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My Experience

I first began to notice that I was under attack in late 2004 and early 2005. However, this has probably been going on since my early teenage years. This is a brief summary of my experience.1

Gang Stalked
I am stalked in just about every single store, business, or restaurant that I visit, as well as hospitals, clinics, dentists, public transportation systems, etc. I’m surrounded by the rudest people in public who appear to have never learned basic manners. In addition to swarming me and uttering the DOD’s PsyOp themes, they have assaulted me.

In Stores
Brands of items are no longer available in stores after I develop a liking for them. Also, after an item is in a particular area, it will be moved to another part of the store. Locating it is usually difficult. I’ve determined that they are probably also altering the signs on the isles to delay me.

In addition to removing certain brands from the shelves, they replace them with products to promote their themes. This seems to be intended to not only cause frustration, but to control your living environment if you purchase the product. Similarly, if they’re aware of a new but common item on my shopping list, which they always are, I understand that I probably won’t be able to find that product in any of the stores that I typically visit.

The quality of products I that purchase in some cases has also been reduced. Once, during about an 8-month period, most bags of a particular brand of peanuts were inedible. This occurred with ones that I purchased myself at a shopping center as well as ones sent by a relative.

Products, signs, and banners consisting of symbolic messages that the DOD has already established as solid communication signals will be placed in an area to promote a threat or insult. Loudspeaker announcements blurt out the second I’m closest to the speaker. This serves as both a noise attack to startle me and a PsyOp attack because the announcement contributes to the theme. Even the background music is used to promote the theme.

The entire environment is psychologically prepared. While I’m being attacked visually and audibly with products, I’m crowded by clerks and civilians who show no manners as they invade my personal space. Clerks slam a variety of merchandise on the shelves when I’m near them.

The checkout counter area is entirely prepared with products to promote the theme, including any signs on the counters or the walls, as well as brands of items. This also includes the products being purchased by the person in front of me, who will often blurt out any keywords pertaining to the theme during a PsyAct with the clerk.

As I approach the doorway while leaving or arriving, almost always there is a person or group of people arriving or leaving at the exact same time, who not only invade my personal space, but appear to demand that I move for them. Once again, I’m swarmed by the rudest people who seem to be devoid of simple manners.

While walking through the parking lots I’m cut off or rushed by vehicles. As I continue through, a sequence of door and trunk slamming erupts from parked cars which surround the path that I take. I’ve noticed that the noise attacks that occur in lots are supplemented with clerks slamming carts into holding areas, sirens, and low flying propeller planes.

Electronic Isolation
All of my friends and relatives that I am in regular contact with are being handled by the DOD with sophisticated surveillance technology. This includes forms of communication such as letters, telephone, and person-to-person conversations.

Every conversation with friends and relatives is hijacked by the DOD’s C4ISR system, which instructs them to comment on my thoughts and the directed-energy weapons attacks that occurred moments earlier. Their statements frequently contain painful phrases.

Friends and family also participate in what appears to be computer-generated PsyActs every time I’m around them. Similar to the battleswarms, I’ve concluded that these acts are run by a computer program, which simultaneously instructs multiple relatives and friends to participate in a single display.

A majority of these acts are what most people would consider to be silly. They are typically insulting. Many appear to be intended to portray me as an incompetent fool. They are often followed up with DEW attacks, such as a V2K transmission of “you earned it.”

While it could be said that, like standard military PsyActs, these are used to convey a theme to influence me in order to achieve a legitimate military objective, after studying the behavior of the groups which control the military, I have concluded that the primary purpose of these acts is to provide them with entertainment. By controlling almost every statement made by my family and friends, the DOD’s has also electronically isolated me.

Micro-Managing Life Events
The DOD has created an electronic barrier around me, where all communication is interfered with and used to attack me. By spoofing my information, altering my environment, and hijacking my conversations, they are restricting the number of opportunities available to me.

This is allowing them a considerable amount of control over my life situation. My own observations based on their behavior so far, leads me to conclude that they’re planning the long-term micro-management of my life situation, including the appearance of certain people into my life, as well as where I’ll be able to work and live. This also includes the legal, relationship, financial, and health problems they’ll be creating.

As part of this micro-management, what can be described as a type of operational or strategic synchronization is arranged by the DOD to sabotage my life situation. This includes timing events between family, friends, acquaintances, vendors, the delivery of my mail, etc., to coincide at the same point to promote PsyOp themes. Similar to the PsyActs, this synchronization appears to be done primarily for their entertainment. It allows them to feel powerful.

The fabrication of crisis after crisis in multiple areas appears to be intended to overwhelm me and cause a psychotic break (nervous breakdown), seemingly for their amusement. They have repeatedly communicated to me that they’ll be slowing killing me in ways that I’ll never be able to prove.

Spoofing and Information Denial
I’ve noticed that the DOD is removing and tampering with small landmarks such as street signs and house numbers. Streets that I’ve noted as landmarks repeatedly are missing signs. And as I’m scanning the side of a road for street numbers to determine how close I am to a destination, the numbers on the buildings and houses in the area will not be visible.

They have also removed information pamphlets from places such as libraries and public transportation centers. Local computer data and print media such as books and pamphlets are also being tampered with to convey themes. I’ve noticed this with old and new books borrowed from the library as well as purchased ones.

TV, radio, and MP3 talk shows consistently pace me in real-time by commenting on my movements and objects in my field of vision. This occurs so frequently that it cannot be a coincidence. The exact same pacing occurs when I’m in the presence of a person connected to their system.

They have demonstrated the ability to remotely influence computer-driven devices such as ATM machines, electronic ticket dispensers, gas pumps, subway gates, etc. These devices repeatedly delay my transaction, don’t respond to commands, act strangely, and block me.

They are able to control the graphics and text on ATM displays to promote PsyOp themes, as well as the digital displays on computers, phones, ovens, MP3 players, electronic billboards, and thermometers, which typically have variations of 666 and 33. This happens so often it’s predictable. The prices at checkout counters are equally predictable, with variations of 666 and 33 occurring often. All of these devices appear to be connected to the GIG.

The DOD contaminates my food with ingredients that they know I’m allergic to which cause breakouts. Prior to this, they’ll often let me know that they’ve done this using their themes. Accompanying this, is the poisoning theme, where they have my family and friends continually offer me foods which I’ve repeatedly told them I’m allergic to. These foods are typically placed right next to food I’ll be eating. To contribute to this theme, pictures and various symbolic objects which represent these foods appear in the surroundings. Staged conversations pertaining to them also occur.

Because of the financial sabotage that the DOD has arranged, I’m forced to live with friends or relatives who are handled by them, which allows them to control my living environment. The duties that these people are directed to perform includes the psychological preparation of the living area with products.

As an example of the extent of control they seek to establish over the environment, products given to me by relatives such as books, food, personal hygiene items, and even bags with certain symbols, are used to contribute to themes.

In addition to contributing to theme attacks, these products are used to physically block me. The behaviorists working with the DOD have studied all of my daily routines and have reverse-engineered methods to block and sabotage them on multiple levels.

From showering, to putting on shoes, to preparing meals, to opening cabinets, my activities are physically and/or strategically blocked. The physical blocking is so precise, that any small space that I use in kitchens or bathrooms to place the items necessary for me to perform an activity, is blocked with objects that contribute to whatever theme they’re promoting at the time.

Part of this physical blocking includes traps that are frequently set which results in some type of negative occurrence, such as a falling object. A variation of this includes the placement of materials intended to disgust me (e.g., dirt, hairs, foods that I’m allergic to, etc.), in areas or on items that I use.

Strategically they block my daily activities by hiding or removing items from the environment, and disabling utilities and appliances. For instance, while washing dishes, drains are clogged, sponges and towels are not available, and there is no room to place the dishes.

While preparing a meal, the stove is broken, pans are filthy, little counter space is available to prepare the meal, hairs and dirt appear in specific areas that I use, simple ingredients such as salt or pepper are not available.v

In multiple places, they have broken the coffee makers, removed all forms of coffee from the environment except flavors that I’m allergic to (chocolate), placed hairs and dirt in coffee cups, hid filters, etc. This multi-level approach to blocking results in a mental and physical obstacle course that must be done each time I prepare a simple meal. Something that may take only a few minutes may take an hour or more.

Microwave Hearing Attacks
These attacks are computer-generated. In my experience, most of them consist of the same voice, which transmits a rotation of single words and short phrases taken from a small collection of expressions. These phrases are consistently spoken with the exact same rhythm and tempo.

The emitter which sends these attacks is apparently connected to the C4ISR system. The collection which contains these phrases is periodically updated. Specific phrases within the collection are synchronized with the TI’s thought patterns and activities, other directed-energy weapons, and PsyOp. Here are some personal examples of microwave hearing attacks and their associated thought patterns and activities:

These are typically sent after the triggering of a physical trap, the realization that they have blocked me on some level or have carried out a stunt, or after some other directed-energy attack, such as the transmission of a sexually degrading picture: see; gotcha; you earned it; thank you; told ya; rack ‘em up! (get ready to play again); you’re welcome; loves it.
These are more followup attacks that are usually sent after some other type of DEW attack: got that?; you’re learning; thank you.
These are transmitted when I have either been ignoring the attacks and have had no dialog with the system, or several minutes have gone by during which the system did not send microwave hearing attacks. They also occur as soon as I begin to think of scenarios which I often think of, but have not recently: pick up the phone; listen to me; I missed you; did you miss me?; talk to me.
More phrases that are sent after several minutes has gone by when there has been no interaction with the system: get ready; here I come; incoming; phone call.
These are often sent as a precursor to other types of attacks after the system has not been interacting with me for several minutes: let’s play; wanna play? play with me.
Generally, these are used as I move about during the day, and as I’m involved in an activity to expose them: I’m watching; I’m warning you.
When I avoid a trap or don’t perform some activity that I had originally planned on doing, these occur: bullshit!; liar!
When I decide to temporarily put off some type of a task, this is sent: fix it (do it now).
Threats used generally throughout the day include: we’ll kill you; give it up; watch it; you’ll see.
Emotions of anger or aggravation associated with thoughts of being attacked have resulted in the transmission of these phrases: let go of me; get off of me; don’t fight it.
These may be sent after I have successfully completed a task, and after I have avoided a trap. They are also associated with brain patterns of defiance or assurance: cute; lucky you; confident; look at you.
When I’m planning or actually involved in activities to expose them I’ll be attacked with these transmissions: we’ll see, oh yeah?; that a boy; bring it on; shutup!
I’ve noticed that these and other phrases are transmitted in the same voice, with the same characteristics, and during the same activities, over and over again.

I receive frequent shocks and stings to various body parts, instances of nausea, and equilibrium disruption. The two types of attacks to my eyes which occur include the heating of both eyeballs and something which feels like a pin being stuck in my eye.

Others include involuntary muscle stimulation and involuntary limb movement. On a number of occasions they have been able to remotely open up my hand resulting in whatever fragile object that I was holding to fall and break.

They have also demonstrated the ability to induce an urge to urinate. I’ve noticed that this stops almost instantly if I move quickly, and then resumes moments later. It also stops and starts at various locations if I move around the house.

They are able to instantly heat metal objects and water pipes. For instance, if I turn on the cold water it’s scalding hot. This has happened at times, when, in theory, it shouldn’t. For instance, if nobody is home, and I haven’t used the hot water at that faucet, it shouldn’t be scalding hot. A variation of this occurs when I grab a pan by the handle that has not been heated for 15 minutes and it’s still hot.

The targeting system on their directed-energy weapons is so precise they are able to make a single tooth pulse in pain. They are also able to make you thirsty. These attacks occur indoors and out in public. They are synchronized with microwave hearing attacks and environmental stimuli.

The military has sabotaged my personal equipment, tools, clothes, and other items. Presumably, they’ve been using embrittlements for metal, wood, and rubber to accomplish this. My cloths and personal gear are frequently ruined. They place holes or rips in clothing fabric, put tiny sharp objects in socks to make them unusable, etc.

When I worked on a farm in Maine, tools and equipment would continually break. Plastic buckets and cups would crumble as I picked them up. A half a dozen tape measures were destroyed in the summer of 2009 alone.

Sometimes a series of destructive acts would occur in a short period of time during the same project. For instance, a tape measure would break, then a pencil, then an electric saw would be inoperable, then a clamp would fall apart. The destruction of some of these tools appears to have been remotely triggered.

In addition to this, tools and equipment would be hidden, physical traps would be set, and information critical to the completion of a project would be withheld They repeatedly reverse-engineered the failure of projects using a combination of these methods. As with the other attacks, I get the impression that this offers them a form of entertainment.

This sabotage continues. Not only is it obviously done to bring my finances down, but it is synchronized with PsyOp themes. Basically, I understand that any new item that I purchase will be destroyed by them in some way. Something that would normally last several years may last a year, a few months, or less.

I also think that soil destabilizers were used on the farm in Maine to make vehicular passage difficult or impossible. I’m also fairly certain that superlubricants were used on cement, wooden stairs, and pathways to inhibit the traction of vehicles and to make me fall. Although this usually occurred when the surface was wet, whenever it happened I noticed that one small area would be as slippery as ice. Throughout the spring and summer of 2009, the stench of dead animals followed me into vehicles and multiple building structures.

Setting Traps
In addition to setting traps indoors, while working on the farm in Maine I concluded that the DOD was setting outdoor traps. For instance, while in the woods collecting buckets for maple sugaring, gathering rustic furniture material, or clearing the area, I noticed that twigs and saplings that were partially stuck in the ground or a rock would frequently snap up and hit me in the leg or arm depending on my position.

These have not resulted in any major injury, but are more of an aggravation. After they occurred, there was typically a V2K transmission of, “I told ya,” or “gotcha.” I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that prior to the incident I would be drained of energy. After wondering why this was the case, I concluded that they used high-powered microwaves to make me weaker and more susceptible to the attack.

This not only lowered my awareness of my surroundings, which would normally have helped me to avoid such an event, but it diminished my ability to react to the event when it occurred. It seems that Silent Sound has also been used to guide me into some of these traps.

Weather Attacks
I have reason to believe that the DOD has been attacking me with weather warfare since 2005. They have demonstrated what seems to be the ability to selectively target trees with lightning strikes, and even to control the direction of their fall. They have used their themes to let me know that they are attacking me in this manner.

Emotional Attacks
In all likelihood, the DOD has been attacking me with either ELF waves, Silent Sound, or both. This technology is being used for emotional attacks, specifically to transmit fear, irritability, and sadness. This has probably been going on for years, perhaps since my early 20s, although I never recognized it as such.

The DOD has demonstrated the ability to create injuries, similar to ones that a person would experience after a physical trauma. Sometimes multiple areas will be attacked at once. For instance, my back, thumb, and foot may all be aching for several days at the same time. Individually, these attacks are not incapacitating. And none of them leave any visible injury. They appear to be done to interfere with the routines that I do for mental and physical maintenance.

Disabling Colon
On April 4, 2009 I held up a 9/11 Truth sign in Boston. Two days later I had abdominal pains, and about 10 days later my colon stopped working. Multiple medical facilities refused me treatment while appearing to accommodate me.

For months I was able to successfully remove the waste with an enema. Then that stopped working. I am now able to remove most of the enema waste by applying pressure to my abdomen in a particular sequence. The nausea occurs much less frequently and I am more comfortable, in this regard. Although my colon is usually bloated with gas most of the time, I can often remove some of it with combinations of pressure and placing myself upside down.

Computer Network Operations
While writing this book I received frequent attacks on the application, operating system, and network (internet) levels, which were synchronized with directed-energy attacks and environmental stimuli. Most of the hardware attacks have so far consisted of failing keyboards and mice on multiple computers. My current system is a new laptop, which consistently fails to respond to my keyboard and mouse input.

After reloading the operating system multiple times, tech support determined that it was probably a hardware issue. However, the manufacturer could not replicate the issue when I sent the laptop to them for repair. In general, the navigation systems of the operating systems that I have used repeatedly fail. They accomplish this by interfering with the scroll bars and menu systems. My cursor movements and selections, as well as keyboard input, frequently results in incorrect effects.

They realize that by intermittently disabling certain functions, that I will eventually not use them because they cannot be relied upon. In this manner they have been able to block certain functions. When I develop a workaround they typically interfere with that as well.

A common attack includes the text on the screen exhibiting a type of melting effect where it becomes unreadable. This has occurred on multiple computers, at different places, running different operating systems, and in multiple applications. Shortcuts appear on the desktop that I’ve repeatedly deleted. Files which I have copied to certain places are missing. They have also disabled parts of the keyboard.

Services which I have repeatedly stopped are started and synchronized to attack me. For instance, as I’m writing or reading a specific line of text on the internet or a local application, a popup message will occur for a service that has been stopped conveying information about the exact subject. This is often synchronized with shocks and stings, V2K transmissions of “thank you,” and the dimming of the lights in the room.

One attack that occurs on the application level is the frequent misplacement of the cursor. When I move it into an area of a document, it often ends up in a completely different area, or results in the highlighting of certain text which is used to convey a threat or insult.

Menu systems in applications disappear and don’t respond to input. Applications frequently crash. I’ve noticed that even the spell check is used to emphasize specific words to convey insults and threats. These application-level attacks are typically synchronized with shocks, stings, or V2K transmissions such as, “got that?” “gotcha” or “see, you’re learning.”

Every single time I go online I’m attacked. Spoofed search engine results contain meta-tag descriptions pertaining to any ongoing themes, including an event that occurred moments earlier. The sites that I visit usually contain phrases that contribute to whatever PsyOp theme the DOD is promoting at that time, as well as threats and insults. In addition to their pedophilia and satanic themes, the DOD also brags about the circumstances which allow them to control the online environment by frequently attributing themselves to God.

I’ve determined that they are probably also blocking certain sites and delaying me from finding information. Research that would normally take me only a few minutes, may take an hour. As I’m trying to locate certain information, they let me know that they’re blocking me using their themes, presumably in an attempt to aggravate me.

The speed at which keywords pertaining to a recent event appear on these spoofed sites to promote themes is ultra-fast. For instance, I’ve been on the phone with people handled by the DOD who reference a theme, and at the same time phrases will appear on search engine results which also contribute to it. These are synchronized with DEW attacks.

These attacks span the internet, hardware, and software (operating system and application) levels. Operating system and application reinstallations do not fix these issues. They’ve occurred on multiple computers that I’ve used, including ones that have been my personal property as well as PCs in public libraries and other establishments.

They frequently sabotaged the manuscript for this book in real-time as I was working on it by undoing recent edits or placing characters into areas that I was editing. Presumably to aggravate me, they let me know they were doing this by shocking me or transmitting microwave hearing attacks each time I noticed the sabotage. They also corrupted the file.

They eventually began hitting my forearms with some type of directed-energy each time I sat at the computer, which has caused them to be slightly numb, and has resulted in a reduction in typing speed. At times while writing this book I found myself literally battling for control of the operating system while ignoring the directed-energy attacks in order to type a simple paragraph.

1. For more on these attacks see War Against Me and Status Updates at


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  1. Me and my husband read the whole thing. Thank you

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