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A Game of Tag.
Implants and electronic harrassment
By David Hambling May 2011

A tiny tracking device using electronic technology to locate objects, animals – or people.
Getty Images/China Photos


James Walbert is the victim of a new type of harassment. An electronic device embedded in his shoulder not only tracks his every move, it also causes painful muscle contractions. Walbert believes the device was covertly implanted to locate and torture him by remote control. There is no shortage of stor­ies like this on the Internet, but what makes Walbert different from thousands of alleged victims of ‘gang stalking’ (FT228:18–19; 272:23) and electronic harassment is the hard evidence backing up his claims. His may be the case which finally pushes issues of unauthorised electronic implants into the mainstream.

Mr Walbert is not especially rich, famous or influential. He lives in the comparative obscurity of Wichita, Kansas, in the heart of rural America. He is not in conflict with drug cartels, multinational corporations or government agencies. This might make him an unlikely target for high-tech harassment. However, Walbert has an array of supporters from scientific, medical and political circles who suggest otherwise.

The initial response to this sort of claim might be to question Walbert’s sanity, but he has proven himself to be sane enough. A letter from Dr Jacque Blackman of the Wichita Clinic certifies that Walbert “has no mental problems”. Dr Blackman states that while Walbert’s claims might sound like paranoia, there is no mental illness involved. He seems sympathetic but baffled by the case; perhaps because the problem is outside the field of medicine.

Investigator William J Taylor has many years of experience in dealing with bugging technology, and is a recognised expert in the field of technical surveillance. He has been involved in a number of high-profile cases, including that of Karen Silkwood, the nuclear whistleblower who died in a car crash under mysterious circumstances in 1974. As part of his investigation into Walbert’s claim, Taylor scanned him with two portable radio-frequency detection devices to pick up any emissions from implants.

Taylor’s scans found “a low signal coming from Mr Walbert’s right upper back area” according to his report. After further checking, this was confirmed to be a low-bandwidth but constant signal at around 288MHz. This is in the VHF band, used for commercial television, radio and other transmissions. There are plenty of portable devices which use this band, such as the micro-transmitters which let you listen to your MP3 player or your car radio. However, 288Mhz is in a wavelength reserved for military use in the US. It is employed for secure air-to-air and air-to-ground commun­ications such as the HAVE QUICK system, which is almost universal in US military aircraft.

“I have seen similar signals in the past and just as recently as last month,” Taylor told me. “I believe it can be used for both location, transmission and surveillance purposes.”

The exact source of the transmission was identified with the aid of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, commonly used for getting very detailed images of a patient’s body.

Dr John Hall of the Spine and Joint Institute in Texas has dealt with many patients who believe they are the victims of electronic harassment, from hearing voices to more obviously physical effects. He is in no doubt about Walbert’s case, having studied the MRI scan, which in his view is “clearly showing a capsule-shaped foreign body in his right trapezius muscle”.

How did Walbert come to be the victim of this type of harassment? Apparently, it started with an invention that Walbert patented in 2005. This was not a revolutionary power source that threatened the oil companies, but the ‘Can-Kleen’ – a vacuum-sealed covering that ensures the lid of a soft drink can stays clean and hygienic in spite of handling. Over a hundred billion cans of beverage are sold each year in the US alone, a nation that takes its hygiene very seriously. If the Can-Kleen took off, a royalty of a tenth of a cent per drink can, on a fraction of the cans sold, would be worth millions of dollars a year – forever.

Walbert got into a dispute over the Can-Kleen rights with a colleague. Such disputes sometimes escalate into lawsuits or even physical violence. Walbert believes this row led to his being drugged and illeg­ally implanted with a device intended to force him to hand over his interest in the invention.

At first sight, this looks like a paranoid fantasy. The chips that are currently in use, like those implanted in pets (facing page; see ‘Rover Come Home’) do not emit signals themselves and can only be read from about a metre away, using a special scann­er. Similar Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are used for all sorts of commercial and industrial purposes, from tagging DVDs in the supermarket to pallets in a warehouse for stock control (FT206:14).

Commercial devices for tracking individuals are much bigger. The tagging of offenders is becoming more sophisticated: a satellite tracking scheme to monitor the movements of violent offenders with mental health problems is currently being tested with psychiatric patients on leave from Bethlem Royal Hospital, a secure hospital in south-east London. Newspaper articles might imply that the system allows minders to gaze down on their charges from spy satellites, in line with Hollywood’s preferred way of depicting high-tech surveillance. In fact, the ankle tag works much more like a typical smart phone. It uses the satellite-based GPS system to establish its own location, and then contacts a central base via the mobile phone network and transmits this information. This way the location of the patient can be monitored continuously.

“It gives us confidence about the patient’s whereabouts, that they’re complying with their leave conditions,” Professor Fahy, clinical director of forensic services at the South London and Maudsley NHS Found­ation Trust, told the BBC . Orwellian as this type of tagging may sound, these are violent offenders with mental health problems, and there have been few objections.


An ankle tag is far larger that the implant in the Walbert case, but means of tagging a subject without them being aware are real enough. Security company SmartWater has a range of products used to mark property for later identification, and also for tagging people. According to their website, “The SmartWater Index Spray System will spray intruders with a water-based solution, which contains a unique ‘forensic code’. This creates an irrefutable link between the crim­inal and the crime scene”.

The spray is invisible but glows under ultraviolet light. According to the manufacturers, it cannot easily be washed off and will remain on hair, clothing and skin for weeks. The clever part is that the spray contains an identifi­cation code: any given spray can be uniquely traced back to a particular site, so the suspect cannot deny having been there. It’s a great solut­ion for dealing with armed robbers or burg­lars. The Index Spray could also be used in any situation where you wanted to covertly tag someone, say attendees at a demonstrat­ion, a political rally or other event. If the authorities want to track you without your knowledge, they have the technology.

This approach is being adopted by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, set up to safeguard America from potential weapons of mass destruction. A recent report on technology being developed by the DTRA described an initiative to develop “Novel materials that could be applied to human hair, skin or other materials, via special lotions, soaps, or shampoos, to provide a persistent signature, and their corresponding detectors.”

The intention here appears to be to spike the suspect’s shampoo with something akin to SmartWater’s Index Spray, and use long-range sensors to track them. This might, for example, be based on an ultraviolet (UV) laser that produced very short pulses. These would cause the tagging material to respond with a flash which would be too faint for the human eye to detect but which could be easily visible to special cameras.

There is also a market in military and intelligence circles for radio frequency tagging devices – something much closer to what we see in the Walbert case. An idea of the current state of the art is suggested by reports from Afghanistan, where locals in the employ of the CIA have allegedly marked targets for drone strikes by placing tiny ‘beacons’, small enough to fit in the bottom of a cigarette packet. Such beacons can be left inconspicuously at the houses of insurgent leaders, allowing the CIA to pinpoint them.

The device is probably something very like the ‘Bigfoot Smart RF Tag’ produced by EWA Government Systems Inc (company motto: “Enabling a More Secure Future”). This is a miniature radio beacon, little larger than an AA battery, and is marketed for “high value target tagging missions” by intelligence agencies. Leave one of these in your target’s room, and the CIA will have no trouble hitting the spot with a Hellfire missile from one of their fleet of Predator drones.


While the implant in James Walbert’s shoulder appears to have a tracking funct­ion, it also seems to be affecting his nervous system. Toxic­ologist Dr Hildegarde Staninger says that Walbert’s implant is “interfering with his normal muscle stimul­ation and causing severe over-stimulation of site-spec­ific muscle contractions, which interferes with his normal life and work activities”.

Walbert himself puts it more succinctly. “It feels like I’m being electrocuted all the time,” he told me. It also means he perman­ently has a metallic taste in his mouth. “It sucks.”

Electrodes with external power sources feature in pacemakers and devices to treat various brain conditions. But Dr Staninger suggests that this device might be self-powered. He refers to work on tiny generat­ors which harvest energy from the motion around them, based on materials which generate an electric potential in response to force. A 2009 project with these piezo­electric materials carried out at Case Western Reserve University showed that an implantable device could be inserted in the quadriceps of a rabbit, which could harvest enough energy for nerve stimulation. By stimulating the muscles to keep them moving, and so charge itself, such a device could keep going indefinitely. Such technology could be used to power implanted medical devices.

It turns out that there is a government project to do something very much like what Walbert claims has happened to him. In a programme called HI-MEMS, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) aims to create remote-controlled cyborgs by the use of multifunctional implanted microchips.

Bizarrely enough, HI-MEMS research is not looking at humans or even mammals: the aim is to produce modified insects which will be directed to covertly sniff out chemical weapons or carry a microphone, giving a whole new meaning to the term “bugging device”. The technology will be based on an implant which would harvest energy via a “biological fuel cell”. As well as powering communications, this energy would be used to steer the insect towards a target, either by direct stimulation of muscles, nerve stimulation or some other approach. As the DARPA site puts it: “The HI-MEMS program is aimed to develop technology that provides more control over insect locomotion, just as saddles and horseshoes are needed for horse locomot­ion control.” Because of the size of the hosts, the system will necessarily be miniaturised to chip scale right from the start.
The work on cyborg insects is still in its early days (as far as we know). When mature, it could in principle be used to track and control all sorts of other animals. Including, perhaps, human beings.


Walbert has no idea where his device came from, but suspects that there may be government or military involvement. It’s hard to imagine anyone else having the technology; quite how and why it came to be used against him are difficult questions to answer, but FT readers will be aware of precedents.

Having accumulated a sufficient amount of expert testimony, Walbert has also gained some political backing. State Representative Jim Guest has sent him letters of support, and has spoken out in support of other victims of electronic harassment. Guest introduced a Bill into the Missouri legislature to make “coerced subcutaneous implantation of an identification device” an offence.

The next move is for Walbert to have the implant removed, though at present he finds that doctors are hesitant to do so. This may not be a matter of conspiracy so much as an understandable reluctance to deal with a case outside their experience. Surgery can be a very litigious business in the US. The safe removal of self-powered piezoelectric devices is not routine surgery. Even if the chip does not have an anti-tamper device, there’s a risk the operation might leave significant damage.

If the implant can be successfully removed, proving where it came from is another matter. Walbert believes he must have been drugged when it was implanted and has no memory of the event. There is no way of linking it to an individual. And Walbert believes he may have other implants too.

The only way to maintain our comfortable view of a world where these things simply cannot happen, is to challenge some of the expert testimony. Isn’t Walbert just crazy? Mental health experts don’t think so. Is there really an implant? The MRI shows it in place. Is it really affecting or tracking him? It’s producing a detectable output, and something is causing those muscle spasms.

You could dismiss any or all of the experts and insist on a second opinion from others. But are you simply going to ask different people until they give you the ‘right’ answer and confirm your preconception? It’s a case which challenges our standards of proof. Perhaps we need to turn the question around: what does James Walbert need to do to prove he really is the victim of an illegal implant?

The mainstream media will not be covering this sort of story for a while. It smacks too much of the lunatic fringe and tinfoil hats for any news editor to go near it. But there is a gradual convergence here. The technology of MRI scans and radiofrequency detectors means that the presence of implants is becoming easier to verify. And the technology of implantable chips is a growing medical speciality, not a science fiction fantasy. The day may be coming when the mainstream accepts that the sort of harassment Walbert reports is a genuine possibility.

However, by that time we will be living in a world where you can be tracked by your shampoo, medical implants will be monitoring your health, and wired-up insects will be able to listen in to your conversations. And Walbert’s story will go from being too wildly speculative to being too routine to be worth reporting.


How do you get your subject to accept a chip implant in the first place? One proposed solution was the “ID Sniper Rifle”, a special weapon from Danish outfit Empire North which fires a tracking chip into the target. The makers claim that it feels like a mosquito bite, and enables the tagged individual to be tracked thereafter. The device was unveiled at a police show in China in 2002, and received considerable media attention before anyone realised it was a hoax; or Art Project, depending on your point of view.
The ID Sniper Rifle concept was created by artist Jakob Boeskov and industrial designer Kristian von Bengtssons. as a satirical comment on our surveillance society. However, these things take on a life of their own. Having announced the hoax in 2004, gadget technology site Engadget ran another story about the weapon in 2007. And out there on the Internet, conspiracy theorists accept the ID Sniper Rifle as absolutely real!


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips track everything from shipping containers to car parts to DVDs in shops (FT206:14). They are also now routinely implanted into pets. A central database means that if your Staffie or Bengal cat goes missing, it can easily be identified by a vet with a chip scanner, and swiftly returned.

This is good news for fort­eans – at last – there is a way of validating that old staple, a pet which finds its way back home after travelling hundreds or thousands of miles. Previously, such returnees might simply have been lookalikes with an eye for free accommodation.

It also gives rise to a completely new class of tale: the wandering pet that ends up a ridiculous distance away from where it is supposed to be. These include Lucy the collie who disappeared in Cornwall and showed up in East Lothian over 500 miles (800km) away, Kitty the black-and white cat who seems to have teleported (or hitchhiked?) from Lancashire to Enfield, and Henry, who went from Swansea to Coventry.

The downside with this technology is that it can lead to disputes between the original owner and the new owner, who may have had the animal for months or even years before the microchip was found.

To track your pet in real-time, miniature GPS tracking devices like the PAT micro are now becoming available. Like ankle tags for prisoners, these use GPS and mobile phone tech to send updates on the animal’s locat­ion. When implantable tracking chips are available, pets will probably be among the first recipients.


This isn’t the first time that people have claimed that they are the unwilling victims of implants. Many readers will remember the great days of the 1990s when contactees claimed that extra­terrestrials had surgically implanted devices inside them for tracking or communication. There was a wave of excitement over the possibility that these implants would provide hard evidence of alien technology; they were even featured in The X-Files television series.

However, the implants themselves proved elusive. Some seemed to evapor­ate on removal from the body. Analysis tended to show normal biological origin – bits of the patient’s own body. In one case, the ‘implant’ analysed by Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston was found to be connective tissue, collagen, and some external cotton fibres. Such calcified tissue can be produced in reaction to a foreign body such as a splinter; here the tissue included fibres, apparently from the victim’s underwear.

Metallic implants may also have more prosaic origins than Zeta Reticuli. When Dr Susan Blackmore was given a 2mm x 3mm “implant” from an abductee’s mouth to study, she took it to various colleagues in the physical sciences who submitted it to a battery of tests. The conclusion was that its composition – mercury 40 per cent, tin 30 per cent and silver 16 per cent – was a close match for dental amalgam. The ‘implant’ was a bit of tooth filling which had come loose.

Dr Roger Leir has removed at least 14 objects alleged to be alien implants from patients; he says that some of them have emitted radio signals, or moved to avoid being extracted, and that lab analysis suggests they may be extraterrestrial. However, Dr Leir has not had any success in persuading others of his beliefs. Some of the published analyses describe mysterious irregular nanoscale structures, fibres and crystals, and anomalous isotope distribut­ions. To some, these suggest an alien technology beyond our comprehension; but they might equally be mundane fragments of Earth material subjected to overly hopeful scrutiny. Of course, alien implants might be too advanced for us to make sense of, but the lack of anything that looks convincingly like manufactured objects has meant that implants have failed to make it as more than a footnote in ufology.

However, there is now a possibility that there will be a revival of the implant idea, perhaps with the new twist that the implanting was not carried out by aliens, but by secret military/intelligence organisations.
James Walbert.
SmartWater can tag products – and people.
MRI scans of James Walbert.

The ‘ID Sniper Rifle’.
Jakob Boeskov/Kristian von Bengtssons
A real “bugging” device – a DARPA HI-MEMS cyborg beetle.
Courtesy UC Berkeley

Implanting a tracking chip in a pet dog.
Getty Images/China Photos

David Hambling is a freelance journalist and a regular FT contributor. He is the author of ‘Weapons Grade: Revealing the Links Between Modern Warfare and Our High-Tech World’ (Constable, 2005).


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June 1, 2011 at 05:11

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  1. I am a victim of electronic harassment. Somehow without my knowledge I was implanted with a chip. I have been electronically stalked from one city to another. In the beginning I didn’t realize it until I heard my voice over the air. I was subjected to an electronic electric current, every about 5 months they remove my left memory for few seconds, and that usually send me to the hospital for psychological examination which obviously the couldn’t find nothing wrong with me. I have been hearing voices over the air continuously even now I can hear them saying his mad, his scare. From what I know the voices are all fake. I have ringing or a humming sound in my ear, and all tht I don’t even know why. Some people telling me its the Catholic Church, some tells its DOD Department of defense, I don’t even know who is conducting that crap that’s what I call it, but I was also told indirectly that will not stop. I just want to know who is behind and why. Any suggestion might help. Thank you.

    Joe Fattal

    January 4, 2012 at 02:35

    • Check a cellular coverage map and go to an area that has no cell phone or cellular data coverage, then walk at least 100 yards away from your car with no cell phone on you and see if the ringing in your ears goes away. It does for me and I am quite certain the transmissions are coming from the cell towers. Cellular systems are controlled by computers through a network operations center so any number of things can be done with software to manipulate the signal. I have read about others who have gotten relief by getting away from cellular signals.

      May 14, 2014 at 10:03

    • I know I have implants in my left ear and right foot. I believe I am,being harrassed by a drug cartel. What can I do?

      Doe Billington

      May 26, 2015 at 22:03

    • Top secret technology and illegal human experimentation. The same thing happened to me and is still happening as we speak and I have wrote a great report and have a grade a explanation . Please call Matthew C. Cherry and I will provide a very logical answer.360)479-2944.

      Matthew C cherry

      December 8, 2015 at 08:18

      • Hi Matthew. I was wondering I’m from Ireland is there any way I can call you for advice. As I too am a victim to these demonic people. Thanks

        Coleman kenny

        July 11, 2016 at 21:43

      • I would like some help please. My name is john


        May 23, 2017 at 05:28

    • What has happened to you Joe it’s 2016

      Renee Mach

      March 30, 2016 at 22:21

    • Hi I feel that this has happened to me as I can hear people talking to me. a female and a male. and the strange part was when I asked what her name was she said Karen. I’m very very concerned as of reading this and see that the lady above who died in a car crash her name was Karen.wich clearly shows these people involved have knowledge of this technology.I’m very worried,can you please let me know how can I get this I feel these entitys might become very dangerous. As I’m contemplating sucied.please help

      Coleman kenny

      July 11, 2016 at 21:19

      • Same here please help us find a quick fix too glad they are finally to make this news public has to be stopped


        April 10, 2017 at 23:05

    • Ya I’ve had a similar experience.I kinda knew that the voice was radio frequency.and strangely enough,when I asked the perverted lady what her name was she said Karen. You probably saw that Karen died in a car I instantly knew these people had knowledge of this type of sick demonic stalking harassment.and there a male there to .I’m sure he is a pervert as he always mentioned perverted things.what you can do is think back if you were somewhere were you might have been spiked or had an injection of any kind.don’t tell the hospital that your hearing voices as the might think you crazy. Ask for MR I. Try different places like your shoulder above the forearm.say you had a rust nail or something pierce you and tiny tip might be lodge.then try your bottom of feet .as these are the most likely places.don’t worry your not crazy.ask them there you might get the answer Karen.and then you know.your not going mad and are not alone.I’m going to research it more maybe download scanner app of some sort and try every litte piece of your if I get results.I will let you no asap .Id appreciate if you could do the same.and do not give in to these sick twisted bastards. As there the ones who will rot in HELL 😉

      Coleman kenny

      July 11, 2016 at 21:39

    • I realize this is 4 yrs after you posted your question ; but now would be the perfect time to make noise-talk to journalists: tv, newspaper, e-print. Take it to Donald Trump. Ask him if he could please get the answers you need to get the implants safely removed, demand person approving this research to come forth. Since Dr broke his oath to “first do no harm” his/her license should be revoked !!

      Michelle StJohn

      July 13, 2016 at 16:54

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    These chips relay the electronic impulses of the brain to the Host for deciphering, wether its what the individual is seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, thinking, etc… Each thought has a unique signature that Computer programs can decipher. So full time spying through the eyes of the individual, either animal, human, or insect. This technology is an Alphabet agencies wet dream. Think about it for a minute, everything you experience can be recorded, stored, translated into a VR reality.

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    July 28, 2013 at 07:08

  3. Hello I also believe I am a victim of this yet I am being made to feel as if I’m crazy. I have endured mental torture beyond belief. My abuser or abuser however talks about crazy things which leads me to believe it isnt government related. A wealthy person possibly your page has encouraged me and I do think he has military background or security. You mentioned a big foot device I don’t believe it’s that however he speaks of these things and yes before I understood it was like typing and energy until I realized to listen it’s scary and more verbally abusive now I’m sure you may think I’m crazy but I’m not my email you should get feel free to help if you can. I just feel alone in this. My abuser has taken my family even my son from me over and over using one technique or another says he’s going to damn my soul says a lot of crazy things that’s why I know it’s not military active he has to be x or knows them. I tried to kill myself over this but I’m not ever gonna do this again he talks about a bet he made and for me to loose. Says I’m self righteous he has no God I have learned this. I can’t believe in the USA with all the problems that Homeland security wouldn’t try to help but I’m afraid he says I’ll die. I don’t know how to feel anymore except I hate him and hope he dies before I do. Renee Mach

    Renee Mach

    March 30, 2016 at 22:13

  4. This is how the electronic harassment and mind control is being down!

    It is the( TODAY USED) REAL hacked and abused telepathic system and illegal when used for abuse or set up’s for nut house / revenge or any type of criminal activity and not authorized by top authority or by law or your doctor through a real court situation and or permission of law with court room advisory or military a Presidential authority!!
    This is stolen and hacked communications system that could be used during emergency procedures and human life like monitored heart technology Ext!


    March 31, 2016 at 15:12

  5. The RFID is a very bad and evil technology. I do not have any implants, but I have had someone come and evade my place of residency and plant rfid chips on my clothing. I am electronically watched and harassed by helicopters and airplanes as big as the 747. I have had US military aircraft buzz over me and while I was trying to record it, I was zapped by an EMP where my camera suddenly was frozen so I could not collect the evidence. I do not know how many clothes that I have ruined by putting them in the microwave and opening the door up to find that a hole was burnt in it. I feel for those who have an rfid implanted for it does not seem that you can disable it….except for the fact of removing it and possibly damaging things inside.


    August 5, 2016 at 00:30

  6. Internet jaw implant or covert SPY type wire implant or cell phone implant with voice signals you only can hear…from phone line or in someone else’s car sending signals to you or computer internet protocol signals what this is all about! runs on a ticker tape type recorded or real persons like a C.B radio connection( in reverse to the inner ear drum,) so no one on the outside of your body can hear what they are saying non stop by the way and in a coded signal of sorts! And this is illegal as heck and they say things about you with no real facts behind them, Unbelievable threats of every kind to you and your friends or relatives and you notice stalking cars and things that don’t make sense at your home also!!,…and sexual attack vocalizations to you and your family and used as a weapon of revenge and to try to make you believe what they are saying hoping you will give in so they can target you and put you away or in jail! They call you crazy …and names of color and nationality attack and incidence you did not do! They say they will pay someone to get you also! AND THIS IS Harassment/TERRRORISM and I will challenge anyone on that one statement, with every law that has been researched and says exactly what this is to the T!!I wonder what our law enforcers would do if this happened to them….? They would stop it and find the system and persons running this technology! So ask why they don’t stop this activity for other victims!?
    And what the heck We are so technological protective with everything else when it comes to surveillance and security but this no way can they hear it track it or figure out who is doing this? MIND Hacking is no different then hacking anything else and should be as illegal as everything else when not authorized by top authority!
    Make this country look not so smart and open to anything! Can’t hack anything here…so someone somewhere else is using USA humans now as the spy network and burglary and what ever else set up system without even the victim implanted knowing it! because what you say they can hear and they can figure out, stalk, track, listen to your every word ..I mean don’t we get it yet what this is really about!? They are using your ears as microphones and speakers sent to them via you r every word and every one you talk to!! They whom ever is using spy cat war covert listening systems and as clear as day! And that could be happening in the white house or in any legal office or anywhere we wouldn’t want a terrorist to be to have stuff happen!……………………………….!
    It’s the same covert system using a doll dummy standing in a store looking at you. Can you tell anyone is watching or talking NOoooo! But the person doing the surveillance through dummies eyes with a tiny camera and listening device can and that is scary!
    Frightening isn’t this!?I hope they are not doing this to little kids with “dental operations” ( cause the implants have to be near an eardrum area for this activity!) cause how would the parent even know!?
    And this is all ok? who gives a darn? Dentist/orthopedics/hearing doctors need to be recorded and security watcehd because they are or could be the biggest open door to terrorism and unheard -unseen criminal activity in the USA!


    September 11, 2016 at 05:34

  7. What would these yahoos do if they heard this?
    The President/FBI/CIS/MILITARY……. has a new telepathic tracker and knows whom it is coming from ANYWHERE INTHE USA and whom it is targeting! which is legal and which is not also!!!!They are cool don’t mess with our USA! Oh and they got special ANY drone locator for those unseen ones with binocular specialties from the ground now!!!!!! You can’t even from the skies or your white light/odd color light harassment cars front lights,,,,, either! And the speaker deal you hear from the new odd harassment speakers in your car and group what ever how ever it set up!!!! shall we go on? Your helping USA and other countries who don’t want the abuse update that little secret “The system that beats the system life!”


    December 8, 2016 at 14:21

  8. I have this chip implanted in my brain thru technology and this is torture 24/7….I was on twitter anda xpastor name Kevin Williams from new Jerusalem cathedral church and Russell Simmons the celebrity a member of the pope name John mark gang up on me on twitter and sent me a message on my computer and said my computer was connected to a death and they are threattenening to kill my grandson for a blood sacrifice….this is illuminati the new world order who is trying to brainwash america…..they inject mkultra in my brain chemicals that has affected my toes I am hacked my car is hacked my cell is hacked….The terrorist can see thru my eyes they have been doing this to me since 2011… They can hear me on social media live…..they hear me daily telling thtem to turn me a loose….this pastor who is the mark of the beast who is trying to get in the white house as Governor….I hear all sorts of sounds in my head they controls dreams this is the most aggravated government system which is called stalking and harassment electronic microwave remote mind control system….I reported this to the Fbi I have reported this to our local police department….and to other organizations…..the pastor lies about it and denies what he is doing…..this is a crime!!!!!!

    Chiquita marsh

    June 29, 2017 at 15:03

  9. I need help I live on Maui.I have complex ptsd. and this family is stalking me and torturing me with silent weapons.I don’t want to kill myself and 911 don’t xo nothing.

    Donna. Arcangel

    July 6, 2017 at 04:59

    • hello my name is david I am going to the same situation as you, areif. Could you please contact me at 606 510 7277 I need some answers as well as help, they do the same thing to me 24/7. I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, please please please please call me

      David snow

      July 7, 2017 at 20:40

      • Where u from david?
        And what is your country code number?


        January 27, 2018 at 04:47

  10. Ramos Immigration Law, Patrick Brown in Denver Colorado is part of this terrorist gang implanting illegally micro chips to civilians. If you’re located in Colorado and are having this issue, this criminals are behind this!!


    July 12, 2017 at 05:00

  11. I’ve been harassed for the last 7 years I have a microphone and a camera embedded in my face they know where I’m at at all times and they know all my important information my social security card my bank information my codes Etc I knew who the people are last time I went to the police they did not believe me and wanted to commit me but I showed them that I was not crazy they let me out and I lost a full furnished apartment a car and a good job the apartments where I was living in or tagged the apartments inside the apartment that inside I was living in had cameras all over the place in it so they know when I was coming and going I was officially self tagged before I left Texas the guy that tagged me his name is Christopher Jackson so I’m trying to get the evidence off of me before I go back to the police but as of right now they know where I’m at and threaten my family threaten me that they will kill my family if I ever went to the cops and put up food and naked pictures of me on the internet so to San Antonio Police Department you guys suck my name is Jerome Anthony walls and I need help

    Jerome Walls

    August 21, 2017 at 21:42

    • Why u all TI all over the world not make a grup in facebook or something
      To unite and keep contact and join fight against this
      If all unite we may win if like this all will lose


      December 3, 2017 at 01:58

    • Some one tell to
      ‘Use a stud finder for detecting nails in sheet rock, but get the type that has a setting called metal scan.
      It has been found to be able to locate implanted microchips! You need to practice to understand what signals repeat virtually every time and you can use a dime under a thick newspaper to get the hang of it.
      If you can afford it use a metal detector for finding coins at the beach; use precaution in intrepetation when sweeping near tooth fillings. Many of the coin detectors have settings that can allow the units to ignore specific metals so use care in interpretation when too close to teeth, many are being found on arms and back. ‘
      Post back when u already try it


      December 14, 2017 at 14:01

  12. I need advice on who to contact on illegal bugging?

    Roman Espinosa

    December 29, 2017 at 00:15

  13. An issue I’ve been trying to find help for, “electromagnetic radiation harassment “. Hearing voices that make threats about killing my family actually making me hear them get murdered. Having my body used like a play toy for these perverts is sick. They bust my veins on my legs cook my insides, private parts also transfer some kind of substance all over my body to burn my skin.If you have any suggestions on helping my situation please contact me.

    Cynthia Gomez

    February 24, 2018 at 21:45

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