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The Secret Torture Dimension of Police Stalking: From Noise Harassment to Directed Energy Weapons

by Reidar Visser

Although police stalking operations may involve parts of a local community whenever the victim is out and about, 95% of the illegalities usually go on away from the gaze of the public. In some cases, police stalking is primarily about harassment directed at the place where the stalking victim lives, throughout the day as well as during the night.

I’ll recapitulate briefly how these harassment techniques evolved in my case – from very primitive methods often used by European police against gangs and drug dealers, to ultra-modern, little-known capabilities spearheaded by the United States for crowd-control purposes.

To begin with, in Oslo in February 2011, the disturbance techniques were rather unsophisticated and mostly carried out through the use of unmarked police cars. A group of 10 to 15 cars kept driving in circle around my flat whenever I was home and basically made a lot of noise. At night they parked one of the cars just beneath the window of my bedroom and kept the engine running for hours. Sometimes the police officers stepped out of the car and shouted to wake me up. At the time I was terrified and could not think of any effective antidote, so I was unable to get much sleep.

The street where Oslo police harassed me every night in March 2011

When I began travelling in March 2011, I made sure to get hotel rooms away from the street. The police then began slamming the doors in neighbouring rooms to wake me up at night. For example, in Huis ter Duin in the Netherlands where I stayed between July 2011 and January 2012, I had room 568 in the older section of hotel complex, also known as the “grand hotel”. Even though most of that building was unoccupied outside the tourist season, the police gained access to rooms 466 and 468 right under me and used those rooms as a base for harassing me. The techniques included regularly slamming the balcony door shut, constant slamming with closet doors for periods of 30 to 40 minutes, and hammers used directly on the ceiling (i.e. the floor of my room) to wake me up at night.

My room at Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, from July 2011 to January 2012

Other aspects of the harassment in Hotel Huis ter Duin were more peculiar than painful. They included the use of an antiquated water system which made significant noise in all the toilets that shared the same pipe whenever one toilet was flushed (i.e. rooms on a vertical line from the first to the fifth floor). For hours the police would flush the toilet with a frequency of up to once every minute (I have tape recordings of this). The same technique was used for special effect when they woke me up at night by slamming the doors. When I got up and went to the bathroom there would often be a flush exactly when I entered. Obviously the chances of such a coincidence occurring naturally in the middle of the night when only 5 rooms share the same pipe (and when they are officially unoccupied anyway) are very small. Incidentally, the successful use of this method also shows the extent to which CCTV is being used to monitor me, since without it, no such precision hits would have been possible.

When I moved to a private apartment in Maasdam in February 2012, it appeared that the original plan of the police was to disturb me from cars in the main street. To some extent they could do this without fear of a negative response from the local community since most of the neighbours were elderly ladies who were nearly deaf. However, I effectively managed to shut out noise from the street by playing loud music at day and turning on the extractor fan in the living room/kitchen where I slept at night. This prompted a change of tactics by the police. The only other options they had left for disturbing me using traditional methods was from the roof and from the garage. They opted for the garage. From April onwards, they put a vehicle with a heavy engine in the garage two floors down every night. When I went to sleep, they began revving its engine again and again, much in the way they had done in Oslo outside my bedroom window one year earlier. They sometimes also managed to wake me up again by repeating the same technique later in the night, although this was not terribly effective. To compensate, they would occasionally use the roof instead to drop heavy objects onto my flat, but in general the police are reluctant to use roofs in these operations. They prefer to be invisible from the general public when they conduct the dirtiest parts of their harassment programme.

Courtyard in Maasdam used by Dutch police to harass me, February-July, 2012

Apparently unhappy with the results achieved in this way, another escalation by Dutch police ensued in June. This is the part of the operation against me that I am most reluctant to describe, because, frankly, I wouldn’t have believed it myself if someone had tried to convince me about it half a year ago. It’s certainly a tall order to go directly from writing about police methods that few have even heard about to describing torture methods that in the eyes of many verge on sci-fi. I expect few people will be convinced after a first read. But I want to make sure that this particular aspect of the operation against me is on the record, because it is the most inhumane of all the elements involved in my case. Consider the possibility that important findings aren’t always recognisable as such at first fight. Victims of torture are often not vindicated until long after the crimes have taken place. I have a troubling suspicion that what I am being exposed to will be used more frequently against enemies of the state in the future, not least since I have recently been able to connect it to general trends in the development of non-lethal weapons by law enforcement agencies in the United States and elsewhere.

So, one morning in Maasdam in June this year, I realised something had changed. Instead of the usual roars of car engines from the garage far down below, there were vibrations in my bed. I thought it was accidental or just some kind of weird hallucination on my part, but I got more worried when it resumed the next night when I went to sleep. I then tried to move my bed to different parts of the house, but to no avail. I changed from one bed to another. No luck. Later, the same kind of vibration appeared in the floors when I sat down to work at the computer.

I then thought I had found a solution by evacuating the flat. But I gradually realised the same vibrations could be reproduced, with different degrees of success, in other houses as well. It even worked outdoors, though with far less impact. The main limitation seemed to be my physical movements. The vibrations did not affect me when I moved a lot around, nor did they seem to produce any appreciable effect in trains or buses.

Many will doubtless say my story is a case of full-blown paranoia. Two counter-arguments have been important to myself in the process of ruling out hallucinations. Firstly, the waves were sufficiently strong that a water in a bottle placed in my bed began making waves, so I was able to record it on camera. Probably not enough proof to win a court case, but sufficient to convince myself that I was not mad. Secondly, from the day they began the new regime, my tormentors suddenly stopped making noise with cars in the garage at night. Would it not be remarkable that they should stop so suddenly after having performed the same kind of nightly ritual in the garage for several months?

I’ll first try to describe this latest phenomenon in more detail, and then link it to known advances in unconventional “crowd control” technologies over the past decade, including controversial directed energy weapons that have been spearheaded by the United States.

The device they are using is best described as a low-intensity Taser or an electronic, wireless goad stick. It can produce throbbing, pulsating vibrations (typically 4-5 per second) whenever my body touches surfaces, including when I stand, sit or lie down. It can be used at great distance (probably more than 500 meters) and continuously for several hours. It seems to have its greatest effect when delivered from a room straight above me. In hotels, the police always insist that they get a room on top of where I am staying. In fact, since I began travelling again in July, they have consistently been in the room above me almost every single night. But the device does not depend on such proximity in order to work. It can work indoors without any kind of technical preparations, even if I do a walk-in hotel booking directly at the reception. In this kind of situation no one will have been able to visit my assigned room in advance for technical preparations, and yet only minutes after I have entered the device will work to some extent.

When the device is used from close range, it is often accompanied by noises of metal and material expansion in the building structure (similar to what some buildings produce when exposed to extreme sunlight). The primary limitation in the reach of the device seems to occur when I am on the move. Once I stop moving around, it usually takes at least 15 to 20 seconds before the device becomes effective again. Back in the Netherlands, whenever I sat in a train, my tormentors seemed to be able to operate the device when the train was standing still at stations, but it appeared to lose its grip once the train sped out of the station.

The vibrating sensation itself is not particularly dramatic, perhaps not more than the vibration one can sometimes feel in the floor when standing in front of a sink with water running at maximum power. The effect on the body ranges from mild to severe. There is always limited irritation from the constant vibrations when the device is on. There is sometimes visible static electricity in body hairs and a feeling of mild electrocution (similar to electrodes used in muscle therapy), often with a tingling and prickly sensation in the legs. And there are occasional straightforward electrical shocks and jolts which produce pain and involuntary muscle spasms. The vibrations target primarily the legs and the lower abdomen, although involuntary muscle contractions sometimes reach further up.

Because of two chronic health problems, the physical effect of the mistreatment is worse than the irritation itself. I have both ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) and a chronic fissure, the latter being the result of dehydration and concomitant constipation I suffered after severe sleep deprivation resulting from police harassment in Oslo in February 2011. Both those chronic conditions are aggravated by high muscle tension in the abdominal region. Another effect of the police’s device is numbness in the legs. Lately I have had more persistent cramps in the legs, as well as flank pain and cramps affecting the bowels. These are of course extremely general symptoms, unlikely to be of much help in any medical workup. But if something happens to me, assume foul play. It is not PhDs in medicine that are operating these devices, and since the devices are clearly unconventional, it means I have the questionable privilege of being on the cutting edge of their “researches”, long before any risks relating to long term health issues have been determined by scientists. The fact that different torturers use different force levels indicate that there is no standardised parameters for operating the device. Since June, they have used the device for hours every single day and always at night.

Given the remarkable precision of the device and their ability to use it even in rooms where I am confident they have not pre-installed any kind of CCTV, I have considered the admittedly rather wild possibility that I may have been injected with some kind of substance that can be used as a beacon. A few weeks before the problems started, I had a double injection of Botox to treat my fissure problem (a standard alternative to intestinal surgery). It was administered by a doctor whom i did not fully trust: When I shut off my cellphone to avoid getting disturbed when he operated the syringe, he chuckled and said, “you are not going to take any pictures, are you…” Wasn’t it rather odd of him to emphasise the photography dimension of the phone (the reason for my conflict with the police) rather than its telephonic aspects? Theoretically, then, the doctor could have cooperated with the police and injected something else, although I have no proof whatsoever of this.

I assume the vibrating phenomenon can be of electro-magnetic origin. So far, I have not had the possibility to experiment with electro-magnetic meters and Faraday cages in order to provide technically relevant observations. Generally speaking, though, most of what I have experienced is consonant with developments in so-called non-lethal weapons technology in general and directed energy weapons in particular. Conceptually, there appears to be a particularly close link to a device known as the Silent Guardian, developed by the Raytheon company in the USA over the past decade as a commercial and portable variant of “active denial systems” used by the US army. In particular, there is a close fit with the basic “prod” principle used for these weapons: The objective is to chase the target around through the infliction of moderate pain in the upper layers of the skin with the intention to force them to flee rather than to kill or cause permanent damage. These weapons are openly promoted by the US government, with the proud assertion that they do not discriminate with reference to sex, gender or race trumpeted as a sign of their supremely democratic and humane virtues at the Non-Lethal Weapons Programme website.

At the same time, some of the capabilities of the device used against me, including the ability to penetrate thick building walls with considerable precision, indicate a more advanced device than the handheld directed energy weapons described in the literature so far (which are based on millimeter waves). Another difference with the Silent Guardian and active denial systems generally concerns the level of heat. In the case of those weapons, intense heat is normally described as part of the pain experienced by the victim. In my case, the thermal effects are not as prominent. This makes me think about an area of non-lethal weapons technology about which there is very little information in the public domain: Experiments to use microwave power to produce non-thermal effects, including muscular impact. Although detailed information is lacking, it is clear that for almost a decade, academics in the United States have conducted research on these areas for the specific purpose of creating a microwave weapon for the US army that can control muscular contractions at far longer ranges than the Taser. Among the researchers who stand out for their involvement in this project are Indira Chatterjee and Gale Craviso from an interdisciplinary group in Nevada, who have consistently received funding for such Mengele-evoking projects from the Pentagon over the last 10 years (and who have consistently trumpeted the alleged contributions to medical science of those projects).

Chatterjee & Craviso: Leading scientists from Nevada involved in non-lethal weapons development

In this context, it makes sense to add some remarks on a separate genre on the internet that I came across around a year ago: “Targeted individuals” and gangstalking. The victims described in those accounts show some similarities to the stalking that I am describing. To be honest, I have been sceptical about much (if not all) of what is written about targeted individuals. Most accounts are anonymous. Few targets seem prepared to admit an existing conflict with the police or the government, and many resort to general conspiracy theories instead. Targeted individuals websites tend to be of the old, static category, and it is often difficult to catch a glimpse of the individuals behind them. My preliminary conclusion has been that “targeted individuals” as a genre is probably a combination of many things – including real victims of police stalking who may feel attracted by the master narrative offered by the gangstalking genre, but also general internet hype as well as people seeking to discredit the experiences of real stalking victims.

Previously I always dismissed right out of hand gangstalking accounts whenever they entered into the territory of “micro-wave torture”. Then, this latest development in my own situation, where I come across something which I myself emphatically ridiculed only a year ago! The important point here is to point out that directed energy weapons is not sci-fi. In particular, the works of Neil Davison of the International Red Cross stand out as a prudent and objective description of this latest and worrisome turn in unconventional weapon technologies. Using among other things research proposals as a source, Davison demonstrates how law enforcement agencies, in particular in the United States, cooperate closely with the weapons industry precisely in the search for prod-like weapons for crowd control purposes. With respect to the targeted individuals genre and some of its more fantastic claims, could it be that interested parties have deliberately added some sci-fi elements like UFOs and mind control to the electronic harassment genre precisely in order to discredit real victims? The only thing we know for sure is that directed energy weapons are real, and we can safely assume that only a fraction of the relevant information is in the public domain.

Finally, there are some interesting international dimensions to the use of the prod-like device in my case. It began in the Netherlands, where the police may already have some kind of active denial capability on the US pattern. The device was subsequently used in Taiwan and Japan, probably with the consent of the local police since it was used even in sensitive areas like airports, even a short time after I had landed. The greatest shock to me was that the device is still being used where I am now, in a country in the Asia-Pacific with excellent democratic credentials and where the people have resisted several attempted US impositions, notably in the fields of military cooperation and nuclear technology. At first I speculated that the device was being operated by foreign police officers without the knowledge of the local police. However, given the extensive use of it, I am increasingly convinced that local authorities know about it and have approved it. It would mean yet another case of “NYPDfication” whereby inhumane American technology and policing methods intended to instill fear are spreading globally with zero accountability and democratic oversight.

One thing I can’t help wondering about is what would happen if I travelled to a non-democratic country like China. A quick look at descriptions of what Chinese dissidents are going through make it clear that police stalking goes on there too. But the methods Chinese authorities use seem stone age compared to what is being used against me. The Chinese police would probably love to get their hands on this new technology! But would the Dutch and Norwegians and any others cooperating with them be prepared to go along with that?

For now, I am doing my best to survive. At first I thought the device was so scandalously illegal that it was just some kind of nuclear option the Dutch were using to finally evict me from the country and get rid of me once and for all. Accordingly, during my last days in the Netherlands, I would sometimes stay up at night instead of going to bed, just focusing on getting practical things done ahead of my departure. However, when they continued to use the device abroad, I realised that it was not realistic to get away from it anyway. I was doing more harm to myself by cutting down on sleep. If the device permanently damages me or kills me, at least I will have done my part by informing about it. I see that as a duty. Given the effectiveness of the device, I have a sorry feeling this an instrument enemies of the state across the globe will learn more about it in the future.

If you haven’t read the background to my case, you can find more information via this link.


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