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COURT RECOGNISES Electronic Harassment (James Walbert) N.1

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Hello All,
This is James Walbert.
I am contacting you to let you know the good news we have a strong case that has received recognition for the courts of Kansas. I have attached to this email and am asked that you might post for reference.

Respectfully James Walbert

Court Recognizes Electronic Harassment:
Protection Order for James Walbert
December 30, 2008
This could be the first official recognition of the need to protect citizens against electronic harassment. The following are comments from Julianne McKinney regarding the posted page scans:
This is actually very impressive. Walbert persuaded the Court that the defendant was using electronic weapons against him and his family, in addition to resorting to obvious forms of stalking.
He substantiated his claim with DoD documentation and had the support of a security specialist, who proved that electronic frequencies were involved, and, it would appear, the support of a couple of police officers. He also made use of letters from Missouri Representative, Jim Guest.
The outcome: The defendant failed to show up in court. The defendant has to pay all legal fees. The defendant may not employ 3rd-party means of re-establishing contact with Walbert (which would constitute multiple stalking), and may not employ any form of “electronic means” in harassing Walbert.
Walbert filed his complaint on November 25, 2008. The court decided the case on December 30, 2008.
Although this will probably not protect Walbert in the long term, he has obtained the first court-based acknowledgement of the existence of electronic weapons and of electronic harassment, that I know of.
Click each scanned image below for the court papers:

Way to go, James!

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December 31, 2009 at 02:08

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