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Television is Used to Discredit Targeted Individuals.

Episode 9 of season 5 of the Nash Bridges show aired on November 26, 1999. The main plot consisted of a paranoid delusional man (presumably a TI or Targeted Individual), who was convinced that he was being Gang Stalked by a network of people with cell phones. The network of cell phone stalkers worked for an entity called, “Centar.” The episode started off on a pier, where it showed the delusional man walking in a group which included several people talking on cell phones. As these cell phones began ringing, he covered his head, as if experiencing some pain. Then a woman behind him with a red top & red skirt stopped few feet in back of him, stared directly at him & said, “he’s here on the dock.”

After that you heard, “there’s no place for him to go,” & at that moment he turns around & sees that he’s blocked by a fork-lift, driven by a dock worker dressed in blue. The worker too is staring directly at him with a cell phone to his head. As he moves around the forklift, the worker continues to blatantly stare at him. After he passes the forklift he’s confronted by a woman in a bright orange jumpsuit, who’s also holding a phone to her head & staring at him. She says, “he’s coming right at me” & blatantly stares at him for several moments. As these events unfold, there are numerous cell phones ringing.(*)

At this time the delusional man is located on the waters edge, & has his hands on the sides of his head, as if to protect his himself from some type of pain. For anyone who already knows that this program definitely exists, & is aware of the absolute fact that Directed Energy Weapons exist, it’s obvious that this man’s brain is being attacked. And in reality, being stalked by a network of informants carrying objects such cell phones, appears to be common among targets.

Also at the waters edge is a man in a suit sitting on a bench. The man on the bench answers a ringing cell phone & says, “That must be a migraine.” He mumbles something else, which is unintelligible, then says something like, “We have him now, let’s finish the job.” This mention of a “migraine” is probably easily recognized by most targets as an obvious mocking tactic. It’s also an example which shows that their informant stalkers are probably not aware of the other aspects of the program, such as DEWs, or that they’re even mocking the target. I have personally experienced mocking by citizen stalkers while getting attacked with an electronic weapon.

At this point the man is still at the edge of the dock. Then, in an obvious attempt to portray the TI community as complete lunatics, the writers of this episode, have the delusional man pull out a gun & say, “You go to hell, all of you, tell the Centar he’s the dead one,” & shoots the stalker. The message here is clearly that anyone who thinks they’re being Gang Stalked by people with cell phones is dangerous & suffering from paranoid delusions. The writers of this episode not only knew that the Hidden Evil exists, but they knew precisely what tactics are used. Also, if you substitute Centar for “government,” or “Central,” as in, Central Intelligence Agency, the message becomes clearer.

Another scene took place in a laundry room, & included two investigators who were interviewing a woman about her husband’s murder. Presumably it was the delusional man who committed the murder. Interestingly, the delusional man happened to be present. In fact, the only people shown in the room were the two officers, the widow, & the TI who was standing in back of them. Of course, they asked the woman if her husband mentioned anything about the Centar. Around this time, one officer picks up her ringing cell phone, walks across the hall & stands next to the TI. She stares directly at him & says, something to the effect of, “Tell them he’s in the laundry room.” Then she hangs up the phone, & smiles at him. The obvious connections here are the Centar, the cell phone, the blatant staring, & the words spoken by the inspector who made it obvious she was stalking him.

Then while on a bus, the man is confronted by a stalker who pulls out a cell phone, & threatens him. The man with the cell phone then says, “Yeah, he’s sitting two seats away from me,” followed by, “I’ll take him at the next stop.” They get off the bus, & the TI is once again holding his head, as if to indicate he’s experiencing tremendous pain. The man with the cell phone then says, “Yeah, he’s right behind me, it’s working perfect.” & “when we turn the corner, I’ll kill him.” The delusional man confronts the man (who has a black jacket with a red undershirt), both of them pull out guns & the TI shoots first. There’s a single car in the background (red).

Another interesting sub-plot which occurred included a separate investigation involving a man who claimed that he was undergoing harassment, which included threats & vandalism. He had also experienced a break-in where someone shredded the cloths of his doll. At one point the man uttered the words, “New cloths, wrong size.” Vandalism, threats, harassment, shredded cloths, cloths that don’t fit, & break-ins, are all tactics which are used on targets across the planet. It would appear that the overall message of this episode was intended to be interpreted by combining both plots. If this is true, then they described the Hidden Evil quite well.

Eventually the inspectors found the apartment where the delusional man was staying, which had walls lined with tin foil. They had discovered that the man was seeing a doctor for psychosis. And that he had not been taking his medication. Another implication here is that those complaining of Gang Stalking or electromagnetic attacks must be drugged or they’ll start murdering people.

The inspectors visited the TI’s doctor at the hospital who explained that the delusional man was soon to die from a tumor. The doctor stated, “Terminal patients often go into deep denial,” & described the man as “pathological … paranoid & delusional.” “He was convinced that he didn’t really have a tumor,” explained the doctor, “which was doubly ironic because it was probably the tumor which caused the delusional behavior to begin with.” Of course the writers of this episode had the doctor finish with the statement, “He was convinced that we had lied to him & that we were out to get him.”

In reality, doctors are fully complicit in this program & they definitely will lie, just as they did in Russia & East Germany. Presumably this is for reasons of national security. I found that these statements are similar to the ones made by the doctors in the Washington Post, when they were interviewed for the January 14, 2005 article entitled, Mind Games: a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. Surprisingly, none of these doctors have ever heard of technology which can cause these attacks, or citizen informant networks, even though both have appeared in mainstream news for decades.

Back at the station three inspectors are gathered at a desk. The first one says, “Because he cant’ face the fact that he’s dying, he’s turned the thing into a whole paranoid fantasy, where people on cell phones are plotting to kill him.” An implied message here is that the police have never heard of people being stalked by a large group of citizens, or hit with Directed Energy Weapons. This is utterly false, regardless of what they state publicly. A second inspector replied, “And yet at the root of this fantasy is some kind of tangible plan.” It’s clear to me that this statement is a blatant tactic to defuse the testimonies of actual TI’s that are not delusional & can rationally explain this program with supporting evidence.

The inspectors eventually conclude that the doctor is the Centar, & decide to visit the hospital again. Before they arrived we found the delusional man following the doctor up the hospital stairs. As he trailed him by about 20 feet, he was cut off by one woman with a cell phone. Once again he appeared to be experiencing pain in his head. Then another woman stopped to his left and answered her ringing cell phone, at which time the man collapsed on the stairs. She asked, “Do you need some help?” She brought him into the hospital, & told the clerk at the desk. Then she looked back & noticed he was gone.

An interesting point here is the collapse of the man, followed by the woman on the cell phone who seemed to act in an accommodating way. Like the other scenes in this episode, there are two meanings to this. On the surface, the man is assisted by a helpful bystander. In reality, because the creators of the script know this program of terror does in fact exists, they provided a message to anyone with eyes & ears. They stated that they’re waiting for such events to occur, & when they do, targets will be covertly mocked, even on their way to the hospital. According to some targets, this terror continues inside hospitals where targets are harassed (presumably by hospital staff) even on their deathbeds.

Also, the organizers of this global stalking network are definitely aware of the desired outcomes of this utterly pervasive evil. Therefore, in actuality, some stalkers have been de-sensitized with training, which prepares them to witness a person collapse as a result of a nervous breakdown. How can your fellow citizens willingly do such things? Remember, these are “terrorist” that they’re “helping” to keep an eye on, not innocent people being murdered by wealthy psychopaths.

Finally we find the sickly man confronting his doctor & saying, “Your the disease, you & your assassins.” The doctor replies, “I only want to help you.” The man says in return, “Then call it off & let me live, please, let me live.” The police show up at this moment, & the man starts holding his head again, as if getting hit with a DEW. He eventually drops the gun, & at last gets the “treatment” he desperately needs. For “delusional” citizens in the NATO nations, this means being chemically or electronically lobotomized, so that no more “paranoid delusions” about people stalking or zapping them continue.

So, this episode included examples of group stalking, blocking, crowding, sensitivity tactics, break-ins, vandalism, covert threats, conversations by strangers in public which are meant to be overheard, mocking, attacks by Direct Energy Weapons, doctors that are complicit & used to discredit people, etc. Whoever wrote the script for this episode, knew exactly what this global program of terror is about. One primary purpose of this episode was obviously to portray anyone complaining of being Gang Stalked as a dangerous raging lunatic. The episode was launched as a disinformation & discrediting tactic. And it was possibly used as damage control to counter some type of progress which was being made with getting the word out.

* Interestingly, I personally experienced an almost exact replica of this on Boylston Street in Boston, where a battery of informants with cell phones cut me off, smiled & waved at me, & uttered similar phrases as I passed them.

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Written by rudy2

December 16, 2012 at 00:32

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