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AFRICAN AMERICANS: a disproportionate number of MINDCONTROLLED victims are African American

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Testimony Of Some Victims Of Electromagnetic Harassment and Organized Stalking Crimes.

A Disproportionate Number Of Victims Appear To Be African American.
The following videos contain some compelling accounts from American citizens being subjected to remotely induced physical assaults by way of satellite-based directed energy weaponry. Unfortunately, their stories are not unique. There are a great number of victims who have not yet been able to tell their stories; accounts which reveal that there is a shadow government within the United States that operates at the very core of the Nazi ideology -including remotely torturing people within the privacy of their own homes.

What I find particularly disturbing here is the number of African Americans who are being targeted for these crimes — further evidence of an Illuminist conspiracy to eradicate the African race from this planet through a myriad of means including the creation and dissemination of biological weapons, such as the *AIDS virus — outright genocide.

* See Dr. Leonard Horowitz’ book “Emerging Viruses AIDS and Ebola”, to learn more about the US Federal Government’s covert policies relating to genocide. This book can be downloaded in its entirety for free at the following Website. Another excellent book which describes the nature of these bioweapons and whitewash that the Federal Government uses in efforts to cover up its complicity in their creation is Osler’s Web, by Hillary Johnson. It is a book which retailed for $30 when first published. Used copies can be had for as little as $6.99 (plus $3.99 for shipping and handling) from

“Emerging Viruses AIDS and Ebola” can be downloaded in PDF format here:


Written by rudy2

November 18, 2009 at 11:51

5 Responses

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  1. […] This above would explain some reasons for the disproportionate number of Black men, women and children incarcerated in prisons, hospitals, etc for abusive and racist reasons in the UK, US and elsewhere. Please see: Rudy Andria’s blog. […]

    • Is this an opportunity to confess or what!? The use of colored people to manipulate america is the biggest conspiracy to ever WORK. To spoil brotherly love (which is ironic because it didnt exist until long after the wars here stopped and in some places still doesnt exist) whst you have is institutionalized brotherly law and order. We want people to do good in life and stop failing and causing trouble but you become racist in transition. Its the way the rude people occupy a space by creating a rude boy or a person of high standards and low public appearance. Its all a movie world here in america and people are so duped by modern time that they still refuse to see how america was made and stays and the spirit of yesterday laughs at it. Its such chaos and buffoon mentality its rediculous. Theres no respect in any form in this country only manipulation. In fact the world itself has no real order and industry and academia is such a thin guise its superfluous. War is vanity and redundant if youre gonna just give it up before you kill everyone that disagrees and win the world. Everyone knows that. Except those who play into the brain washing because they dont care. Where are you gonna go? Who are you gonna tell!? Everyones a user..everyones a wash. Black people are more mind controlled. Yeah, and yellow and white people are more docile. This is a fat reference. Black fat is rich hearty fat. Its anonymous. Whats what. This page is s manipulation to. The facts just lay there and that makes them a victim. Every information has a disinformation attachment to allow or detect dessent. Its decent… its allowed but its not there because im a p.d….its there because its full of holes and crime and victims…its not even usable. Mind control. Yeah, because theres no such thing as free black person unless they live in africa. In the usa theres nothing but victims and advancers and as a white person i see its also a fraud on me. Every citizen is broken here for the militarys sake. They dont wanna see anybody stronger thsn them. Its a fraud anyway what can we do to them? Look st this country its falling apart. Its a haulocaust camp. Theres no difference when you have evil here. Male or femaleit dpesnt matter evil pollutes and currupts and theres not even anything real about it. Its just mean and vile people and drugs and sex and posession of one another. Pure evil states.

      Canes Catalyst

      January 4, 2016 at 01:41

  2. I am a targeted individual & I absolutely believe that yes, black people are being disproportionately targeted with directed energy weapons and in particular, Voice to Skull. I think this is simply another Tuskegee Experiment, an extension of the FBI’s Co-Intelpro & the CIA’s Mk-ULTRA, all rolled up in 1 and as history in this racist country has shown time and time again–those criminals who populate the letter agencies and other government agencies–love to covertly use those whom they deem as disposable or less likely to have the means to fight against this type of covert and illegal experimentation. So groups such as blacks, the poor, single women, the homeless, veterans, gays, prisoners and the mentally ill, I believe will be found overwhelmingly amongst the growing ranks of those targeted. So that should tell you that rich or wealthy white males are more than likely the ones behind this. They don’t tend to go after their own. You can tell a lot about a criminal by the victim he continually chooses.


    December 6, 2014 at 05:14

  3. The videos have been removed from YouTube. please share them again.

    Marco Antonio Hubert

    May 13, 2020 at 03:05

    • Hola Mark, gracias por todos los informes que hiciste. Creo que he podido arreglar algunos de los problemas. Sin embargo, para otros, por mucho que lo intentara, mis esfuerzos no tuvieron éxito. Además, mi estado de salud actual no ayuda a la situación. ¡Lo siento!


      May 19, 2020 at 21:15

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