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Original title: La Tortura nel Bel Paese by Romano Nobile, lawyer, April 2006.
The following article was published in Indymedia-Italy on 26 November 2007.

Translated from Italian by Rudy Andria.

Italy is the “beautiful country”, where we have the sun, the sea, music, the Pope, the sacredness of the family, the love for children, good cooking, fun, solidarity, tolerance… So why is it that there is some talk of torture, one of the most repugnant phenomena in terms of human rights violation. Because torture also exists here in the country of unpunished state terrorism, of political terrorism that reappears every now and again, of puppeteers, facts of blood and violence among decent families, of violence against women, of  illegal acts on a large scale, of the highest number of convicts or incriminated people who sit in Parliament, of several regions held hostage by mafia organisations, of the highest number of tax evaders in Europe and worldwide and so on.
In such a not really idyllic context torture is almost always hidden or it takes on a thousand other forms to the external world, but there is no denying that it does exist.
I would like to dwell on the new forms of torture that have so far been completely ignored by the mass media, although they involve the participation of a growing number of people and remain, in any case, a social phenomenon worth analysing. It is a phenomenon that has not been taken into consideration (or at least it appears that way) even by the major associations advocating for human rights. I can state that only one of the doctors of the association “Physicians against Torture” has shown some interest in the issue, by expressing solidarity with the victims and pledging to carry out an in-depth study of the situation. Nevertheless, no official position has been taken.

“Technological torture” is a general term which points out different forms of violence, carried out with futuristic methods and technologies, whose aims would be the control and both physiological and mental harassment of the victims.
Moreover, the victims themselves, some of whom have come together in an association (AVAe-M (1): Association of Victims of Electronic and Mental Weapons created in September 2005.) to denounce to the public opinion the various forms in which such a torture is carried out.
According to such denunciations there would be two main forms of technological torture: mind control and remote  torture.

Mind control is apparently carried out through the intrusion into the skull, but also into other parts of the body, of tiny high-tech devices either microelectrodes or microchips, which manage to interfere with the radiation emitted by the brain.Several testimonies and also clinical and radiological exams have corroborated every statement. The whole thing is bordering on  science fiction. As a matter of fact, according to the victims, after living some years with such microchips, it may occur that the study made by the authors of the tortures  allows the interaction between the brain and the implanted devices. This would involve either mindcontrol or the conveyal of audio-video signals or of all sorts of stimuli  to and from the victim’s brain. The victim would then be transformed into an operative terminal in all its effects .
All the victims of this form of torture lead an apparently normal existence not necessarily treated with psychiatric therapies. 4 out of 45 censored cases are people who lead a “normal existence” but are under therapies prescribed by psychiatrists.
A case in point is that of Paolo Dorigo, unfairly imprisoned for 12 years and recently released by a European Court sentence. We also have the case of an Italo-Argentine lady who currently lives in Rome. She used to be tortured some time ago in her own country for political reasons, but apparently keeps on receiving the same treatment in Italy, in softer ways though. 
As for remote torture, it is about the remote conveyal of stimuli, pains and sensations with devices which are generally simpler compared to those used for mind control. They include laser weapons with radiofrequencies and microwaves or with ultrasounds, of the same type as those used by doctors to melt stones, or as those in the capital cities to scare away flocks of birds . These weapons can also be seen in some American sites. The victims of such abuses claim they feel sharp pains or intense waves of heat which disturb their daily lives, hamper the sleep process and prevent a “normal” life.
A case in point for this type of torture is that of Maurizio Bassetti (2), former treasurer of the Italian Chamber of the Deputies.
Under this outline a healthy dose of skepticism may be justified. One really wonders where those rays come from, which may be more significant. One wonders why. And obviously, the targeted people do labour to convince investigators. Apparently, an investigation into the matter has been conducted  in a city of Northern Italy, but as a rule, an interrogation of the plaintiff, without a serious, thorough check of the targeted individual cannot be tantamount to real investigation.
According to the above association there would be 45 victims of these tortures in Italy. We know for a certainty that many others do not denounce the treatment they are experiencing, out of mere pudor. Confidentiality is necessary for these persons to keep  the appearance of a normal working and family life, which, once the treatment is denounced, would be completely compromised with remote forms of mockery, mobbing, isolation from colleagues and the loved ones, and even dismissal from work and institutionalisation.

The consequences of such a treatment are not fully known. As a matter of fact, in Italy there is no public register of the deceased, nor a monitoring of the causes of death for each single case. Not even the local newspapers care to report the civil status of the deceased from suicide (by thousands each year). No follow-up of  thousands of people who died owing to medical errors.
Science fiction .
I am fully aware that some would tend to label these phenomena as science fiction.
That is possible, but I would like to make three comments  on the subject:
1) the victims are not of the visionary type. They do not see flying saucers nor living dead  nor fiery police-force.
2) the devices and the technologies under discussion do exist and are normally used for different purposes.
Many phenomena used to sound like science fiction ten years ago but are now regarded as real. Just think of the development of robotistics or of living beings’ cloning. And many people are throwing darts against new technological discoveries, because they might be employed to the detriment of human beings.

It must be emphasized as in the program of the above mentioned association, that laws should be passed and there should be some means of control for all those people targeted by these treatments, an intervention from the Court of The Hague, compensation of the victims, rejection from the Board of professionals and / or radiologists involved in the implants, as well as lawsuits for those whose responsibity is involved and prohibition of the use of those real non-lethal war weapons, denouncing the deficiencies in the bill submitted for approval in Parliament . The requests are certainly not exaggerated nor unrealistic.


What should alarm further, beyond the questions that may arise on the reliability of these phenomena, is nevertheless the certitude that, since the day the alleged victims of such tortures got together in an association, with a minimum of political organisation to defend their own cause, some of them have gone through various forms of totally unjustified repression, and contrary to all ordinary and legitimate judicial investigation.

October 26, 2006

As stated in Indymedia Italy, a heavy provocation of the Digos (3) is carried out against the member of the AVae-M Maurizio Bassetti, ex-Treasurer of Montecitorio (4), who had been for years publicly exposing the persecution which he was subjected to, with attacks and outright electronic forms of torture. Bassetti,along with Michele Fabiani (who is a scholar but not a victim of electronic weapons) had reported various cases of malpractice within the Chamber of the Deputies, with many articles and interviews published in Indymedia and signed with his full name. Recently, the facts exposed by Bassetti have been the topic of a book entitled “The Secrets of Montecitorio

in which he described the embezzlements  in the offices of the House in the 80s with even the partial complicity of the then president (5), now Head of the State.
Well, Bassetti was called by the Rome-based Digos officially as a “person informed about the facts” to be subjected to a series of stupid and irrelevant questions – in a dark criminal procedure – on the telephone lines bearing his name but used by other investigated people.

In fact, after a few minutes, the room where this strange interrogation was taking place was filled with other officials of the Digos, up to a total of five. With formally polite and winning manners they started to ask Bassetti a series of questions on his allegations of electronic torture in Italy and on alleged corruption within the offices of the Chamber of the Deputies. As for  torture, an inspector started accusing of partisanship  the book “Tortura nel Bel Paese“, the undersigned author Romano Nobile as well as Senator Russo Spena, guilty of having written the preface to the same book.

Peremptorily stating that torture does not exist in Italy, in a good-natured way he simply advised Bassetti to keep  quiet and enjoy his retirement.
Beyond the niceties, the intimidation attempt obviously sought to involve Bassetti in obscure dealings.
In fact, a few days after such an intimidation, two other quite disturbing events occured.
The site of Indymedia Italy was practically shut down . Michele Fabiani, who had signed with Bassetti some statements inserted on Indymedia, had a serious car accident (explosion of both front tires of his car) whereupon he was admitted to Spoleto Hospital with severe fractures and brain concussion. After several months out of the hospital, Fabiani received an unexpected visit from the Carabinieri, with the excuse of having to carry out an investigation on drug trafficking .
The result? everything was clean, but despite his innocence, they still took him to the police station and threatened him for hours about his anarchist activism. They finally asked him to keep quiet, otherwise, they would not hasten to his rescue, should further incidents occur.
It should be noted here that Michele Fabiani is the author of a dossier on mind control and electronic torture, which has long been distributed on a militant basis.
Without any valid reason, the “Gatto Selvaggio” Social Centre in Rome had to clear the premises overnight. This Centre had recently hosted a presentation and discussion of Michele Fabiani’s book and had volunteered to take on the distribution.
On the origin of electronic torture and persecution, we can make several assumptions.
1) That the atmosphere of suspicion since September 11 has also resulted in Italy in the intelligence community (which enjoys total impunity on which the Copaco (6) is practicing no effective method of control) spreading methods of intimidation and sophisticated torture, targeting people with a criminal record or who, for whatever reason, are deemed politically dangerous for the nation’s security.
Among the deaths listed by the above-mentioned association there are also people who are not politically minded, so that we may, as a second hypothesis, assume that some non-lethal weapons are also being tested in Italy on particularly vulnerable and helpless individuals.
The hypothesis is that these criminal activities are carried out in total impunity by certain sectors of the secret services licensed to commit crimes. 

It should be noted here that just yesterday at the Copaco (6), the intelligence oversight committee, said that 50% of the agents are incompetent and unreliable for our security.
The fact that all successive governments have no desire to interfere in this gray area (which, of course, suits everyone concerned) can also give credibility to any suspect.
Without taking both hypotheses for granted, I think, given the magnitude of the phenomenon, it is the duty of the press to break the silence and delve into the facts, even if this means being critical. I also think that it is the politicians’ duty to claim that light be shed through the Copaco or the bodies of the judiciary.
Finally, the point I would like to emphasize is that the violation of human rights, especially in a country called “democratic” (in quotes) is rarely brought to light  and that in a country where massacres and other infamies took place for years and years, the culprits have never been caught , so there is much reason to hope that some subterranean dealings would be cleansed.   Fighting against human rights violation means fighting to overcome opacity and make transparency triumph in every sector of the State.

(2). Maurizio Bassetti passed away on 9th October, 2010.
(3). DIGOS: Division of General Investigations and Special Operations (in Italian, Divisione Investigazioni Generali e Operazioni Speciali) is an Italian law enforcement agency and de facto political police
(4). Palazzo Montecitorio: seat of the Italian Chamber of Deputies
(5). “the then President” of the Chamber of the Deputies was Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.
(6). COPACO: Comitato Parlamentare di Controllo per i Servizi di Informazione e Sicurezza e per il Segreto di Stato (Parliamentary Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services and for State Secret Control), is a body of the Italian Parliament deputed to survey and oversee the activities of the Italian intelligence agencies. Since 1 August 2007, following the reform of the Italian intelligence agencies, SISDE, SISMI and CESIS were replaced respectively by AISI, AISE and DIS the COPACO was re-named COPASIR (Comitato Parlamentare per la Sicurezza della Repubblica, Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic) and granted additional oversight and control powers.

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