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 14 november

Darrim Daoud – Facial burn received from directed energy weapons. I have also been prevented from having any sleep for 133 hours so far
Added on 11/14/2009
My condolences to his family, friends, and Targeted Individual/Activist Communities in the UK & around the world.
Inquest / Darrim Daoud / West Sussex Coroner’s Court / UK
Community Based Harassment.
Organized Stalking
The inquest into the death of Darrim Daoud is booked for 5 – 6 May 2011, at
West Sussex Coroner’s Court, sitting in the premises of Horsham Magistrates Court.
However, this booking will be cancelled at very short notice, if my application succeeds in the high court the previous day, for judicial review of the coroner’s decision that I am not a “properly interested person” (PIP) in the inquest, entitled to see the evidence in advance and to examine witnesses.
Amanda and I are both going to be called as witnesses, even if I am not allowed to be a PIP. The verdict will be found by a jury, not by the coroner in person. I would welcome the presence of targeted people at the inquest, people who wish to hear the evidence, to encourage us both, and to give us feedback on what we did well, and what we did badly, and to write reports on what happens. I am not asking people to turn up as demonstrators, but as comrades of Darrim and those of us left behind.
I do not believe that it will be possible to obtain a verdict of unlawful killing. I do believe that an open verdict, which doesn’t rule out the possibility that Darrim’s death was caused by electronic harassment, ought to be achievable.
I am not publishing any of the coroner’s or high court paperwork at this stage, but I may be willing to forward copies of the paperwork to people with a genuine interest in the details, who email me requesting the paperwork.
Darrim led the British action on the world day of protest, on 14 October. He expressed fear that he might be killed, and asked me to intervene at his inquest if he was. He was killed, on 15 November 2009. I set up a website,
Darrim’s family have not communicated with me.
This is a delicate situation calling for sensitivity.
John Allman
Posted by:
Gerry Duffett
3358-A McCowan Rd
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1V 5P5
Darrim Daoud was also on facebook.
Michael K. Yazdian, CPA

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May 3, 2011 at 08:00

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