. 5, reportedly of a heart attack.

Known as a bioengineer technical genius among the Targeted Individual community, Stinn fought to have evidence regarding electronic harassment used in court.

His father, a career army man, had also been targeted, according to Stinn.

Stinn was a regular Commenter under Deborah Dupré’s articles, such as the article titled, “Obama’s secret targeted individual killing program, ACLU lawsuit.”

Stinn’s roommate, Steve Wilson, also active in the Targeted Individual advocacy groups, advised on Wednesday about Sean’s sudden death.

“Sean Stinn, my friend since we went to summer camp at chase park in the 197Os and my recent roomate, passed away in his room inside my apartment,” Wilson stated.

“He accomplished an incredible feat of aquiring a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering and traveled to Europe to make a video regarding human rights abuses of mind controling technology while being remotely tortured. He was brave intelligent and a friend.”

Stinn was in the process of acquiring Ph.D. in physics and was studying for the GRE exam.

“We were exchanging scientific papers and ideas,” Wilson explained. “He had another targeted individual Peter Rosenholm scan[ned] me for rf signals before he moved in. He was tutoring me in math and physics. Sean will be missed.”

Smith said Stinn “accomplished an incredible feat of aquiring a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering and traveled to Europe to make a video regarding human rights abuses of mind controling technology while being remotely tortured.”

“Sean was a crusader in the fight against government sponsored torture and abuse.”

In June, Stinn was interviewed by Swedish/German lawyer Henning Witte on WhiteTV about mind control today.

(Watch “Sean Stinn Mind Control Victim” on the embedded YouTube video on this page at the left.)

Last year, an Indigo Ribbon Quilt project that honors people killed by what targets call organized stalking and electronic harassment, was removed from the web. So was the well-maintained professional website managed by human rights defenders, that Deborah Dupré has referred to in previous articles.

“We need to get this quilt back online and bring attention to this matter,” Smith stated Saturday. “Why is there always a price to pay for defending your rights and exposing such horrors!”

Magnus Bill Olsen, another noted Targeted Individual advocate, wrote, “Humanity will never forget these covert crimes,,, makes me more determined to work harder to expose,,, You will be dearly missed Sean. God bless.”

“Makes me more determined to make sure the people doing this in my local area are caught and punished. We had some good chats about EH/OS and you helped me with your wisdom.

rest in peace,” said another TI.

The cause of death is unknown.

Last week, Stinn had signed a European-based petition, Stop the psychotronic warfare, the electronic harassment, surveillance and mind-control-international.

The petition provides a definition of psychotronic (psycho-physical) weapons as:

“the totality of all possible methods and means (techno-genic, suggestive, pharmacological, paranormal, complexes, and others) of hidden, forced influences on the psyche of a person for the purpose of modifying his [c]onsciousness, behavior and health for what is desired in the way of influencing aspects of control…”

“This is not only dangerous, this is deadly!” the petition states.

Written by rudy2

December 15, 2012 at 06:56

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  1. I believe I am a TI. I don’t discount the stories of others if at all plausible. With that said … It just occured to me that throughout all of history both verbal and recorded various forms of harsh physical torture and mental anguish has been used against humanity. This is ours in this modern day. Would you prefer some elf waves interferring with your system and well being or would you chose the rack or maybe you’d prefer a beheading and then spiked on a fence up high for all to see as a vicious reminder !? Get my point people !? I think it’s courageous of everyone who tries to educate others and speaks up about what most other’s consider this crazy talk. For those who do not fear and then subsequently deal with more fallout from the aftermath of their actions … I salute you ! We all should ! But I think it’s time to start the dialogue about taking more steps to be on the scene, seen and heard. When will we all stop being anonymous and go public with it. Why wait and resisit. Obviously I’m new here and know nothing except my strategy when I want to win is to make a bold move and make it known what I want and who I am and back it up with any means necessary. One place I read a lot at is annoyed with the hiding and hacking. I seriously see and appreciate both sides perspective. I fear a pissing contest may begin. Sad since we’d best succeed as Allies ! A great public debate and tax withholding tactics could be implemented as notable resisitance. Don’t just talk about it … Be about it ! That was a great one I heard in prision a long time ago. Now I want to put it out there that kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. But our patience may be viewed as apathy if we wait too long. Mind you I’m with none. I’m all alone in this world with little support and no resources. But I have myself. If one lone independent female can put doubt and fear aside to ready for what ever may come … The certainly others should do the same.


    June 13, 2014 at 09:10

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