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PART I. “Prohibited Technology”

by Professor Andrea Giotti, Computer and Telecommunications Engineer.

Adapted and translated by Rudy Andria with the author’s permission.

The subject-matter of mind control of single individuals from unspecified agencies is often the object of scepticism from the general public, in so far as official science only takes into consideration the somewhat limited manipulation techniques such as hypnosis, subliminal messages and so on. Moreover, it is well-known that the last century history had several secret projects, at least at the time they were created, which account for the constant interest on this topic from major governments and their secret services. A case in point is the particularly well-known CIA MKULTRA Project but the Soviets also carried out several experiments in this regard and there is no secret service in the world which does not know how to recognise or worse, how to cause a psychological block to a troublesome witness. The results of the experiments conducted within the framework of such projects have almost never been made known to the general public in their entirety, as the mind control technique that enables their development is a terrible weapon against individual freedom and a person who owns one wants to keep its monopoly. “Brain washing”, the creation of “Manchurian candidates” and such like are not topics meant to appear in the texts of psychology or in newspaper articles. Nevertheless, they can be terribly real and arouse legitimate suspicions in the minds of those who are asking questions on the disturbing facts of recent history, like the murder of President Kennedy, or news items like the last mass massacres perpetrated by alleged unbalanced people in the world.

Writing about these topics is to some extent difficult, because the sources are often doubtful, witnesses are reluctant or unreliable and the few documents available are full of omissions. As difficult as it may be, it is also legitimate to try to inform the public about the possibility that similar techniques are commonly used, without revealing the details that make it possible to implement these techniques but revealing enough to allow people to recognize them and, where possible, to defend against them. Quoting sources within the structures that are more familiar with them, namely the secret services, is virtually impossible without incurring unpleasant incidents. However, I was able to directly experience the most sophisticated of these techniques. Thus, on the basis of this experience, I have written this article. To report is not to prove and as a matter of fact, there is no mention of the documentary evidence of what is reported below. In any case, a similar piece of information is worth something, since it may raise doubts in broader minds and prepare the readers to face, in a more conscious and less passive way, the new order which is taking shape in the world.

“Mind reading” was also the object of much research in both civilian and military spheres, over the past century, especially with the Soviets. Such research has always been unsuccessful, until the new millennium. However, for at least a decade, the so-called “artificial telepathy” was developed by the NSA or other U.S. government agencies. This is a technology that remotely allows a two-way communication between a suitable device, controlled by an operator, and human brain. It also allows a connection interface with all the human nervous system, from considerable distances via protections of different types. This is possible, perhaps through a satellite-network which can provide global coverage. Given an initial analysis, it does not seem that there are technological protections, able to protect the targeted victim. An even more disturbing detail is this technology being also used to torture and kill individuals remotely, without a trace. Readers with scientific background will remain extremely perplexed in the face of such progress. It is therefore appropriate to specify immediately that such technology is based on some radical developments, both in the field of physics and in that of neuroscience, which seem incredible to both official science and common sense. Writing and especially reading cortical currents at a distance, and also interpreting them in terms of words and images, appears as an achievement so far advanced from the commonly recognized state of the art, yes, so far advanced as to amaze any industry expert. However, the goal has been achieved. This most likely occurred through the discovery of a new vehicle for physical interaction of wave or particle beams unknown or already known but not officially used for practical purposes. This vector interaction has characteristics of greater distance, penetration and precision never seen before. With this, it was then possible to investigate in detail the functioning of human brain.

Like any real technology, fortunately enough, it also has some important limitations. Above all, it does not directly target the victim’s thoughts nor does it control body movements, but it only interferes with both, mainly through psychological manipulation, sleep deprivation and pain induction. The operator who controls the device can project his voice into the mind of the victim to manipulate him/her and to induce him/her to have a Manchurian candidate-like behaviour, but the manipulation techniques used are generally traditional and it is possible to oppose against them the same resistance that would be opposed to a flesh-and-blood interlocutor. Moreover, mind reading is limited to verbal or “superficial” thoughts, namely, what we express through words. It is also limited to a few non-verbal or “deep” thoughts and to the mental images that we visualize. However, most non-verbal thoughts and memories stored in our brains apparently, cannot be accessed yet from the outside or not yet decipherable through technology. The physical effects that the operator can cause to the victim range between the projection of false sensory inputs of visual, auditory and tactile nature to the interference directed into the neurovegetative system with high probability of death, due to cardiac or respiratory arrest, for example. False sensory inputs can, with relative ease, be identified as disturbances and are consequently ignored.

This technology is used today to constantly monitor specific key figures in the political, scientific, military and media world, as well as to perform covert psychological operations, wherever it is needed. It puts in a state of submission those who become aware of similar reality. For example, blackmailing them through reading their thoughts. Opponents are then forced into a program of social, psychological and finally physical discredit and destruction which typically ends with inducing the victim to suicide, with a fatal accident caused artificially or with a natural-looking death . From the outside, they simply appear as cases of insanity, since in psychiatry, the mere perception of a voice is considered a sufficient symptom for specific diagnosis. The goal, needless to say, is to impose an absolute domination of the world. But sometimes, unlike what happened at the time of Hitler or Stalin, there is a way to reach it through a devious and sneaky global coup, unbeknownst to the general public..The agency which holds the monopoly of this instrument does not wish others to develop another one, even with very little similarity. It is then very likely that the figures who are in a position to do it, particularly scientists, would face the same type of opponents, with all those who are able to oppose some more traditional forms of resistance like nuclear retaliation in case of war. Before putting the blame on the U.S. President, however, it is appropriate to remember that this technology provides the person who directly handles it a power which is big enough to enable him to break free from the control of any higher authority. So even the politicians, scientists, soldiers and journalists in the United States are not spared by the treatment described above. Without going into details which would require many more pages of writing, it should be noted that the story of the attack on the Twin Towers and various other facts of the Italian and international chronicles may need to be rewritten in the light of the existence of this “prohibited technology” . My opinion is that the power which this technology confers on humanity is so huge as to inevitably corrupt whoever owns it and thus drag the future world into chaos.

Andrea Giotti,


Written by rudy2

August 20, 2011 at 12:59

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