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Techniques to Discredit

Sutton and Wood warned, “Anyone in the U.S. who promotes unwelcome news for the elite receives some unwelcome attention in return.” This attention includes the use of experts, mainstream media, and anti-hate organizations, for well-coordinated character assassination.(*) According to author Perloff, a document released by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, on September 23, 1956 entitled, Propaganda and the Alert Citizen outlined the tactics reportedly used by the Establishment to discredit opposition.

Quoting from this document, Perloff wrote, “The tactic used had a prototype in a directive issued by the Communist Party… It read: When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups, as Fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of anti-Fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. … In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.”

“Because the Establishment controls the media,” wrote Allen, “anyone exposing the Insiders will be the recipient of a continuous fusillade of [criticism] … from newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. In this manner one is threatened with the loss of ‘social respectability’ if he dares broach the idea that there is organization behind any of the problems currently wrecking America.”

“Smear tactics” from “left and right” are “standard operating procedure,” explained Sutton and Wood. Even if you don’t believe in the phony left/right political spectrum and have no political affiliation, you may be assigned one. Then the financial elite can use the opposite political party expressed in the mainstream news for character assassination. These labels, describe Sutton and Wood, “divert attention from responsible reasoned criticism with no attachment to a synthetic political spectrum.”

“If you assemble the evidence, carefully present your proofs, and try to expose these power seekers, the Establishment’s mass media will accuse you of being a dangerous paranoid who is–dividing–our people,” Allen said. In his book, With No Apologies, Senator Goldwater describes being on the receiving end of the Establishment’s “professional scandalmongers.” Apparently, because he was not controlled by the Establishment, the New York Times and New York Herald Tribune were used to discredit him during his campaigns.

Perloff wrote, “Barry Goldwater was the Republican nominee and, as such, was the first GOP Presidential candidate in decades it [the CFR] had not controlled. Indeed, Goldwater represented nearly everything the Establishment was against. For that reason, the mass media was arrayed against him, and he was falsely characterized as a fanatic who would start a nuclear war and snatch social security checks from the elderly.”

Investigations into Crimes and Practices of the Financial Elite are Thwarted–Witnesses Discredited

DeCamp explained that during his investigation of a child prostitution ring involving Satanism which lead to Washington D.C., that “Articles began to appear in the Omaha World-Herald, aimed to discredit the witnesses and intimidate any other potential child victim-witnesses from testifying.” He cites some examples including the World-Herald’s charge that it was a “hoax based on rumor.” Editorial attacks ensued with titles such as, Grand Jury Did Its Job; The Insults Are Intolerable, and Schmit Panel Can’t Duck its Responsibility in Hoax.

The front page of the Omaha World-Herald on July 25, 1990 ran the headline, Grand Jury Says Abuse Stories Were a Carefully Crafted Hoax. And an article entitled, Former Legislator’s Angry Memo Turns Sober Nebraska on its Ear, which appeared in the March 17, 1990 edition of the Kansas City Star, stated that the memo was, spawning swirls of gossip. The same article described that the accusations against these prominent people was like “insulting God.” Compare these attacks to the criticism General Butler received by the mainstream news after exposing the plot by Wall Street to overthrow the U.S. Government, or the harassment the Reece Committee received when investigating the Tax-exempt Foundations.

One of the most damaging dirty tricks used against DeCamp was an anonymous complaint from a concerned citizen, which was logged with the Department of Social Services, stating that he and his wife were abusing their daughter. This tactic was apparently used to stop his investigation and knock him out of the senate race. The cover-up of a similar event occurred in Minnesota, where prosecutor Kathleen Morris came under savage attack from the media when investigating a child sex ring that was apparently linked to the financial elite. After experiencing considerable pressure, Morris relinquished the investigation to Attorney General Hubert Humphrey Jr. Humphrey soon closed the case due to insufficient evidence.

When the elite are linked to these types of crimes, evidence become missing, leads are not followed, people are discredited, jailed, disappear, or have accidents. These occasional leaks are part of a steady stream of corruption that only occasionally surfaces in the mainstream news. The discrediting and harassment tactics used during these cover-ups can happen anywhere the elite need to eliminate exposure to their activities. DeCamp calls it an “international organized crime syndicate, engaged in pedophilia, pornography, satanism, drugs, and money-laundering,” which is “protected … by federal authorities.”

William H. Kennedy describes an organized kidnapping ring in Belgium linked to the financial elite, in his book Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium. Using mainstream news, Kennedy explains that during these investigations, the police were consistently incompetent, made frequent mistakes, and failed to follow leads. These seemingly deliberate acts resulted in further deaths and kidnappings. The presiding judge, Jean-Marc Connerotte, secured the arrest of suspect Marc Dutroux. Dutroux escaped from prison once and was poised for a second escape before he was found with a handcuff key.

According to Kennedy, Dutroux provided kidnapped girls to a Satanic cult which included members of the Bilderbergers. Judge Connerotte required a bulletproof vehicle and armed guards after learning that a contract had been taken out on his life. He was eventually dismissed from the bench. The removal of Connerotte, and the cover-up, triggered a peace march by 300,000 outraged Belgians who demanded reform of the political and judicial system.

The Hidden Evil is Beyond a Congressional Investigation

Similar tactics were used during the investigation of the Tax-exempt Foundations and their Think Tank interlocks during the Reece Committee hearings. Wormser described the violence of the attacks against the committee as “amazing.” The Reece Committee itself observed that because the Tax-exempt Foundations and Think Tanks control the mainstream news and the government, that they were unable to conduct their investigation.

The committee stated specifically, “The far-reaching power of the large foundations and of the interlock has so influenced the press, the radio, and even the government that it has become extremely difficult for objective criticism of foundation practices to get into news channels without having first been distorted, slanted, discredited, and at times ridiculed.”

In his book, How the World Really Works, Alan B. Jones considers the account of another Reece Committee insider, Norman Dodd, the Research Director. Dodd attests that death threats, harassment of witnesses, stalking, surveillance, blackmail, and framings were the real reasons the trials were discontinued.

The Reece Committee declared, “The pressure against Congressional investigation has been almost incredible. As indicated by their arrogance in dealing with this Committee, the major foundations and their associated intermediary organizations have intrenched (sic) themselves behind a totality of power which presumes to place them beyond serious criticism and attack.” Smoot commented, “As we have seen, two different committees of Congress–one Democrat-controlled and one Republican-controlled–have tried to investigate the … tax-exempt foundations which are interlocked with, and controlled by, and provide the primary source of revenue for, the Council on Foreign Relations and its affiliates.”

Smoot continues, “Both committees were gutted with ridicule and vicious denunciation … by internationalists in the Congress, by spokesmen for the executive branch of government, and by big respected publishing and broadcasting firms which are a part of the controlled propaganda network of the Council on Foreign Relations.” So according to the results of a congressional investigation, the Tax-exempt Foundations and Think Tanks are beyond investigation.

There was another attempt to investigate the Think Tanks by Congressman Larry McDonald. “In 1980, the American Legion national convention passed Resolution 773, which called for a congressional investigation of the Trilateral Commission and its predecessor, the Council on Foreign Relations,” wrote author Marrs. “The following year,” proclaimed Marrs “a similar resolution was approved by the veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).”

“Congressman Larry McDonald,” continued Marrs, “introduced these resolutions in the House of Representatives but nothing came of it.” Unfortunately Congressman McDonald, who opposed the Establishment, died in a curious incident involving a Russian missile which blew up Korean Airlines 007 on September 1, 1983. The bottom line is simply this: The Establishment will not allow the various organizations which it controls to stop the Hidden Evil.

According to these researchers, some with first-hand experience, anyone who exposes the activities of the elite usually receives an assortment of character assassination from the mainstream media, anti-hate organizations, and official experts. Lawsuits may be filed. An IRS audit may occur. Other tactics are used, such as being threatened, framed, blackmailed, and murdered. Accidents which result in death or injury may be reverse engineered to appear as though they were not planned.(**)

Many of these attacks are tactics within the Hidden Evil. According to the HUAC document, some people are allowed to gain enough momentum until they are in pubic view so they may be smeared by the mainstream media or other organizations under elite control. By this account, it is probably easier for the elite to ruin famous people, because they require no “suitable build-ups.” Anyone who falls into disfavor with the elite can be ruined by these methods.

“The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.”
-Abraham Lincoln

The Dangers of a Congressional Investigation

Congress, in general, is under the absolute control of this mafia. As previously demonstrated, this has been accomplished through years of infiltration, blackmail, intimidation and bribery. The elite, who own the United States, literally, will never allow an investigation into the Hidden Evil. They will never allow the system which they control to stop this.

A congressional investigation may be done for the deliberate purpose of convincing the general population that it does not exist, and to publicly discredit those speaking about it by portraying them as a few paranoid conspiracy theorists. Any investigation into the Hidden Evil by congress or another organization under the control of the Establishment will result in a whitewash.

These whitewashes by congress have unfolded repeatedly. Consider that in addition to the outside attacks, the Reece Committee was also killed from within. This included receiving “palpably inadequate” funding, a reduction in research staff, denial of evidence, and general stonewalling. “Mr. Reece understood, soon after our investigation started, if not before, that we would be met with every obstacle which could be put in our way,” stated Wormser.

Other congressional whitewashes include the Roberts Commission (Pearl Harbor cover-up), and the Kerry Subcommittee (Iran Contra Scandal, Federal Drug Trafficking). The Warren Commission (investigating the death of JFK) is said to have been heavily whitewashed, the 9/11 Commission was a whitewash, and the McCormack-Dickstein Commission was partly a whitewash.(***) Some of these commissions were led by members of the CFR.

The United Nations

If the UN investigated the Hidden Evil it would be a maneuver to whitewash and discredit targets. According to some researchers, the United Nations is a creation of the CFR. The UN would like us to believe that they’re an organization that acts as a non-partisan referee, which reluctantly intervenes in world conflicts for the betterment of all parties concerned. Apparently, the idea is that if enough chaos is caused and the UN is portrayed in a positive manner, then the masses will believe that a world government under the control of the UN is the only hope for world peace.

In a chapter entitled, United Nations and World Government Propaganda, Smoot commented, “All American advocates of supra-national government, or world government, claim their principal motive is to achieve world peace. Yet,” he says, “these are generally the same Americans whose eager interventionism helped push America into two world wars.”

United Nations“By 1945, the Rockefellers were ready,” wrote Allen. “Grandson Nelson was one of the 74 CFR members at the founding meeting of the United Nations in San Francisco.” Perloff added, “Of the American delegates at the founding UN conference in San Francisco, more than forty belonged to the CFR.”

On the left is a March 1947 picture, which shows John D. Rockefeller III presenting UN Secretary General Trygve Lie with an $8.5 million dollar check to purchase land for the UN headquarters. Below it is the founding UN conference on June 15, 1945 in San Francisco.(*1)

“Nelson and his brothers donated the land for the United Nations complex along the East River in New York,” wrote Allen, and added, “possibly because they did not want the new headquarters of their World Government to be more than a short taxi-ride away from their penthouses.”

Author Marrs portrays the UN as, “an outgrowth of the old League of Nations,” which he describes as a failed attempt at, “world government.” “A primary mover of this and subsequent actions to establish a United Nations was John Foster Dulles, who had helped found the Council on Foreign Relations,” wrote Marrs.

Marrs continued, “Considering Dulles and the other CFR members [are] behind the creation of the UN, it is no surprise to find that organization today supervising the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (commonly called the World Bank) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).” Author Alan B. Jones sums up the UN as a front for the banking elites to be used as the core of a political structure for a world government, using the IMF as the world central bank.

“In 1948, the State Department created the U.S. Committee for the UN … as a semi-official organization to propagandize for the UN,” conveyed Smoot. The CFR dominates this committee, he says. He also contends that the UN Charter, which the CFR would like to have the US Constitution replaced with, is essentially a charter for enslavement.

“The ‘world peace’ aspects of the United Nations were emphasized to enlist support of the American public,” wrote Smoot. However, he adds, “the UN Charter really creates a worldwide social, cultural, economic, educational, and political alliance–and commits each member nation to a program of total socialism.”

Project Megiddo

Project Megiddo is described by the FBI as a, “strategic assessment of the potential for domestic terrorism in the United States…” The document was apparently circulated to law enforcement throughout the country in 1999 to help identify domestic terrorist activities spawned by the year 2000 craze. It basically says that anyone who holds, “political beliefs relating to the New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theory,” is “paranoid.” “The challenge to law enforcement,” it states, “is to understand these extremist theories.”

And just what are these paranoid conspiracy theories that the FBI is “educating” law enforcement on? According to the FBI, “The NWO conspiracy theory holds that the United Nations (UN) will lead a military coup against the nations of the world to form a socialist or One World Government.” The FBI lists other groups that a paranoid conspiracy theorist might say are part of this socialist overthrow as: the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission. They add, “Law enforcement officials will probably notice different versions of this theory, depending upon the source.”

They continue, “Law enforcement officers, as well as military personnel, should be aware that the nation’s armed forces have been the subject of a great deal of rumor and paranoia circulating among many militia groups.” They describe these militias as “Patriots,” and “right-wing” groups who, “believe they are being persecuted by the satanic government of the United States.”

It looks like the CFR-controlled FBI laid the groundwork to portray anyone telling the truth as a dangerous paranoid. Megiddo is clearly CFR Damage Control. It seems to be an employment of the tactics contained in the HUAC document that Perloff warned about. Remember? “In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.”

Continuing, they stated, “Use of this term [New World Order] within militia circles became more common after President Bush starting using it to refer to … using international organizations to assist in governing international relations,” and added, “The term One World Government is also used as a synonym for the New World Order.”

According to a document written by Dennis L. Cuddy, PhD, entitled, Chronological History of the New World Order, the term has been used since the mid 30s by a variety of people including multiple members of the CFR such as Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Richard Nixon. It has been mentioned in CFR’s publication Foreign Affairs. H. G. Wells spoke of it, as did Mikhail Gorbachev. It has been used by George H. W. Bush on multiple occasions.

“The term ‘New World Order,'” says Cuddy, “has been used thousands of times … by proponents in high places of federalized world government.” In the last several years it has been used by leaders of a variety of nations who are obviously under the control of the financial elite.

So according to Project Megiddo, the New World Order does exist and is beneficial. However, when we consider the publications of the “international organizations” that are assisting with “governing international relations” that Bush has been a member of, such as the CFR, the TC, and the Bilderbergers, it becomes clear that their intentions are to reduce civil liberties and merge America into a single world government controlled by them. It’s obvious to me that Megiddo is disinformation, used for the purpose of discrediting anyone who is attempting to warn law enforcement about the fate of America.

Speaking of Project Megiddo’s predecessor, Former FBI Senior Special Agent Ted L. Gunderson wrote, “In 1996 the FBI Phoenix Division issued a pamphlet to local and state law enforcement agencies that set forth the profile of various terrorists in the United States. … This profile includes: Defenders of the U.S. constitution against the federal government and the UN (Super Patriots) [and] … anyone who makes references to the United States Constitution…” He warns, “An active Federal Government Disinformation Program … was instituted for the purpose of discrediting … [people] who report the truth about the government.”

Apparently, according to Gunderson, federal agencies release these documents as disinformation for the sole purpose of discrediting people who begin to wake up and tell the truth. I wonder–if we know that these two documents exist, then is it possible that more damaging information has been given to law enforcement to discredit the truth movement?

“Distrust of the government by not thousands but tens of millions of U.S. citizens is confirmed in public opinion surveys,” stated Dr. Alexander in his book, Future War. “Many of these conspiracy theory adherents believe that the government–or some other supranational organization–is attempting to take freedom away from citizens.” As expected, he lists these supranational organizations as, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and the Council on Foreign Relations, and The Order of Free and Accepted Masons.

He continues, “Some of them see non-lethal weapons as tools to facilitate those objectives. They believe that these weapons potentially could be used to enslave them…” “Such systems,” he says, “are usually rumored to be designed and controlled by some unspecified ‘They’ who are the ultimate powerbrokers.” Evidence has already been provided which undeniably proves that the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations have infiltrated the executive branch. I wonder how many of those tens of millions of conspiracy theorists are targeted but don’t know it.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

According to some researchers, one example of an organization that was launched for the sole purpose of discrediting people is the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF). In his book, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness, author Jim Keith refers to the FMSF as a “pseudo-scholarly” front organization, consisting of “a group of psychiatrists whose mission is to prove that cult abuse and mind control are figments of the imagination.”

According to Keith, many of the psychiatrists on the FMSF board have been linked to mind-control experiments and the military. They are called in to court cases to discredit ritual abuse survivors. Author Constantine’s analysis is similar, he proclaims that the FMSF consists of a panel of experts which are used to discredit therapists and victims that come forward with cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and experimentation.

Professor Jennifer J. Freyd explains in her book, Betrayal Trauma, how the FMSF, her colleagues, and the mainstream media attempted to discredit her research into repressed memories. Her mother, Pamela Freyd, a founding member of the FMSF, also participated in the attacks against her credibility.

In their book, Trance Formation of American, Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips arrive at the same conclusion. These and other authors contend that the CIA found it necessary to create this professional organization in order to discredit abuse claims.

Mainstream News is Used to Discredit Targets

Anytime mainstream media addresses an issue like this there is a very real danger of it being an attack. This was clearly the case with The Washington Post’s January 14, 2007 article, entitled, Mind Games, or more appropriately, it should have been called, Word Games.

Catherine Graham, the owner of The Washington Post, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers. The Post and most other mainstream news are controlled by the very elite Think Tanks that I’m alleging are responsible for this covert war against the civilian population.

While I can’t say for sure how this story was arranged, my guess is that representatives from the Post approached some TIs and portrayed themselves to be genuinely interested in covering the issue. Naturally, TIs anxious to get the word out, cooperated. But what resulted was a standard discrediting article. Although it did explain that thousands of people in the NATO countries claim to be targeted, it basically described them as delusional.

Some common tactics to discredit are to portray facts as beliefs, to ignore evidence, and portray people as a haters or paranoids. This article has done all three. They realize that most of their readers won’t research this story for themselves. Also, no websites devoted to this phenomenon were listed so their readers could follow-up.

“The idea of a group of people convinced they are targeted by weapons that can invade their minds has become a cultural joke,” they wrote. Referring to targeted people they stated, “In their esoteric lexicon, ‘gang stalking’ refers to the belief that they are being followed and harassed: by neighbors, strangers or colleagues who are agents for the government.” Notice how they used the word, “belief.”

The article continued, “Gloria Naylor, a renowned African American writer, seems to defy many of the stereotypes of someone who believes in mind control.” Once again, playing games with words. In this case implying that mind-control is just a belief and that projects such as MKULTRA did not take place. This is not a belief, it’s a fact. Later in the article they acknowledged MKULTRA but portrayed it as simply an, “infamous CIA program that involved, in part, slipping LSD to unsuspecting victims.”

No mention was made of the other “parts,” such as the children who were sexually abused, or of the other people who were brutally tortured and had their lives destroyed. This filtering out of information is basically, lying.

They described one TI, probably an informant, who “criticizes what he calls the ‘wacky claims’ of TIs who blame various government agencies or groups of people without any proof.” Of course this torturous program has not been proven in a court of law. And for reasons previously mentioned–it never will be. But there is plenty of evidence that it exists.

The article went on to describe the TI mentioned above (a doctor), who was “hoping to prove that V2K, the technology to send voices into people’s heads, is real.” Once again, playing games with words. As previously demonstrated, mainstream publications announced that V2K was possible in the 70s. Once more, turning a fact into an opinion or belief. They are fully aware that most people either don’t have the time or the inclination to do the research.

Of course no hit story would be complete without the Establishment’s use of official “experts” who assist them in damaging potential witnesses. Regarding MKULTRA, the article quoted from their interview with Dr. John B. Alexander, one of the alleged creators of this program. They wrote, Alexander acknowledged that “there were some abuses that took place,” but added that, on the whole, “I would argue we threw the baby out with the bath water.”

More games with words. First, dismissing MKULTRA as just “some abuses,” leads those who have not studied it (most of their readers) to conclude that there were a few slip-ups in an otherwise beneficial program. Second, implying that it stopped. Funny, Dr. Alexander must know that it continues in its advance form. As I’ve demonstrated, he and his colleagues helped create these weapons on behalf of their CFR handlers, for the “New World Order” which they’ve trumpeted in their articles.

The Post continues citing more “experts.” “Ralph Hoffman, a professor of psychiatry at Yale who has studied auditory hallucinations, regularly sees people who believe the voices are a part of government harassment,” they said. “Not all people who hear voices are schizophrenic, he says, noting that people can hear voices episodically in highly emotional states. … People who think the voices are caused by some external force are rarely dissuaded from their delusional belief, he says.”

Quoting Professor Hoffman, they wrote, “These are highly emotional and gripping experiences that are so compelling for them that ordinary reality seems bland.” There are several assumptions that most readers of this statement will come away with. First, that V2K doesn’t exist. Second, that all people complaining that an available technology is being used to harass them are definitely delusional. Third, that the government has not targeted the civilian population with advanced technology in the past.

Continuing their assault, they stated, “Scott Temple, a professor of psychiatry at Penn State University who has been involved in two recent studies of auditory hallucinations, notes that those who suffer such hallucinations frequently lack insight into their illness. Even among those who do understand they are sick, ‘that awareness comes and goes… People feel overwhelmed, and the delusional interpretations return.'”

So, Professor Temple studied auditory hallucinations, but did he study a technology that can cause them? The article doesn’t say. Once more, the implication is that it doesn’t exist and that all of those complaining about it are delusional.

Remember, doctors are highly complicit in the cover-up of this program. In addition, as previously demonstrated, the elite-owned Tax-exempt Complex provides the grants to these professors to do research projects with pre-determined outcomes. In other words, when the Establishment wants an official “expert” to prove a point, they’ll provide them with grants to carry out a project which they’ve created. These college professors are often owned by the Establishment.

“The very ‘realness’ of the voices is the issue-how do you disbelieve something you perceive as real? That’s precisely what Hoffman, the Yale psychiatrist, points out: So lucid are the voices that the sufferers–regardless of their educational level or self-awareness–are unable to see them as anything but real. ‘One thing I can assure you’ Hoffman says, ‘is that for them, it feels real.'” The people at the Post accomplished their obvious goal. My guess is that this story ran because information was beginning to leak out to the public.


Those who expose the financial elite typically receive character assassination from radio, TV, print media, official “experts,” and “anti-hate” organizations. A combination of framings, murders, “accidents,” and lawsuits may occur. “Educational” material is distributed to law enforcement to help them understand the “paranoid extremists” who believe that multinational corporations are installing a global dictatorship.

* DeCamp stated that the elite used the mainstream news, the Anti Defamation League (ADL), and the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) to discredit him and other witnesses. The Establishment also used the mainstream news and the ADL to discredit the Reece Committee. For examples of this see Foundations: Their Power and Influence, by Rene Wormser. Also see The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot who describes how the Establishment labeled people anti-semitic and racists who investigated the Tax-exempt Foundations under the Cox Committee.
** DeCamp spoke of learning about an impending lawsuit against him which was to be used to destroy him in public view. There were 15 suspicious deaths of potential witnesses surrounding the Franklin case. One included chief investigator Gary Cordori who conveyed to DeCamp that he had evidence that would “blow the story wide open.” Senator Loran Schmit who participated in the investigation received death threats and attempts to ruin him financially. DeCamp also stated that during the investigation multiple witnesses received IRS audits. Sutton and Wood contend that IRS audits are often used to intimidate critics of the Establishment. During Cointelpro the IRS was used for harassment, as described in the book, War At Home, by attorney Brian Glick. See also The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr. for how he was arrested for falsifying his tax returns in retaliation for his nonviolent direct action to affect social change.
*** For the Iran Contra whitewash see the book, Powderburns by Celerino Castillo (former DEA) and Dave Harmon. Also see Cocaine Politics by Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall. For the Reece Committee whitewash see the books, The Invisible Government by former FBI Agent Dan Smoot, How The World Really Works, by Alan B. Jones, and Foundations: Their Power and Influence, by Rene Wormser. For the Pearl Harbor cover-up (The Roberts Commission) see Rule by Secrecy, by Jim Marrs and The Shadows of Power by James Perloff.
*1 Photos taken from Shadows of Power, by James Perloff.


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