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Three articles by Andrea Giotti

1. Prohibited Technology.

An article by Andrea Giotti, 12 August 2011.

Adapted and translated by Rudy Andria with the author’s permission.

The subject-matter of mind control of single individuals from unspecified agencies is often the object

of skepticism from the general public, in so far as official science only takes into consideration the

somewhat limited manipulation techniques such as hypnosis, subliminal messages and so on.

Moreover, it is well-known that the last century history had several secret projects, at least at the time

they were created, which account for the constant interest on this topic from major governments and

their secret services.

A case in point is the particularly well-known CIA MKULTRA Project but the Soviets also carried out

several experiments in this regard and there is no secret service in the world which does not know how

to recognize or worse, how to cause a psychological block to a troublesome witness. The results of the

experiments conducted within the framework of such projects have almost never been made known to

the general public in their entirety, as the mind control technique that enables their development is a

terrible weapon against individual freedom and a person who owns one wants to keep its monopoly.

“Brain washing”, the creation of “Manchurian candidates” and such like are not topics meant to appear

in the texts of psychology or in newspaper articles. Nevertheless, they can be terribly real and arouse

legitimate suspicions in the minds of those who are asking questions on the disturbing facts of recent

history, like the murder of President Kennedy, or news items like the last mass massacres perpetrated

by alleged unbalanced people in the world.

Writing about these topics is to some extent difficult, because the sources are often doubtful, witnesses

are reluctant or unreliable and the few documents available are full of omissions. As difficult as it may

be, it is also legitimate to try to inform the public about the possibility that similar techniques are

commonly used, without revealing the details that make it possible to implement these techniques but

revealing enough to allow people to recognize them and, where possible, to defend against them.

Quoting sources within the structures that are more familiar with them, namely the secret services, is

virtually impossible without incurring unpleasant incidents. However, I was able to directly experience

the most sophisticated of these techniques. Thus, on the basis of this experience, I have written this

article. To report is not to prove and as a matter of fact, there is no mention of the documentary

evidence of what is reported below. In any case, a similar piece of information is worth something,

since it may raise doubts in broader minds and prepare the readers to face, in a more conscious and less

passive way, the new order which is taking shape in the world.

“Mind reading” was also the object of much research in both civilian and military spheres, over the past

century, especially with the Soviets. Such research has always been unsuccessful, until the new

millennium. However, for at least a decade, the so-called “artificial telepathy” was secretly developed

by the NSA or other U.S. government agencies. This is a technology that remotely allows a two-way

communication between a suitable device, controlled by an operator, and human brain. It also allows a

connection interface with all the human nervous system, from considerable distances via protections of

different types. This is possible, perhaps through a satellite-network which can provide global

coverage. Given an initial analysis, it does not seem that there are technological protections, able to

protect the targeted victim. An even more disturbing detail is this technology being also used to torture

and kill individuals remotely, without a trace.

Readers with scientific background will remain extremely perplexed in the face of such progress. It is

therefore appropriate to specify immediately that such technology is based on some radical

developments, both in the field of physics and in that of neuroscience, which seem incredible to official

science and common sense. Writing and especially reading cortical currents at a distance, and also

interpreting them in terms of words and images, appears as an achievement so far advanced from the

commonly recognized state of the art, yes, so far advanced as to amaze any industry expert. However,

the goal has been achieved. This most likely occurred through the discovery of a new carrier for

physical interaction of wave or particle beams unknown or already known but not officially used for

practical purposes. This interaction carrier has characteristics of greater distance, penetration and

precision never seen before. With this, it was then possible to investigate in detail the functioning of

human brain.

Like any real technology, fortunately enough, it also has some important limitations. Above all, it does

not directly target the victim’s thoughts nor does it control body movements, but it only interferes with

both, mainly through psychological manipulation, sleep deprivation and pain induction. The operator

who controls the device can project his voice in the mind of the victim to manipulate him/her and to

induce him or her to have a Manchurian candidate-like behaviour, but the manipulation techniques used

are generally traditional and it is possible to oppose against them the same resistance that would be

opposed to a flesh-and-blood interlocutor. Moreover, mind reading is limited to verbal or “superficial”

thoughts, namely, what we express through words. It is also limited to a few non-verbal or “deep”

thoughts and to the mental images that we visualize. However, most non-verbal thoughts and memories

stored in our brains apparently, cannot be accessed yet from the outside or not yet decipherable through


The physical effects that the operator can cause to the victim range between the projection of false

sensory inputs of visual, auditory and tactile nature to the interference directed into the neurovegetative

system with high probability of death, due to cardiac or respiratory arrest, for example. False sensory

inputs can, with relative ease, be identified as disturbances and are consequently ignored.

This technology is used today to constantly monitor specific key figures in the political, scientific,

military and media world, as well as to perform covert psychological operations, wherever it is needed.

It puts in a state of submission those who become aware of similar reality. For example, blackmailing

them through reading their thoughts. Opponents are then forced into a program of social, psychological

and finally physical discredit and destruction which typically ends with inducing the victim to suicide,

with a fatal accident caused artificially or with a natural-looking death . From the outside, they simply

appear as cases of insanity, since in psychiatry, the mere perception of a voice is considered a sufficient

symptom for specific diagnosis. The goal, needless to say, is to impose an absolute domination of the

world. But sometimes, unlike what happened at the time of Hitler or Stalin, there is a way to reach it

through a devious and sneaky global coup, unbeknownst to the general public. The agency which holds

the monopoly of this instrument does not wish others to develop another one, even with very little

similarity. It is then very likely that the figures who are in a position to do it, particularly scientists,

would face the same type of opponents, with all those who are able to oppose some more traditional

forms of resistance like nuclear retaliation in case of war.

Before putting the blame on the U.S. President, however, it is appropriate to remember that this

technology provides the person who directly handles it a power which is big enough to enable him to

break free from the control of any higher authority. So even the politicians, scientists, soldiers and

journalists in the United States are not spared by the treatment described above. Without going into

details which would require many more pages of writing, it should be noted that the story of the attack

on the Twin Towers and various other facts of the Italian and international chronicles may need to be

rewritten in the light of the existence of this “prohibited technology”. My opinion is that the power

which this technology confers on humanity is so huge as to inevitably corrupt whoever owns it and thus

drag the future world into chaos.

2. Reverse engineering of a remote mind control system.

An article by Andrea Giotti, 16 March 2012.

Adapted and translated by Rudy Andria with the author’s permission.

However much mind control technologies could be the fruit of years of secret research and

consequently, turn out to be prohibited for the common man, proving its existence ends up becoming

almost a moral duty to those who are aware of it. Therefore, a methodological error is not held

responsible, if the study from which the present article originates, is based on data collected from not

reproducible personal experiences, and correlated with each other in the light of a literature which is

not universally recognized.

In particular, the existence of “artificial telepathy” requires a scientific explanation, by each and every

broader mind. And an erroneous explanation is better than no explanation at all. At worst, this study can

be considered an illustrative example of the device described in the article “Prohibited Technology”,

but at best, it is the technology itself that is partially revealed here, thanks to the patient work of reverse


To sum it up, some significant progress in the field of physics is a prerequisite for a more in-depth

understanding of the mind, which is in turn, required to implement “artificial telepathy” in its current

form. From the evil psychology of “black ops” then comes the use of “artificial telepathy” as a remote

mind control means.

The current working hypothesis is that the technological support of “artificial telepathy” is a satellite

man-machine interface, a hypothesis which is formulated after testing a wide geographical coverage of

the phenomenon. Its nature is not paranormal but stems from the control of a new carrier of physical

interaction, on which a further assumption is made. Other hypotheses, more appropriate to explain the

phenomenon are likely to follow and this article is to be considered only as a first attempt to dispel the

fog that surrounds it.

The structural and functional analysis of the available information has produced a framework that can

be summarized in the following diagram.

Slave Minds.pdf Slave Minds.pdf
339K ViewDownload

Italian English

Operatori Operators

Bersaglio Target

Interfaccia Interface

Sottosistemi Subsystems

Visione esterna External vision/view

Inseguimento Tracking

Pensieri verbali Verbal thoughts

Pensieri primitivi Primitive thoughts

Immagini mentali Mental images

Vista View

Udito Hearing

Tatto Touch

Stato neuromuscolare Neuromuscular state

Stato neurovegetativo Neurovegetative state

Dolore e piacere Pain and pleasure

Emozioni Emotions

Neuroimaging Neuroimaging

Neurostimolazione Neurostimulation

Onde EM Electromagnetic waves

Muoni Muons

Neutrini Neutrinos

Atomi muonici Muonic atoms

The operators that control the “telepathic” communication channel in real time, are lying on the ground

behind a traditional interface similar to the one shown above. The blue modules are meant for reading,

and the red ones for writing. These modules rely on other subsystems distributed along a satellite

network and the individual satellites are connected to the control station via conventional

communication channels, with electromagnetic waves as the carrier of the signals. In turn, the network

is interfaced with the target’s neural currents through a new carrier of physical interaction made up of

known particles, but not yet formally exploited for practical purposes.

The brain and nervous system of the target can thus be reached for reading and writing by the

operators, which can be based on the reading results and so, apply to writing a strategy of

psychological control of the target. This satellite man-machine interface is thus classified as a weapon

system, which violates the most basic human rights, as described in the article “Ten reasons to fight the

New World Order.”

A transcoding process makes representations of signals corresponding to the target’s thoughts, his

sensory data and his global neural state available to operators, by filtering the results of neuroimaging.

The reverse process allows them to interfere with most of these signals by steering a neurostimulation.

The corresponding two subsystems respectively carry out the remote reading and writing of the neural

current . The actual capacity of the transcoding process depends on the interface module concerned, but

typically, reading appears to be more advanced than writing.

The interface modules listed in the diagram represent an underestimation of those present and were

derived from the data collected, and also through tests on the “telepathic” channel. The system also

allows for a remote external viewing of the target, and also tracking, with the sub-systems, which are

fed back due to the active nature of the reading process. This allows the “telepathic” channel to also

work in a non-consensual way, with the fleeing or safely locked in target.

To describe the interface between the satellite network and the target, it is necessary to make an

assumption, called “lepton”, on the new physical interaction carrier. With this assumption,

neurostimulation is performed through a satellite, which produces muons and projects them into a beam

concentrated on the target, which causes the formation of muonic atoms in neurons. These atoms

interfere with the normal electrochemical activity of the nerve impulses, to the point of allowing the

superimposition of an external signal with the proper modulation.

Due to the muon decay linked to muonic atoms, the target also produces some widely spread emission

of neutrinos detected by other satellites. The respective measurements of neutrino fluxes are compared,

so as to allow either a neuroimaging of the target or his external viewing, which, in turn, is used to

target the area of interest and allow tracking through the muon beam. The choice of these particular

leptons is based on the data collected, especially in relation to the ability of the “telepathic” signal to

penetrate passive defenses, and the fact that through it, one can imagine a process of active reading,

which is theoretically working.

By combining the reading of the target’s verbal thoughts with the writing of a voice on his hearing, it is

possible to achieve “telepathic” bidirectional communication between the operators and the target.

Unfortunately, these operators are psychologists-manipulators and the established relationship

reinforced by other forms of non-consensual neurostimulation shown in the diagram allows to complete

the picture of a genuine system of remote mind control based on “artificial telepathy”.

Should lepton hypotheses prove to be unfounded, the framework of the system described would, in any

case, remain the first independent technical analysis of a remote mind control system. At present, the

data available do not allow for the formulation of new hypotheses about the remote mind control

system in use.

Author’s Note:

In-depth studies and further experiments on the subject-matter of the article have led to a revision of

the lepton hypothesis, which covers solely the neutrinos as a carrier of interaction. The absence of

delays perceptible during a “telepathic” communication and the ability of the system tracking a target

that moves at the speed of an air line without interrupting the communication itself, suggest the

existence of a feedback loop consisting of all particles moving at the speed of light. Moreover, the

continuing “telepatic” communication even under ground, sheltered from the mass of a whole

mountain, testifies the extreme penetration capacity of the carrier in question that is well combined

with the properties of neutrinos themselves. Finally, it has been verified that very intense magnetic

fields do not deflect the particles of the carrier, which are thus electrically neutral. A more thorough

discussion is made problematical by the fact that the experimental properties of a neutrino beam of an

intensity which is sufficient enough to implement a system of neuroimaging and neurostimulation are


3. Ten reasons to fight the New World Order.

An article by Andrea Giotti, 19 October 2011.

Adapted and translated by Rudy Andria with the author’s permission.

The mere existence of “artificial telepathy”, that is, a new technology that can read and interpret the

electrical activity of the human brain in terms of words and images from a significant distance, is

sufficient to outline a disturbing scenario for the future of the whole humanity. The fact that this same

technology can also be used to interfere with the functioning of the human nervous system for

manipulation, torture or elimination purposes, without any defense possibility and without leaving

visible traces, makes this scenario even tragic for all those who care for even just the most basic of

human rights. The fact that this technology is now commonly used by the NSA or any other U.S.

government agency for covert psychological operations all over the world, regardless of any actual

political control and outside any ethical or legal constraints, changes this scenario from a future

possibility into a present terrible reality.

If the development of a new carrier of physical interaction, on which this technology seems to be

based, can meet the general criteria under which you are designing a new secret weapon, why apply it

to the reading and writing of human brain’s cortical currents? Which design hides such an obviously

wicked choice? Which political culture, or lack thereof, characterizes the executives who have the use

of it anywhere on the planet? In order to attempt an answer to these questions it is appropriate to

examine the impact that this technology will have on the future world.

A first effect of the existence of this technology is the partial destruction of anyone’s freedom of

thought. In fact, if even only some of the most secret thoughts of every human being become accessible

from the outside, it is no longer only their expression which is to be subject to control and possible

repression but directly its deep origin. For the first time in history, the “master’s voice” eventually

replaces that of the inner consciousness to influence its own choices. In this context, a very effective

censorship may prevent the emergence of any form of dissent against the new order which is trying to

impose itself. It is furthermore noted that freedom of thought is the basis of any other personal freedom

and that undermining it even partially means making man a slave from the outset.

A second effect of the existence of this technology is the complete destruction of anyone’s privacy,

resulting in blackmail of any public figure. None of them lives a completely transparent life and the

inevitable gap between the public and private aspects of all life becomes fully exploited by those who

hold the monopoly of such a technology. Each individual activity, including sex, is then carried out

under the constant threat of being in the spotlight and no secrets can no longer be protected, even those

of the state. The new world that is emerging on the horizon, will therefore also requires the creation of

a new morality, more pragmatic and less hypocritical in judging one’s neighbour’s vices and the guilts

of the past.

A third effect of the existence of this technology is the complete destruction of anyone’s safety. If you

can be quietly eliminated in your bed, without any medical examination to rule out the possibility of a

natural death, no one is no longer safe. From this point of view, bodyguards, presidential planes, fallout

shelters do not guarantee to the most powerful ones among human beings more than what is guaranteed

to the last of the last citizens. So you do not see how such a framework can be compatible with the

protection of the internal security of any nation or how it is possible to provide guarantees in respect

even to those who should supervise the use of such a technology in a less than direct manner.

A fourth effect of the existence of this technology is the partial destruction of mutual trust among

human beings. Mental voices and physical torture may in fact be used to transform the targeted victim

into a kind of “Manchurian candidate”, without the need to meet him or her in person even once. For

example, if a relative or a neighbour with not too strong a personality can be psychologically

manipulated in such a subtle way, perhaps to gradually get a psychopath murderer acting on

commission, which mutual trust can then still exist among human beings?

A fifth effect of the existence of this technology is the partial destruction of the bases on which our

juridical system is built, since the crimes committed through these new tools are neither demonstrable

nor prosecutable on the state of the facts. With which psychiatric skills will a victim of terrible

oppressions be able to be distinguished from a madman or which postmortem procedures will be able

to be used, in front of an apparently natural death, to rule out a homicide in the future world? Those

responsible thus seem to enjoy total impunity and ultimately be above every law.

A sixth effect of the existence of this technology is the partial destruction of the freedom of scientific

research, given that reproducing the results achieved by the Americans in this field would mean undermining their

strategic advantage and probably triggering a war. In the picture that has been outlined, nobody can be

allowed even a full comprehension of the physical and neurological bases on which such a technology

relies, since they might be used to design a detector or even a defense device, and the scientists who do

research for correlated issues remain figures with very high risk.

A seventh effect of the existence of this technology is the complete destruction of the very concept of

national sovereignty, as no frontier can hinder the new carrier of physical interaction that likely acts as

the basis for this application. Heads of state, ministers and parliamentarians from around the world will

not, of course, have more immunity than their American colleagues, nor will the military or intelligence

officers responsible for protecting the institutions represented by the first be in a better position. A

world finally united, but in whose hands?

An eighth effect of the existence of this technology is the complete destruction of the supervisory

mechanism based on popular consensus that, although with great difficulty, characterizes democratic

states. The mere fact that the owners of this new power are completely hidden and rigidly framed in a

top-down hierarchy, detached from effective political control, makes them substantially unaccountable

to public opinion. This is not the first time that this has happened in history, but for the first time the

entire planet is likely to be run by a kind of technocratic elite with unconstrained mandate.

A ninth effect of the existence of this technology is the complete destruction of the principle of

citizenship, which is gradually replaced by that of subjection. The culture of the leaders of the structure

that manages this new weapon seems to be based on the dual concepts of domination / submission,

rather than on the distinction between allies and adversaries, and cannot conceive the negotiation as a

tool for the resolution of disputes. The goal that arises is in fact that of an absolute control over our


A tenth effect of the existence of this technology is the possible end of the world that we know, because

despite the huge power it confers and its maximum secrecy, its use in order to impose an absolute

dominance on the world is somewhat unrealistic. Russia and China, and not to forget Europe, will not

just stand idly by and watch and a possible future scenario is that of a nuclear holocaust when the

leaders of one of these nations had to be silently eliminated “for national security reasons”.

Someone in the United States has uncovered the Pandora’s Box and places on all free men the

responsibility of putting the cover back in its place, if this is still possible. It is urgent that the U.S.

President officially announces to the world the existence of this new technology and that he commits

himself to a unilateral moratorium on its use, both on U.S. soil and in the rest of the world.

Negotiations are then necessary at the highest level between the major powers to extend the

moratorium to the development of similar technologies by any other people and the establishment of an

international agency responsible for ensuring the compliance with such a moratorium.

From its part, public opinion can claim to know the truth, protest, show civil disobedience and exploit

the power of information to prevent this process of progressive emptying of our institutions from

passing in silence.

All this is necessary, but it might not be quite sufficient to prevent further scientific developments from

drawing a future in which each personal freedom ends up being suppressed by even more capillary

mass mind control techniques. As substantially self-referential the power that holds today’s technology

is bound to an involution that will lead to paranoia and is likely doomed to collapse, torn to pieces by

internal fights, but with the risk nevertheless of leaving behind the ruins of a world.


Andrea Giotti has a Bachelor’s degree in information engineering from Florence

University. He also holds a Ph.D. in information and telecommunications engineering

from the same university and the specialization diploma for the teaching of mathematics

in Italian high schools from the universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena. In the meantime

he has carried out several activities, among which software development for design as an

analyst programmer. He currently serves as a teacher in an Italian high school in the province of

Pistoia. He has several interests, among which scientific literature, cinema and songwriters’ songs.

His e-mail address is,

and his Facebook page is

For further search and discussions you may consult the Facebook discussion group:

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  1. Credo che occorre fare tutto il possibile per restituire libertà e dignità a persone spesso non credute o inconsapevoli di subire questi trattamenti aberranti che violano l’etica profonda della vita. E’ un’esperienza di una violenza assoluta, un inferno che lascia una ferita insanabile..

    Vania Galassi

    July 6, 2014 at 22:22

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