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Electronic Harassment – Common Symptoms of E-harassment Victims.

The following is a list of the most common symptoms which people
experience. Not everyone experiences all of these symptoms, but
most victims share a large number of them.

  • Ringing in the ears: Can be various pitches, constant, intermittent, occurring in both ears or only one ear. Can sound like a low rumbling noise or like a buzzing mosquito, for example. Victims report a feeling of discomfort that accompanies the noise. Some report the noise being loud enough to cause excruciating pain.
  • Clicking noises inside the head: Many report hearing “clicks” in their sinuses and/or their ears.
  • Manipulation of body parts: Muscles are pulsed and/or contracted involuntarily. Feet, legs, arms, and individual fingers can be made to move by sudden jerking or the motion can be slow and controlled. This often occurs at night in bed, although it can occur anywhere.
  • Piercing sensation on skin: This involves the feeling that the skin is being pierced by a needle. Some report this as painful, while others only experience it mildly.
  • Sinus problems: Those who suffer from sinus problems report it to be very painful and agitating, with the sinuses filling up and pulsing, often preventing sleep from occurring.
  • Sexual attacks: Many report the sensation of having their genitalia manipulated. Both men and women report this. It involves tingling, prickling, arousal and/or pain of the genital area. It is a particularly disturbing and traumatic experience, with the accompanying sensation of being severely violated. Given the “artificial/electronic” nature of it, there is no question that it is not by any stretch a “natural” occurrence.
  • Appliances turning on/off: Some have had the experience of having appliances behave in unpredictable or inexplicable ways. Machinery containing motors will run far too fast (and/or far too loud) causing them to break down quickly.
  • Hearing Voices: About half of the targeted people hear voices, often identified to be those who are perpetrating the crime. The technology exists to transmit sound inside peoples heads, bypassing the ears altogether. There is speculation that this is a form of microwave hearing. Some report hearing the voices outside of their heads, as though there is a speaker inside their home somewhere.
  • Visual Hallucinations: Some report visual hallucinations. Seeing colored lights is commonly reported.
  • Street Theatre: Some people experience what is called “street theatre” – a form of harassment that involves multiple stalkers participating in aggravating the target, very often involving noise campaigns.
  • Sleep deprivation: This is commonly reported and achieved any number of ways, but usually involving excessive noise.
  • Anxiety attacks: Many people experience a racing or pounding heart just as they are about to go to sleep.
  • “Pseudo” heart attacks: This involves the sensation that the chest is being tightly constricted, mimicking the symptoms of a heart attack.
  • Other symptoms: Social isolation, chronic fatigue and other illnesses, headaches, thoughts of suicide, depression, inability to hold a job, diagnoses of mental illness

    , and the like often accompany the situation.

  • Computer problems: Although victims are certainly not alone in having computer problems, they report frequent issues with emails as well as general computer use.
  • Destruction of property: Items are vandalized but not to the degree that it would appear to be vandalism to someone else. This technique is called “Gaslighting” and is a form of subtle revenge. The purpose is to incur numerous small costs over time to the targeted individual, thereby raising stress levels, as well as to undermine a person psychologically by creating a sense of self-doubt and insecurity.

All of these symptoms are induced by ultrasonic acoustic devices which are aimed at the victims property through windows, open doors and so on. This will be explained in detail in my forthcoming anti-harassment self-help articles.

(ArticlesBase SC #2639489)

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Written by rudy2

June 27, 2010 at 14:18

6 Responses

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  1. Please does itimic a heart attack? I feel the passages of my heart tearing at this point. This started in Thailand threeyrs ago. These were Africans and some Asian criminals with some Thais some members of AA onmeth.It continued on 34th st and lower Manhattan. Now in NC some neighbors AVL West Westwood drive and near thefedex

    Susan Conley

    April 7, 2014 at 05:37

  2. I can only assume that people (we) become trapped in this because there is something different with us that gets the attention of a powerful spirit being which sees it and that creates us a target, figulary speaking like Satans Assassins, and we are to be removed.

    Ed Med

    October 2, 2015 at 08:10

  3. I live in Kansas City, MO and have been targeted since 2009 beginning with my home on the market to be sold and winds broken twice and the second time something caused windows to shatter. I reported everything to police department and family members, and friends and to Psychiatrist at the urging of family members and now diagnosed as mentally ill, but of sound mind, just discouraged and even sometimes depressed that no one believes me. I guess joining the ranks of MA NY who are going through the sImIlan situations. Being violated sexually, manipulation of bowels and bladder, severely bloated at times, edema of feet and legs, feeling as if electricity going through my body, pricking of skin and possibility of implants in joints, not able to control balance at times and feeling remote controlled as well as my car accelerating at times and feeling very tired and sleepy while driving. Also, at home, falling asleep as if on drugs and feeling as if drugs being put into my system. Coughing uncontrollably with excessive drainage. Visually seeing Porno graphic images of children as well as hearing voices and the voices stating that my daughter is the next targeted victim. I was told that I was was the first Project model in Kansas City and the first black bitch. I have reported this and was told that that unless I knew who the person is, there is nothing to be done about it. I do not want my daughter or anyone else to go through what I am going through. PLEASE HELP.

    Erma Davis

    March 10, 2016 at 15:32

  4. Yip i have had nearly all of this for 15 months since my daughters disapearance and murder. I have a certificate to confirm i am being intercepted have taken pics of the vehicles parked outside my house


    October 9, 2016 at 17:32

    • Been going through this since atleast 2009. Its now 2017


      April 12, 2017 at 15:57

  5. I live near K.C.Mo., can relate to everything the above person said . Was put on this list because of my Christianity and worked for a Satanic corporation. Started with being followed by managers and security guards, over time it was street theatre all unknown, invasions, much property damage , made the mistake of trusting my doctor, she ran every MRI, EKG, nothing wrong, brought a pychiatrist from the state did a 15 minute question and there I was found delusional. Now on my record, police now have this on their files. My family doesn’t want to believe me and would prefer to believe the doctor, yet, I’m very sane, and nothing to make anyone think otherwise. I’m trying to not tell others even though it’s hard because it’s a constant 24 hour torment. My relationship with God has been my help from depression and feeling hopeless.

    Alexis jones

    May 1, 2017 at 01:47

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