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How to Fill out the Questionnaire
for the United Nations
Special Reporter on Torture
Hi everyone. 
Many of you are reaching out and because of this, we are starting to achieve results.  The more results we get, the more opens up for us.  There are a lot of good things going on at this time. Please continue your efforts or by all means, make a start.  Even a small effort may yield great results. 
Here are the instructions given to me regarding the form to fill out to have Juan Mendez, the Special Reporter on Torture with the United Nations, advocate on our behalf. 
Because the form is designed for hands-on torture scenarios rather than remote torture, I present the following recommendations for some answers which we came up with during our Call to Action Committee Meeting last Monday night: 

II. Circumstances surrounding torture

A. Date and place of arrest and subsequent torture
Suggestion: the approximate date and place where you feel you became targeted
Sample response:  My targeting began in January 2001 while at work and continues to this day, August 15, 2013
F. What was believed to be the purpose of the torture?
Some suggestions:  non-consensual experimentation, eugenics depopulation program, population control, revenge, persecution, hate crime.
Mr. Mendez will advocate for people in all countries via their government.  The form to fill out is in the section below. His office is accepting email submissions only.  If you absolutely must send hardcopy evidence, it may be mailed to the following address in Geneva, Switzerland: 
Special Rapporteur on Torture
c/o Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
I’d recommend acting as soon as possible since I’ve been informed that Mr. Mendez’ term as
UN Special Reporter on Torture expires in November.  

Model questionnaire to be completed by persons alleging torture or their representatives.

I’ve pasted the torture questionnaire below.  Please copy and paste this form into a Word document.  Then fill it out and send it as an email attachment along with your other documents, pictures, and other evidence to Mr. Juan Mendez at:
Although it is important to provide as much detail as possible, the lack of a comprehensive accounting should not necessarily preclude the submission of reports. 
Additional sheets should be attached where space does not allow for a full rendering of the information requested. Also, copies of any relevant corroborating documents, such as medical or police records should be supplied where it is believed that such information may contribute to a fuller accounting of the incident. Only copies and not originals of such documents should be sent.

I. Identity of the person(s) subjected to torture

A. Family Name
B. First and other names
C. Sex: Male Female
D. Birth date or age
E. Nationality
F. Occupation
G. Identity card number (if applicable)
F. Activities (trade union, political, religious, humanitarian/ solidarity, press, etc.)
G. Residential and/or work address

II. Circumstances surrounding torture

A. Date and place of arrest and subsequent torture
B. Identity of force(s) carrying out the initial detention and/or torture (police, intelligence services, armed forces, paramilitary, prison officials, other)
C. Were any person, such as a lawyer, relatives or friends, permitted to see the victim during detention? If so, how long after the arrest?
D. Describe the methods of torture used
E. What injuries were sustained as a result of the torture?
F. What was believed to be the purpose of the torture?
G. Was the victim examined by a doctor at any point during or after his/her ordeal? If so, when? Was the examination performed by a prison or government doctor?
H. Was appropriate treatment received for injuries sustained as a result of the torture?
I. Was the medical examination performed in a manner which would enable the doctor to detect evidence of injuries sustained as a result of the torture? Were any medical reports or certificates issued? If so, what did the reports reveal?
J. If the victim died in custody, was an autopsy or forensic examination performed and which were the results?

III. Remedial action

Were any domestic remedies pursued by the victim or his/her family or representatives (complaints with the forces responsible, the judiciary, political organs, etc.)? If so, what was the result?

IV. Information concerning the author of the present report:

A. Family Name
B. First Name
C. Relationship to victim
D. Organization represented, if any
E. Present full address

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August 18, 2013 at 23:38

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