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Human rights journalist exposes group stalking, secret torture of everyday citizens

Posted by Terri Hansen on 8/25/10 • Categorized as environmental health,human rights

Human rights journalist Deborah Dupre’s four-part series in The Examiner is an expose of a hidden and growing ugly crime: group stalking, electronic harassment, and secretly forced implants. For its victims Dupre warns that part two may trigger flashbacks, and she advises them to read the series with care, preferably with a trusted significant other.

She reports that evidence is mounting that the brains of an increasing number of innocent citizens are secretly implanted with RFID chips, or radio frequency identification.

The device is used for ID. But it can conceivably also be misused for remote technological harassment, and if secretly implanted in the brain or ear canal could serve a specific purpose of no-touch torture and mind control experimentation.

No one around the victims would see their torture, since it’s manipulated from a distance with radio frequency (microwave) waves, invisible to the naked eye. (Microwave auditory effect, also known as RF Hearing, is described in this article from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, “Hearing of microwave pulses by humans and animals”.)

And while mind control sounds far fetched, the chips can act as radio receivers. If implanted, talk radio or spoken commands could be beamed into the victim’s auditory system for the brain to hear. Hence, mind control.

Mother Earth Journal has reported the data linking EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and RF (radio frequency) radiation to cancer and other ailments. Harassment with these technologies, known as electronic harassment, is a major environmental health issue. And an environmental justice issue. Not to mention that torture is an abuse of human rights.

How can we know that assurances that similar covert human experiments of the past were ended? We can’t.

Part I and II revolves around a victim who was implanted without his consent, for no-touch torture and mind control plus experimentation. With evidence that included x-rays of the implants the victim proved and won his case in what Dupre describes as “an explosive” case in court. He is now preparing for a second continuation in federal court.

In the third and fourth parts of the series Dupre interviews former Secret Service and FBI contractor Bill Tayor, now a private investigator. His 50-plus year intelligence career included acting as chief investigator in such high-profile cases as the Karen Silkwood case, the 3-Mile Island case, the Iran Contra scandal, and the Phoenix Program in Vietnam.

Taylor sheds light on what he says is the government’s secret program to target individuals in their homes, communities, and everywhere they try to escape for relief and survival.

Dupre writes, “Although Targeted Individuals do not require implants to be kept under technological surveillance, harassment, and torture, in this segment of the interview, Taylor answered questions specifically about the James Walbert case of forced brain and other implants. He revealed that trusted medical professionals are implanting children and adults, and explains the military value of implanted subjects. The hidden crime brutally taking lives of Targeted Individuals is more widespread than Americans have known or want to know according to credible self-identified targets’ testimonies and Bill Taylor PI.”

Read the series:

Part I: Secretly Forced brain implants: Explosive Court Case

Part II: Secretly Forced brain implants: MRI scan image, medical and investigative reports

Part III: Secretly forced brain implants: Ex-SS, FBI contractor defends targets

Part IV: Secretly forced brain implants: Intelligence expert on the doctors, children, military research

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October 21, 2010 at 09:23

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