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Secret Surveillance and Electromagnetic Torture by the Secret Services

Translated from German into English

Link to original article from the German Press :  ==>en français ==> en español

The story told by Carl Clark will partially take your breath away. The Englishman describes how he targeted  people and then became a target himself after he’d opted out. He also took part in the deployment of microwave weapons in order to torture others, after which they were later turned on him.  “These criminal shenanigans need to be exposed in public so that they can be stopped”. He describes below why he blew the whistle.

Interview with Carl Clark, Norfolk, England.

Armin Gross: Matters related to the secret services are usually not disclosed. You want to bring them out in the open though. Who did you work for?

Carl Clark: I worked freelance from 1980 to 2003 for various secret services. I worked for the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) up to 1997. I then worked for the Israeli Secret Services, Mossad and for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a US organisation against discrimination and defamation of Jews.  I was also employed by MI 5, a subgroup of the British Secret Services.  I later moved to the Police Secret Services as well as to the secret services of an investigation laboratory.  I was deployed in European operations in Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Madrid, Lyon, Bilbao and Moscow.

Armin Gross: What were your main assignments?

Carl Clark: An important assignment was to infiltrate certain groups to obtain inside information about them. I would join certain groups, make friends with some of the members and then proceed to ruin their lives.

Armin Gross: What kind of groups were they?

Carl Clark: First and foremost criminal gangs and drug cartels.  I provided information about the National Front, Nazis or skinheads to Israeli Secret Services. What they were interested in were names, addresses, meeting places, projects and objectives. I tracked individual targets for the CIA.

Armin Gross: What exactly did you do?

Carl Clark: I spied on people for long periods, eavesdropped on their conversations. I also had orders to confuse or deceive them. I would therefore secretly force my way into their homes, remove some things and just move others around. I would then delete data from their computer. Or I would just drive them crazy, by following them and turning up close by either in the railway station or the bus station, etc. Otherwise, I would stage a fight in the street right in full view of the target’s eyes, and many other ploys. If our orders were to put somebody under more pressure or even arrest them, I would install certain material on their computers such as child pornography , instructions to manufacture a bomb, etc.

Armin Gross: What type of individuals were you instructed to target?

Carl Clark: People who were politically relevant. Likewise, people who opposed or acted against the interests of large companies such as the pharmaceuticals.  Some belonged to criminal gangs, but there were two or three targets that had nothing on them at all as far as I could make out.

Armin Gross: How many individuals did you have under surveillance in total?

Carl Clark: In the 80s it was five or six, in the 90s seven, and from 2000 to 2003, there were three.  You can appreciate from the low number of targets how intensive the targeting was.  One requires at least six months right at the outset to accumulate as much information as possible about prospective targets’ past lives.

Armin Gross: How did you acquire this information?

Carl Clark: From the garbage can, the telephone, mail, the Internet. That sort of thing has got much easier with recent advances in technology. Bugs are no longer necessary as you can eavesdrop on mobile phones, ISDN phones or small parabolic receiving dishes nowadays. Unfortunately, the deployment of microwave weapons has, in addition, become very practicable.


Armin Gross: Did you also use such weapons?

Carl Clark: No. I was responsible for surveillance. Colleagues from special departments did this. However, I was at times on site when these weapons were deployed.

Armin Gross: Can you describe in more detail how the deployment of weapons took place?

Carl Clark: It’s a bit like what takes place in a science fiction movie. People can be tracked anywhere by radar, satellite, a base station and complimentary computer programs. For example, three radar devices would sometimes be positioned in the vicinity of the target.  The radar emits electromagnetic waves, some of which pick up the target and the result is then evaluated. My friends who work in the special department could then follow the target all day on their computers. This form of localising the target made it easy to deploy the weapons accurately. My colleagues could see exactly where to aim and also observe how the target reacted.

Armin Gross: What effect did the weapons have on the targets?

Carl Clark: They create heat, inner burns, pain, nausea, fear. Sometimes traces are left on the skin, but mostly not.  If the targets go to the doctor, they get told everything is OK. Take into account, this was the situation ten years ago. This technology has advanced considerably since then.

Armin Gross: What is the objective of such attacks?

Carl Clark: The aim is to intimidate certain people, for example people who make a lot of noise. I myself was under attack for three years after opting out. I’m virtually sure that weapons were used against me in 2003/2004 which provoked strong aggression. I almost killed somebody on two occasions, once a neighbour who was a pleasant elderly lady.


Armin Gross: Do you think it’s possible to directly influence feelings by weaponising electromagnetic rays?

Carl Clark: Without doubt. We know that living organism is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Elementary life processes within cells function by biogenic electromagnetic oscillation. Frequencies from the exterior can damage or change these processes. There have already been far-reaching attempts at influencing body, mind and soul through frequencies within the framework of military research. It’s possible to provoke fear, aggression, nervousness or forgetfulness in this way. In combination with other interventions, a target can be driven insane. For example, radiofrequency can be manipulated so that the target hears his own name on the radio or his computer shows his name time and again. Voices are also specifically transmitted to a target commenting on his activities.  For example, I heard a voice in the morning after getting up which said “ Get up and injure somebody”.

Armin Gross: People are actually being driven to psychic extremes then?

Carl Clark: Yes, the undoubted goal is to have select people end up in psychiatric institutions. If a target seeks help by going to the police or to the doctor, they don’t get taken seriously.  Some doctors and hospitals actually work together with the Secret Services. Diagnostic directives permit a patient who feels persecuted or hears voices to be classified as schizophrenic.

Armin Gross: Hospitals cooperate with the Secret Services?

Carl Clark:  Yes, certainly. Large companies too. That’s why one lives dangerously if one carries out investigations on large companies.  The American State protects large companies like MacDonald’s, Coca-Cola and certain pharmaceutical enterprises. These companies also have FBI agents at their disposal for matters related to industrial espionage. The Freemasons who are widespread within the CIA also play a major role


Armin Gross: Do you know in which countries individuals are under surveillance and are being assaulted by energy weapons?

Carl Clark: The USA, Germany, China, North Korea, Russia, France and England, normally without the official knowledge of the particular government. But unofficially, I believe that government personnel must be involved in some way or know something about the goings-on.

Armin Gross: Do you know how many people are under surveillance?

Carl Clark: There are about 5,000 in England under surveillance and about 15,000 overseeing the operation. Apart from the large Secret Service agencies, there are 300 or 400 minor Secret Service agencies which were formed by former policemen or former Secret Service agents. They have permission from the Home Office to spy, take photographs and procure information. Their employees are well paid.

Armin Gross:  Was it a problem for you to switch from one Secret Service agency to another?

Carl Clark: No. It was always a positive move from my new employer’s viewpoint as I could always provide information to him about my previous Secret Service agency. The large Secret Service agencies mistrust each other totally. I earned more money as a result.


Armin Gross: Why did you opt out?

Carl Clark: I saw that what I was doing was wrong. The last two targets that were allocated to me had done nothing. They were not political, quite normal, nice people, not criminal or economically dangerous. The only reason I could come up with for them having been selected as targets was their DNA or their blood.  There has recently been a lot of research done in this area. The DNA is associated with the finest details of our character. The Human Genomes Project between 1993 and 2004 analyzed all chemical base pairs which make up human DNA, also collecting the genetic data of people from isolated communities in danger of extinction (Human Genomes Diversity Project).  The results were then all compared and correlated. Our employers were always very keen on DNA analyses of the people under surveillance. It was always one of our most important tasks in the initial period of surveillance to organize DNA or blood analyses of these individuals.

Armin Gross: You’ve already mentioned that opting out in 2003 caused you problems. Can you give a few examples?

Carl Clark: I was once followed by a helicopter through the night as I drove a truck 3,000 miles to deliver packages. As I walked along an alley, I was attacked by a man who struck me a blow. Then on another occasion, somebody removed three connections from my engine on the motorway causing the engine to get dislodged and fall out of its casing. On another occasion as I drove a truck with a three-ton load, two of my tyres suddenly exploded. When the police arrived, they stated they’d never witnessed anything like it.  Then there was the time when I was followed over a great distance whilst driving. It made me so angry that I brought my car to an abrupt halt, grabbed my baseball bat and got out of the car. Three cars which were tailing me suddenly took off in reverse gear at great speed. In normal circumstances, they would have reported my behaviour to the police, but these did not. On another occasion, I was sent three people who were supposed to strike up a friendship with me in order to spy on me. As I knew they were listening in on my telephone conversations, I  stated loudly on the telephone to somebody that I planned to kill the people who had wormed their way into my life. The three individuals disappeared from the scene altogether after that.

Armin Gross: And what’s the current situation? Do you think you are still being targeted?

Carl Clark: Of course. I have also found out that the secret services wish to know why I flew to Germany.

Armin Gross:  Are you not then living dangerously at present?

Carl Clark:  I am prepared to stand up to them. They also know that I know a lot about them, and that I intend to do something about their violations or breaches. I have friends in special units, people in Afghanistan and in Iraq that support me.


Tips for Victims of Surveillance.

Armin Gross: Have you any tips for people who feel they are under surveillance?

Carl Clark: It’s a good idea to avoid the use of certain terminology in emails such as “government” or “mind control”, etc., because digital surveillance seeks out key, sought-after vocabulary.  It’s also an idea to check out whether anyone’s forced their way into your home.  Intruders often deploy anaesthetic gases sprayed through the letter box on a door for example before they break in during the night. You’d just wake up in the morning with a metallic taste in your mouth. If cars behave in a strange way, you should take note of the registration numbers. If you receive letters you don’t recognise or expect, they should be wrapped in aluminium foil.  There are special measuring devices to detect high frequency rays in the home.

Armin Gross: Do you know of any other whistleblowers who have related stories similar to yours?

Carl Clark: Up to now, no. But I hope that there will be more who are prepared to go public in the future.

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June 17, 2012 at 06:51

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  3. Hummm…You would have to be a real thorn in their side to warrant such action??If they want to act against the people who are against the scums, then there wouldn’t be enough people on earth to work for them..
    e.g. There are about 5,000 in England under surveillance and about 15,000 overseeing the operation.
    That mean at least 3 to 1… & I would bet my last dollar, that there will be much more than 5000 people hating the scums in UK..More like a minimum of 33% of the population??

    Mr Reynard

    January 26, 2016 at 05:19

  4. I have suffered similar and in some cases, identical attacks. I was mugged in a very odd fashion, In a new car on motorway with fly by wire brakes which failed, second before hitting lorry they started to work. First service at Mercedes dealer and he could see no fault logged on cars computer, very odd as every single fault is recoded. Also had a similar thing happen when lost all gears in new Merc which was a different car. So many more I can`t remember them all right now.

    I have been very active since 9/11 on the online truth scene. Banned by BBC and most newspapers from posting comments on a wide range of subjects. I`ve also been banned by many alternative news and comment sites…clearly they are government controlled. I live in London and to get to where my flat is, you need to go to a lot of trouble. One very cold morning my daughter was going out and saw a man talking pictures of our home. minutes later he was taking pics on the backside of the property…my daughter called me. I went round to challenge him. He was 5`7″, well dressed, but casual smart with the sort of sunglasses (bright day) you`d see in the Middle East or North Africa, he looked as if he was form one of those areas. I asked him what he was up to? He said he had just flown into the country and was here to study English…lol…he had good English! He said he was taking pictures to help his studies. I told him I didn`t believe him and that I believe he was casing me and my home and I told him I would report him to the police, which I did.

    While I`ll keep an open mind on the article as there is so much propaganda, as this could be a test to see how many recognise what has happened to them, which I am doing. On the other hand, it is very believeable as I have had the same/similar treatment.

    Don`t mind contact:

    Carl Jones

    January 26, 2016 at 10:24

  5. I wonder what the DNA profile was they were looking for? Is there a clue in that and the genociding of the Aryan races of Europe, America, and Australasia?


    January 29, 2016 at 13:14

    • this has been done to me and continues to be done to me here in australia. whoever is responsible is a hitler and i would like to catch that bastard or group of bastards involved in this. I truly believe i will. These crimes are crimes against humanity against all races and against all religions. Most importanly to say is that those involved in these crimes have no faith or trust in g-d and they are in defiance of g-d. Second point they are wealthy and have the backing of the shadow government.


      August 7, 2016 at 02:19

  6. Let’s make the evil billionaires and trillionaire clans go bankrupt everywhere in the world


    December 13, 2017 at 14:13

  7. It’s happening in Greece too! Bastard Secret services don’t like corruption being exposed and support the corrupt politicians!!!!!

    David Lewin

    March 8, 2018 at 21:45

  8. so its probaly a bad idea to trust the FBI with my current detailed file then huh? damn it where and who do i send this shit to..its hella #SOULCATCHER #MILAB #HUMANTRAFFICK heavy


    August 19, 2019 at 18:56

  9. what is something about the DNA of the targeted..? thanks


    January 6, 2021 at 13:46

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