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Neurological Warfare & United States Experiments

By Nicholas Kirkland
10, 2008

Warfare & United States Experiments by Nicholas Kirkland (Sep. 10,

I am a targeted individual (TI) whose surveillance goes back three
decades and whose covert electronic
stalking and mind control (ESMC) experiences began in the 1990’s
. However, I
did not fully realize that I had been targeted until December, 2005. Since the
latter date, I have kept a detailed journal of the effects of the electronic and
psychological torture and my empirical thoughts about them. Those notes now
comprise five volumes of journals, totaling over eight hundred pages of
single-spaced typescript.

I recently wrote an article called Mind
Control and Law Enforcement Complicity
, in which I state that the U. S.
intelligence community and law enforcement in general must either conduct the
electronic stalking and mind control (ESMC) activities or knowingly aid and
protect the organizations that do so. ESMC activities simply cannot be conducted
without the knowledge and acquiescence of U. S. intelligence. Period. That
article was the “who.” The present article deals with the “why.” In this article
I give my opinion about the reasons behind the ESMC activities and explain why
targets get no cooperation from the government, the medical community, and law
enforcement in investigating their complaints.

Several very intelligent targeted individuals (TIs) with whom I
have corresponded believe that ESMC represents a vast international neurological
experiment. After examining my journal entries, conducting research on the
internet, corresponding with other targets, and thinking about ESMC daily, I,
too, believe that it is experimental in nature; however, I do not believe that
the experiments are conducted by one single organization or country but by
dozens of them. This article focuses on those experiments conducted by the
United States — on its own citizens.

Rationale for Neurological Experiments

ESMC is not simply random torture conducted against selected
targets. That would be utterly senseless, as ESMC cuts across every stratum of
our society. Rather, it represents mind control experiments conducted by several
countries, including the United States of America, to gain a military advantage
over enemies or potential enemies. The electronic portion (ES) is both a
cover-up for and also an aid to the mind control (MC) techniques. What are the
experiments all about? Why the interest in mind control? The answer is not
difficult to perceive.

The United States has only 300 million plus inhabitants. Thus, it
clearly has a military disadvantage against China with its more than a billion
people, India with almost a billion, and Russia and its satellites with their
total population. In the twenty-first century, the United States no longer
monopolizes atomic weaponry, or weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Russia,
China, Israel, France, the United Kingdom, and other countries now possess
nuclear capability. An increasing number of Third World countries either already
have the weapons or are on the verge of making them. The United States and
nuclear powers can no longer count on their atomic arsenals for protection. That
being the case, the U. S. and other nuclear powers seek alternatives to nuclear
power. One of the alternatives embraces neurological warfare. Although that idea
has been around for decades, with the proliferation of WMDs, it has taken on new
meaning and a new urgency.

Even if computers are used, WMDs must be triggered at some point
by humans. What if nations that possess WMDs are unable to use them because
those humans were either unable or unwilling to do so due to mind control?
Rendering enemies incapable of attacking, toppling their governments, and
strewing discord and creating confusion in general are all aims of neurological

Today the U. S. intelligence community works feverishly on
developing neurological assault equipment and methods. Just as vaccines and
medicines require years of testing before they are marketed, psychological
weaponry must undergo extensive testing and proving. This article deals with
that neurological testing, or experimentation.

Probably most of the experiments contain both physical and
psychological elements. The experiments are mainly conducted with whispers,
jolts, vibrations, and holographic images (psychological, but seen a though they
are physical). Although these experiments are largely designed for covert
attacks of troops, they are also applicable in many cases to psychologically
neutralizing political leaders, scientists, industrialists, etc., especially
those who might exercise roles in combat support.

Neurological warfare is offensive, not defensive. The objective is
the conquest of the enemy using non-conventional covert methods that can disable
large numbers of troops, be carried out with little loss of life of attackers,
accomplish the objective at minimal cost, and will not result in massive
radiation and destruction. The successful results of neurological experiments
are weapons in every sense of the word, all aimed at reducing the enemy without
firing a shot or, at any rate, with minimal physical force. It is part of the
non-lethal arms development strategy. Other countries, particularly those with
small populations such as Israel and the United Kingdom, are tirelessly working
on those weapons. Israel and the United States may be in the forefront of those
nations in developing that capability. Israel has experimented for decades with
neurological warfare.

Remember that the mind control techniques being tested on TIs are
expected to be used on foreign military, heads of countries, their cabinet
members, and other government authorities, heads of large companies and their
employees, particularly businesses that manufacture strategic military materiel,
religious leaders, influential members of society, elements that oppose the
governments, scientists, particularly those who work on defense projects, and
journalists and reporters. Regardless of the type of person who is finally
targeted in foreign countries, reduction and conquest of those countries short
of military intervention is the end objective.

Neurological testing is based on deception and secrecy. Not only
does deception figure into the mind control experiments but it also keeps the
victims from determining who is conducting the mind control, how it is carried
out, and where the perpetrators might be located. Both deception and secrecy
will be very important if mind control techniques proven successful in the
neurological experiments are replicated abroad.

The Testers and the Guinea Pigs

Large companies that receive defense contracts, research
institutes and scientists funded them, and the U. S. military establishment,
i.e., the executive branch and its power brokers, are inextricably linked in the
mind control experiments. They are one single entity, which I shall call the
Military-Industrial Complex (MIC). The Department of Defense contracts with
high-tech mega companies such as Boeing and Lockheed and with universities like
M.I.T. and Stanford and other research facilities to provide the equipment,
procure and train the personnel required for monitoring the TIs, select the
targets, carry out the experiments, and collect and analyze data.

The United States very probably carries out the mind control
experiments in tandem with similar experiments by “allies” such as Israel, which
the U. S. has supplied with cluster bombs, stealth aircraft, and other super
high-tech surveillance and other war materiel for many years. U. S. intelligence
and the Israeli Mossad and Shin Bet cooperate almost as if they belong to the
same country; thus, they probably confer on target selections, the training of
handlers, and the perfection of mind control techniques. The Mossad provided
Bush the pretext for war against Iraq by contriving misinformation about Iraq’s
purchase of uranium from Niger.

To be meaningful, testing must be conducted using control groups,
with the victims in each control group having similar characteristics. That is,
persons in a particular control group must share the same age category, the same
race, the same gender, the same general physical condition, the same or a
similar profession, trade, or business, roughly the same educational level,
embrace a particular idea or philosophy, and other characteristics. There will
be dozens, perhaps hundreds of control groups.

To be valid, most of the experiments must be carried out in
sequence using the same control groups, or targets, as guinea pigs. That is
probably the reason that once targets are “hooked,” they are kept hooked. I do
not know of a single target who became a victim of mind control activities who
suddenly became free of those effects. The experiments are ongoing, using the
same targets.

The least objectionable neurological experiments are conducted
openly using paid volunteers The September 8, 2008 issue of the Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences featured one of those experiments. In that
study, volunteers were shown images and then tested to see how much they
remembered. It was found that they not only remembered much about the photos but
also remembered minute details. Interestingly, that study was funded by the
National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, a National Defense
Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, and a National Research Service
Award. Notice the participation of the National Defense Agency and the graduate
fellowship, an award that is granted to scientific brains.

The above neurological experiment using volunteers appears
harmless. However, most of the neurological experiments are conducted covertly
using involuntary American citizens and residents. Subjects of
neurological experiments must necessarily be unaware that they are targets, as
otherwise many of the items tested would have no validity and, in fact, could
not even be tested on voluntary targets. That the United States of America, the
so-called bastion of freedom, conducts neurological experiments on its own
citizens is an idea abhorrent to most Americans. Yet, the evidence that it
happens is too overwhelming to ignore.

Why would the United States government experiment on its own
people instead of those in foreign countries? Think about it. Here are several

(1) Human resources to serve as testers, or handlers of
targets, are readily available in the United States to carry out the

(2) Security is much better in the U. S. than abroad. With the
protection and non-interference of law enforcement and the cooperation of
psychiatrists who label TIs schizophrenic, secrecy can be ensured in the United
States much easier than it could abroad. Moreover, handlers in the United States
will not be subject to capture as spies and forced to reveal the operations.
Detection of United States experiments in other countries and the exposure of
those secrets could seriously damage the development of U. S. neurological
warfare projects and set the research back for years, as most of the American
people would probably oppose those activities once they were known.

(3) The United States population provides targets in almost every ethnic
group in the world. Why go to China to target Chinese when they can be targeted
in the United States? Just how targets are selected is not precisely known;
however, we can use logic in exploring that method. Emphasis is probably given
to what many people consider “expendable” elements of the population, i.e.,
prisoners and ex-cons; old people in rest homes; homosexuals and lesbians; gang
members; anti-government activists and suspected subversives; drug dealers and
addicts; and others. Those people, however, do not possess all the
qualifications required for valid experiments. Thus, “non-expendable” citizens
such as schoolteachers, businessmen, scientists (including social scientists),
students, and others may also be targeted if they possess the characteristics
that the experimenters seek.

(4) The data base on the experiments is kept in the English
language. Thus, English is the preferred language for the handlers.
Nevertheless, Spanish and other languages are also used by handlers and
translated simultaneously by computers for the data bank.

(5) Logistics for managing teams, training personnel as handlers,
and maintaining and securing the data obtained are far easier within the United
States than they would be abroad; thus, the M.I.C. exercises greater control
over the experiments in the United States.

(6) Managers of the teams and data collected have to operate in
only four time zones, as opposed to operating many hours away in foreign

(7) The experiments can be carried out much more cheaply in the
United States. Although logistical and security factors override economic ones,
imagine having to recruit handlers covertly in a foreign country, ensure their
loyalty and secrecy, provide them the necessary equipment and training, and pay
them (probably in hundreds of off-shore foreign accounts in a country such as

(8) Many secret sites are available in abundance at military
bases, the Pentagon, and other well-guarded installations.

(9) Many self-righteous United States leaders undoubtedly espouse
a sick philosophy that embraces “social cleansing.” In other words, “expendable”
elements of the population are deemed suitable for a Final Solution. Does that
ring familiar?

Readers can probably supply other reasons why the United States
experiments on its own people. Whether the testing is done in a religious,
political, business, or social context makes no difference. They all have
military applications. Its end purpose is conquest and that revolves around the
military machine.

A recent online TI survey revealed that most of the targets live
in industrialized countries with high-tech capabilities. The United States had
by far the largest number of TIs. No surprise there. Granted, the survey was
limited to those targets who visit that web site; yet, it was probably fairly
representative of the worldwide distribution of the TIs.

The power brokers have little regard for human life. Why else
would they sacrifice thousands of soldiers and kill thousands of innocent
civilians in meaningless wars that accomplish nothing? Why else would they
subject workers to harmful environments and elements without advising them of
the dangers? And why else would they experiment on the human body and the human
mind in barbaric tests that in some cases even sociopaths might find

The Handlers

Experiments are carried out by personnel hired and trained in mind
control methods by government agencies, defense contractors, and scientists
working with the Department of Defense. I shall call the personnel that actually
conduct the experiments, or testing, “handlers.” One of the purposes of the
government is to train a large cadre of qualified handlers, with each team
eventually capable of handling up to several dozens of targets.

Based on my own experiences, the handlers who carry out the mind
control activities operate in teams, with two person posted at each shift. The
make-up of those teams conforms to the characteristics of the targeted person or
the targeted group that they handle. If a target is highly educated, the team’s
handlers will probably also be above average in education. Every team must
necessarily include a computer specialist, as manipulation of the target’s
computer and email is crucial to mind control. In addition, there may be a
psychologist and several others with technical capabilities that allow them to
tap phones, communicate using radios and other devices, and track movements.

Obviously, handlers are not chosen for their scruples and morals.
Nevertheless, some people with higher ideals may be coerced into serving as
handlers. As a writer recently expressed, hundreds of engineers, scientists, and
highly-trained technicians are unemployed with house mortgages and car notes to
pay, families to maintain, and kids to educate. Thus, recruitment of handlers
poses no problem. As what they are doing is clearly illegal and violates dozens
of laws, they will not very likely reveal any operational and organizational
secrets. TIs can hope that the conscience of one of those basically good people
who reluctantly accepted a handler’s job will someday compel him to expose those
evil practices.

Monitoring the target 24/7 and letting him know that he is being
monitored is a basic facet of mind control. To do that requires at least four
persons on a team, working in shifts of two persons for twelve hours. Some teams
will have six to eight members, working from six to eight hours per shift.

From what location(s) do the handlers work? I still do not have a
firm opinion about the location. Where they work from depends on the range of
the equipment that they use on the targets. We do not yet know that range; it
may very well vary greatly in distance. There is some evidence that handlers may
work via satellite and computers in large groups comprising many teams in secret
government facilities. Others may work out of residences, rented out-buildings,
little-used business buildings, and perhaps even in law enforcement facilities.
The handlers may even be able to work from two or more locations.

If local law enforcement is indeed involved in ESMC, the sheriffs’
offices and police headquarters certainly offer a possibility for a location for
handlers. Those offices have areas with limited access and they operate day and
night seven days a week. Moreover, they have the manpower for such an operation,
incidentally paid for by taxpayers.

It is also very likely that the M.I.C. does the actual “hooking”
of the targets’ brains and then “farms out” the mind control responsibilities to
local groups. The advantages of that system are obvious, as local handlers: (1)
will be able to find out information about targets not included in the targets’
FBI files; (2) can more easily carry out a rumor campaign and actual gang
stalking of the targets; (3) will know the local culture and the colloquialisms;
(4) can draw on ex-law enforcement officers, ex-military, and others who might
be enlisted as handlers or might aid the process in some manner. The local
handlers may represent religious groups, “cause” groups, perhaps PACs,
especially pro-Israeli PACs such as the Jewish Defense League, retired law
enforcement associations, and perhaps various groups of veterans. Members of
those groups are probably trained on-site by previously trained and seasoned
handlers. The government in many cases deludes the handlers into thinking that
they are performing ESMC on victims for purposes other than military
psychological experimentation.

Recruiters of handlers look for particular types of people.
Although I do not profess to be a psychological profiler, I would probably
expect a handler to have the following characteristics: (1) male, and to a
lesser extent female; (2) in an age group from the mid-twenties to mid-fifties;
(3) introverted; (4) unmarried or unhappily married; (5) narrow mind set; (6)
Fundamentalist Christian or Jewish with connections in various geographical
areas or not religious at all, (7) frustrated at not achieving in life what he
felt he was entitled to, (8) from a dysfunctional family or from a family whose
parents were overbearing or took little interest in them; (9) perhaps
physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as a child or young person, (10)
bigoted toward races, alternative life styles, and different ethnic groups, (11)
politically conservative, holding perhaps radical pro-government views; (12)
well-traveled with broad exposure to other cultural groups; (13) former
soldiers, especially Marines, and ex-law enforcement officers (some of the
latter may be retirees well into their 60’s and even 70’s); (14) unemployed,
with a spotty employment record, or discontented with job(s); (15) socially
unsure of himself; (16) with sexual hang-ups and repressed sexual urges; (17)
overlooked for leadership positions, (18) college or university level study
and/or technical training, (19) feelings of social inferiority, (20) resentment
of others’ financial success and problem-free family life; (21) problems with
money management; (22) disabled or physically unable to work for some reason,
and (23) unclear career objectives and vague ambitions. There would naturally be
caveats in practically all of those characteristics, depending on the target
groups they monitor. Recruiters would probably NOT look for handlers who abuse
drugs and/or alcohol, are single parents with small children, are not flexible
in their availability, follow an alternative life style, are very social with
many friends of all races, color, and ethnicity, are members of “reform”-type
political groups, and appear to be very financially successful.

The Targets

From my research and correspondence with other TIs, I know that
targets are representative of the make-up of the U. S. population. How are
targets chosen? In the United States, the intelligence community (which includes
the military) has its ears to the ground to cover all facets of American life,
and thus they have access to information concerning whistleblowers who threaten
to expose certain practices and secrets, prisoners and ex-prisoners through the
prison system, rest homes and hospitals through “cooperating” nurses and
doctors, patients of psychiatrists, persons in the gay community, political
activists, etc. They probably also solicit and accept “nominations” for targets
from leaders in the scientific, intelligence, and business communities, certain
religious institutions, and from “allies” such as Israel. The American
intelligence community and the Israeli MOSSAD have cooperated for many years.
Such is their cooperation that now the two organizations are in many cases
practically one single operating unit. Keep in mind that most, if not all, of
the major decision-makers in the U. S. military- industrial complex are
decidedly pro-Israel.

Mind control is carried out by communicating with the target’s
brain. It is not yet known how experimenters “hook” the target’s brain, or mind.
There may be several ways. Yet, we know that once his brain is “hooked,” it can
and will be accessed by the handlers continually 24/7. The target will not know
immediately that his mind is being manipulated. Indeed, he may not find out for
years. The handlers first have to explore the target’s thoughts to get to know
him and especially his fears, foibles, and shortcomings. Once that is done, the
handlers begin their whispering routine to the target’s sub-conscious, often
using loop play tapes that use repetition to affect the target’s thinking.
(Please refer to my previous article called Mind Control and Law Enforcement
Complicity for a fuller discussion of that capability.)

Most of the experiments that are the focus of this narrative are
promulgated using the sub-conscious whispering communication approach. Much
later, the handlers may also begin to talk to the target “aloud” in voices that
only the target can hear. The ESMC activities may in some cases be reinforced by
gang stalking and other forms of group harassment.

Neurological Testing Objectives

Physical Effects

The physical effects of electronic and neurological assault are
well known, at least to the victims who endure them. What is not known, however,
is how they might affect combat and support troops during a military conflict.
The following are only a few of the physical effects of ESMC and their military
applications. In many cases the physical and psychological effects must work

—    Frequent defecation, rendering troops unfit for battle.

—    Fear, frustration, doubt, hopelessness, extreme lethargy,
anxiety, etc that
cause panic and massive desertions among combat

—    Sleep deprivation, which weakens resolve and strength of
soldiers. The  electrical-like jolts, restless legs, pinpricks, sensation of
crawling insects, mental sodomy, throbbing in the head, twitching fingers,
cramps, gastric disturbances, etc. deprive the soldier of sleep. The physical
effects are reinforced by the psychological elements seen in (1) and (2)

—    Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus. This not only affects the
soldier’s hearing
but also causes physical imbalance, much like an
inner ear problem.

Psychological Effects

The neurological results of the experiments/testing are far more
important than the physical effects. I list below some mind control experiments
that the U. S. (and probably other countries) are very likely working on. Every
one of these experiments has military implications. In most cases, they are very

— To see what type victim responds best to the mind control
methods used and conversely what type victims can best resist those methods.

— To see what groups, based on factors such as intelligence, age,
gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, the physique, education, color,
language groups, ethnicity, and other qualities, are most vulnerable to mind

— To see how long it takes for a tested victim to capitulate to a
particular method.

— To see whether victims can contrive methods for nullifying or
lessening the effects of the neurological assault.

— To see what effect the various neurological methods have on the
victims and whether they affect victims in the same manner and to the same

— To see what width of area and over what length of distance the
neurological methods achieve the best results.

— To determine what elements of mind control work best on various
types of persons.

— To test the ability of the handlers in tracking targets from
place to place and from country to country.

— To see whether a person’s religious beliefs can be destroyed
(and perhaps replaced with other beliefs).

— To see whether persons can be induced to turn against their own
country, their own family, their own church group, their own friends, their own
values, etc.

— To see whether a person can be covertly psychologically trained
to think certain things about certain types of people based on ethnicity, color
of skin, nationality, religion, social level, education, political affiliation,
personal philosophy, etc.

— To see to what extent neurological suggestions can influence
physical actions (or inactions) without the targets being aware of the

— To see to what extent targets can be made to perform certain
acts (perhaps unknowingly) or think certain ideas.

— To see whether targets can be made to develop schizophrenic,
paranoid, or obsessive compulsive behavior.

— To see to what extent targets will act out their frustrations,
hatreds, fears, etc.

— To see to what extent the targets’ induced conditions affect
their ability to operate as “normal” human beings and determine which conditions
are most effective in rendering them incapable of operating as “normal” human

— To see whether targets can overcome their revulsion to various
ideas and conversely see repulsive actions in a favorable light. For example,
can a Jew or Arab be made to eat pork or can a perfectly normal person be made
to commit incest.

— To see if certain drugs, particularly “mood swing” drugs and
anti-depressant drugs, as well as certain vitamins and minerals, influence the
outcome of particular mind control methods on targets.

— To see whether handlers can permanently blank out or eliminate
certain words and thoughts in targets.

— To determine the surroundings (location, house construction
materials, implements, electrical devices, etc), weather conditions, time of
year (moon, seasons, etc.), proximity to particular installations (oil
refineries, relay towers, etc.) that best allow the neurological weapons to
focus on and be used against targets.

— To determine what foibles and vulnerabilities in targets can
best be exploited for psychological purposes and control of those

— To determine how the torture methods affect the targets and
which ones affect him the worst.

— To study the duration of particular physical effects on the
targets and whether those effects are permanent or temporary.

— To see whether they can cause impotency or dramatically
increase the libido.

— To see if it is possible to change the sexual orientation of
certain factions of the population, heterosexual to homosexual and homosexual to
heterosexual, using mind control methods.

— To see whether handlers can make targets say words out of
context in speaking with others.

— To determine whether it is possible to make targets always see
the negative aspects in everyday matters.

— To determine what stimulus and/or method gets the best results
from the mind “mining” process.

— To train handlers who represent the main language groups in
their various regional accents so that they can be deployed to other countries
for covert operations.

— To cause targets to believe absurd things that do not happen or
do not exist. For example, the U. S. intelligence community convinced a young
Moslem detainee at Guantanamo to believe that he had lost his hands and

— To determine the most effective interrogation technique in the
mind “mining” process, i.e., asking questions, showing photos to the target,

— To analyze the target’s visual thoughts for clues to
information not revealed in the target’s narrative or his answers to questions.
(Examining those thoughts visually may reveal clues concerning a particular
strategic site or a particular weapon or an impending action or a particular
militarily- or politically-important person whom the target knows whom the
handlers may not have been aware of.)

— To determine whether handlers can gain the confidence of the
target in their telepathic conversations with him. They do this in providing
helpful information to the target, warning him of various dangers, and telling
him to “trust” them.

— To determine whether third parties can be made
to communicate telepathically with the target without the previous knowledge of
either one of them.

— To determine what physical effects can be effected by
psychological suggestion and to what extent.

— To determine what type target can best analyze what is
happening to them vis-a-vis mind control, based on their profession or
occupation, their educational level, their gender, sexual orientation,
ethnicity, etc.

— To analyze the handlers’ backgrounds, qualifications, and the
results of their ESMC methods to establish criteria for selecting future

— To test the efficacy of interchanging or replacing handlers for
targets, especially when those targets move from country to country.

— To determine what type(s) of targets can most easily be
persuaded (either neurologically through whispers, etc. or by bribes and other
forms of compensation, etc.) to commit treason and perhaps assassinate important

— To improve their propagandistic capability to deceive the
public re the mind control experiments (disseminating misinformation through the
internet, psychiatrists, the media, law enforcement, etc.) as targets become
more open and their numbers become more threatening.

— To test the ability of mind control personnel to work
effectively with their “allies” in mind control operations.

— To determine what emotions and mind control techniques are most
likely to cause combat troops to surrender.

— To test the ability of targets to see holographic images and
record their reactions to those images.

— To test targets reactions to and acceptance of induced
“dreams,” in which handlers fish for information by introducing certain people,
places, and things.

— To record the levels of frustration, anxiety,
irritation, and other emotions of targets under particular kinds and stages of

— To test the targets’ reactions to certain smells, sounds, and
tastes and see whether they can change those senses.

— To test the damage or alteration of the eyesight of targets to
make them see double, to remove their “side vision,” cause them to see in
various colors or not to see certain colors or images.

— To test such physical effects as the pin pricks to determine
the most sensitive areas of the targets’ bodies.

— To test repetitive focused “lasering” of skin with radioactive
force to see whether it can cause cancer or other skin diseases.

— To test the ability of the handlers’ computer software to make
the targets hear particular suggested words substituted for regular words on TV
and on the radio.

— To determine the type of target most likely to “trust” the
advice of the handlers.

— To see whether handlers can cause aberrant sexual thoughts and
behavior in the targets.

— To see if targets can be made to think about dishonest actions,
when the targets are perfectly honest.

— The see whether targets can be made to perform actions outside
of their regular routine.

— To see whether handlers can confuse the
target in his geographical orientation and movements.

— To see whether a target can be made to perform an action that
he will no longer remember afterward.

— To see whether a target can be estranged from close family
members by suggestions about those loved ones.

— To see whether a target can be conditioned to respond to
certain code words to act out a response desired by the handlers.

— To see if a target can be hypnotized through music, particular
sounds, or even at the sight of particular objects or pictures.

— To see whether domestic pets of targets can be made to react to
certain sounds or frequencies.

— To determine whether handlers can cause certain diseases in
targets through their actions or the power of suggestion, i.e., Alzheimer’s,
asthma, prostate problems.

— To see if there is a particular hour of the day or night during
which the target will be more vulnerable to brain “mining” by the handlers.

— To see whether physical effects such as electrical-like jolts
and vibrations can condition a target to release or reveal thoughts and to what

The list of possible experiments is endless. Perhaps that is why
the number of targets does not diminish but instead grows ever larger, for as
neurological research broadens, the need for guinea pigs increases. We are only
seeing the beginning of these evil and inhuman neurological experiments. There
will be many more in the future.


This article makes two main points: (1) That the United States
government and its military-industrial complex lies behind much or perhaps most
of the ESMC. If that were not true, the government would investigate targets’
complaints. (2) That the ESMC conducted on targets represents experiments aimed
at developing and/or strengthening the United States’ neurological warfare
capability. I believe that this article and the former one make my case.

As mentioned earlier, other countries are also deeply involved in
mind control experimentation. One of the objectives of those experiments is to
stir up racial, religious, and ethnic animosity. I suspect that the recent
ethnic conflicts in Rwanda, Serbia, Sudan, and, more recently, Georgia stem
directly from those experiments.

Nicholas Kirkland

Written by rudy2

May 15, 2011 at 23:17

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