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For a comprehensive report on the political persecution against FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee see:


FROM: geral sosbee

Re: repeated hacking by fbi of my communications

Today I sent an explanation of the hacking of my submissions to OPEDNEWS. I just learned that my email to you dated and entitled as follows contained another hacked version of the report that I am trying to post at OPED:,
date: Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 8:03 AM
subject: fbi hacking of my
I now ask OPED to be patient as I try to overcome the hacking. I believe that my second submission (yesterday) of my recent attempted post on “fbi & courts torture, mame or kill wrongly accused” was corrected; so, please consider publishing that report/article.

The email cited above was thoroughly hacked, but I was not aware of the hacking because the fbi tampered with my draft overnight and I did not realize that the report in the email was defective.

I have no computer because the fbi destroys any computer that I buy. I have limited access to a computer at the public library due to time limitations imposed by the library (usually 45 minutes-one hour).

The report (or article) that I am trying to publish at OPED deals with a pervasive and serious societal problem that I discovered after a decade of suffering at the hands of the fbi; so, I feel that many men especially need to be advised of the gross violations of their civil, human and constitutional rights as I outline in the report.

Best Wishes.
geral sosbee


An emerging evil now threatens people around the globe, especially in the United States of America. Fraudulently obtained court ordered commitment and psychoactive medications are being forced on our fellow citizens who are innocent , or who do not merit the kind of gross abuse put upon them by the fbi and other agencies.

I have learned by personal experience that , as a whistleblower against the criminals in the fbi, certain agencies of the US government (such as fbi, cia, irs, hhs, etc.) as well as local authorities at every level have managed to convince the legislators and courts to secretly ‘set people up’ for involuntary civil commitment or non-consensual monitoring and involuntary medication based on false statements and other data that are contrived or fabricated. The statements used against the citizen are submitted by paid (or otherwise compensated) informants and operatives of the agencies. The goal of such underhanded operations is to end the productive life of the wrongly accused (i.e.,the Target) and to destroy his standing and reputation in the community, or to incarcerate and ultimately end his life by forced suicide or by causes that appear to be ‘natural’.

The agency fabricates a bogus criminal profile on the Target who is labeled as a sex offender within the CJIS, even though the Target is completely innocent [Note: no criminal case is opened on the Target because the phony allegation is on face a fraud]. See “My Story In Detail” in nineteen parts at:

Also see “government must create criminals” in order to cover up crimes, or for another political or economic interest:

Notwithstanding the innocence of the Target, the fbi or its operatives begin to spread the message that the Target is a mental case and a carrier of a deadly STD; this combination of lies has devastating results on the Target as shown in this report and related links. All the while the Target is unaware for many years of the awful games being played on him. His life, his profession and his family ties are destroyed, and his sanity is taxed to the limit by the hidden agenda set in motion against him. The target has no constitutional protections against the corrupt civil proceedings ongoing against him and his own conduct is understandably affected. See:


The accusers use every tool available to make sure that the Target has no way to defend against the program designed to destroy him because all assaults are performed in secret and are even choreographed for the adverse psychological effect in some instances. Integral to the assault program is the court order which authorizes the monitoring for so-called “public safety” purposes all of the activities of the Target around the clock.

This provides the bases for the operatives to spread disabling calumny and defamatory statements against him everywhere he goes, literally. The court order also allows (or ‘orders’) that drugs be planted in the Targets food anywhere he eats. Soon the Target learns that he is the object of general scorn by the public and he also begins to to suffer symptoms associated with the dangerous drug (in many instances, medroxyprogesterone acetate): diabetes, blood clots, gall bladder problems, gastrointestinal complications, weight gain, etc.

Broad accusations of sexual misconduct or deviancy are vague, but the connotations are inflammatory and very harmful as applied to the Target. Nevertheless, with an almost fervid pathology the government agent or operative ensures that the Target is publicly painted in a perfectly horrid manner. To be sure the innocent Target in many instances has no criminal record and no evidence exists regarding sex offenses of any kind, except for the secret and false statements entered by the fbi in their hidden private files. As suggested earlier, the specific goal of the accuser is to fabricate a file or profile on the Target for later presentation to the judge in closed meeting; all the while the operatives are engaged in the commission of multiple felonies against the Target.

The court allows only the perjurious accusers access to the judge who may or may not be aware that innumerable serious crimes are being perpetrated against the Target daily as though he is an enemy of the state and a threat to all.

Another abusive tactic used against the Target is to have the civil court issue a commitment order and involuntary hospitalization as a mental patient; given the great stress on the Target by the criminals sent to destroy him, the Target may show signs of neurotic behavior from time to time. The team of potential assassins use every such instance to further pad their false claims that the Target is crazy. Yet in no sense is the conduct of the Target considered to be extensively neurotic or psychotic by any objective standard.
As suggested above, concurrent with the abusive civil process which are obtained against the Target, efforts are made to provoke him into a violent reaction to the unending assaults against him. I have been literally threatened on the street by fbi operatives and in one instance I was knocked off my feet in the Los Angeles public library by an operative who sought a violent reaction to his battery of my person. I have also documented a few other examples of assault by fbi and police operatives.

I intimated above that the government agents seek to drive the Target insane, or to maim and kill him by esoteric and macabre methods.

Amazingly, the assassins of government even begin sending harassing messages on public forums; and in one instance an apparent homicidal sociopath (an fbi agent or operative) sends the message, “kill yourself geral sosbee.”

See also these two links for more examples of devious and potentially deadly tricks used against the Target.

Actually, the Target does not have a chance to effectively resist the onslaught against him because he is busy trying to stay alive and sane amidst the barrage of high tech assaults by low minded thug-operatives.

If the Target initially survive the assaults (as I have for example) he may have the rare opportunity to seek legal counsel, but this too is largely in vain and very expensive, for most Targets are barely able to meet their basic needs. Most attorneys have no interest in assisting such a Target. After all any legal action requires great skill and professional standing on the part of the lawyer; also, any suit against the fbi is expensive, time consuming and in some instances probably destined to fail. I know because I tried.

Also the general fear by attorneys and doctors to have any association with a person accused of sex offenses often militate against helping (or representing) most Targets who are usually deemed unsalvageable social derelicts. In this regard the reader might imagine his own possible reaction to being falsely labeled as one or more of the followwing: hypersexual, poor sexual impulse control, developmental disability, aggressive sexuality, homosexual pedophilia, multiple paraphilias, predatory patterns of inappropriate sexual behavior, sex offender, rapist, pedophilia, exhibitionist, serial sexual predator with STD, etc.

Given the extreme prejudicial effect of such descriptions, even professionals try to avoid a legal battle with the cards stacked so heavily against the accused. No great profit is common in such cases for the attorney and public policy does not offer favorable outcome for the Target.
The popular view toward a person who is portrayed as a sex offender is expressed by LaLaunie Hayes as follows:

” Sex offenders…commit crimes that put fear into the general public….[They] should be punished…and not forgiven…just because they have gone through a treatment program….castration is an ideal punishment for sex offenders.”

When an innocent person is so accused, great injustice follows and the lynch mob mentality ensures that no fair treatment is afforded him. A kind of lunacy in the public at large subserves the very criminals of government (i.e., fbi) who are trying to end the life of the Target. Thus, the accused understandable begins to view the criminal stalkers of government and their supporters as members of a community somewhat dead in their sensibilities.…

The accused then at every turn of his travails discovers that all who come under the influence or sway of the government assassins and slanderers are small in their thinking patterns and are therefore also dangerous when they aid the assassins in the mission.

Throughout the gauntlet of assaults which the Target is subjected to , he begins to realize that he is being pushed perhaps to his death by small minded vigilantes who are empowered by the government’s own teams of assassins; these individuals in the government are thus the real threat to society because they are traitors to their country, to their citizens and to humanity. Many of them are found today within the marble hallways of the Congress…

the courts

and the executive branch of the United States government

[Note: Please see COINTELPRO Revisited, Parts 1 and 2, for overview and details on neutralizing Targets.]

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  • One may conclude the following from a study of my reports on line:

    The United States government, through its intelligence agencies engages in a wholesale, unconstitutional, & inhumane program (‘P’) to silence troublemakers and suspects .1.

    The hundreds of millions of human beings worldwide who have any kind of communicable disease are subject to control under the ‘P’.2.

    Secret courts and administrative agencies directly participate in the all-out offensive to stop the spread of potentially deadly diseases, including but not limited to AIDS.3.

    However, inherent in the ‘P’ is the implied power to include anyone whom the fbi,cia, etc, deem a threat to their unbridled and murderous power over the globe; in this regard, virtually everyone is suspect of carrying the flu (or similar virus) for example and may be targeted.

    The intel community (especially the fbi/cia/nsa,dod, etc.) particularly abuse the ‘P’ for the purpose of silencing specific political, military, or ideological Targets.4.

    For the details on exactly how such abuse is effected see my website (and related links) in its entirety at

    See also:

    For information on my medical clearances see these links:

    Conclusion: regardless of the USA’s emerging public policy of imprisoning Targets in their own bodies as I have explained at

    and related links the people have a compelling right and need to know the details of the ‘P’;
    otherwise, an uncontrollable horror sweeps over the world at the direction of fbi/cia homicidal psychopaths (et al) and those who support or fear them.
    My concern is not simply w ith the details of how the fbi managed to fraudulently inject me into their sick and twisted ‘P’ in order to try to silence me, but I am interested in stopping the program by any means necessary.

    To this end I seek to inform the public that fear of the fbi/cia assassins subjects you, your family and future generations to an ungodly evil such as human beings have never known. See, for example:…





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