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In order to eliminate the possibility of a revolt by the private sector,  government technology is kept about one hundred years ahead of anything which is  available to ordinary people.

What are the present powers and abilities of the Government of the United  States ? What sort of things does it know how to do ? What sort of things does  it have the power to do if it wants to ? The answer is, unfortunately, quite a  bit. Let’s see what they are:


The US Government operates many [FEMA – which is just one agency – has over  five thousand satellites] spy satellites. They watch and listen to essentially  everything that takes place upon the Earth. They intercept all radio  transmissions [except they gave up listening to the “CB” band] which, of course,  includes all international telephone calls and data transmissions. They  optically observe the surface of the Earth and they probe the surface with  specific scanning devices.

The satellites launched by the United States are not tiny things – they are  about the size of a railroad box car and are powerful devices – in many cases  nuclear-powered – and so they have no shortage at all of available electrical  energy.

Satellites with lasers using very low frequency infra-red beams can map the  surface of the bottoms of all oceans and can instantly track and identify all  submarines.

They can communicate with other satellites so that a simple hand-held device  allows a US Spy to have contact with his base at any time from any place in the  world.

Additionally there are active satellites with considerable power. They can  send force beams and death rays. The most likely explanation for the mysterious  patterns found in open fields [claimed to be UFO landings] is the testing of  these high-power satellites which are designed to be able to select a man or a  building on the ground and destroy it with the touch of a button.


The Government is in possession of special secret drugs that can turn any  person into a programmed robot who will obey exactly on command. These drugs act  by opening up a pathway to parts of the brain we generally do not use. It is  essentially “empty memory space”. Here, a programming team creates a new  personality which is programmed to believe that whatever it is being commanded  to do is natural, logical and correct.

Documentaries available outside the United States discuss how the US  Government programmed Sirhan Sirhan to kill Kennedy.

Additionally, the government has an assortment of poisons designed to cause  natural-looking death as well as to quickly cause the onset of fatal disease  such as cancer.


The Government has already created the AIDS and Ebola viruses and has  successfully released the AIDS virus [Ebola is on the back burner right now] and  is continuing to work on new designer viruses to develop the potential to wipe  out all human life on the surface of the earth [in case people get wise and a  “total population replacement” is indicated].


The government has files on everything and everybody. A tiny new born baby is  considered a possible threat to the National Security because it might grow up  to be a person who would learn the truth and mess up their game.

When a young person graduates from High School, the principal and guidance  counselors write a report on him as to what he has done [significantly] and what  they think of him. This report is sent to the FBI and it is the start of that  person’s FBI file. Beyond that, more is added as needed.

Medical Records – including results of tests you don’t even know were  administered to you – are in a special database that can be accessed by those  with proper clearances.


You have absolutely NO privacy when you use the telephone. “PEN REGISTERS”  which means a log of the phone numbers of the people you call and of the people  who call you are saved by the local phone company for at least 45 days and saved  by the government system forever.

If you call “911” your call is FIRST sent to two Government centers- one in  Florida and one in Oklahoma and a file is made on you. The Government is  interested in people who call the police for any reason and the more you use 911  the more YOU will be tracked and watched.

Government data systems are not the same as the computer stuff you can go to  the store and buy. Government technology is about 100 years ahead. In the area  of data storage, what they use is a sugar cube size crystal and data is  “written” onto the crystal at the molecular level. One crystal is supposed to be  able to store every motion picture ever made. Consequently, there is plenty of  space in memory to store the actual phone conversations of all people on all  phones everywhere in the world.

Additionally, local police departments [the control center for a city is the  Department of Police which is linked to the Federal Government through secret  computer networks and NOT the elected officials of the city who generally do not  have security clearance and are simply “figure heads” and don’t even know what’s  going on] are supplied by the phone company with special equipment tied directly  into the central office switch which allows the police to tap in and listen to  anyone in the city with no restrictions, checks or controls of any kind.

And, for the total fool who uses a cordless phone, the whole neighborhood can  hear them on scanners that are not a secret and that anyone can go out and buy.



All gone ! Satellites watch you wherever you go. Your phone is tapped. X-RAY  Satellites can make a video of you in your house in bed with your wife or  girlfriend or whatever. Cell Phone companies can “track” your cell phone correct  to two feet square – print a map of everywhere you go and the exact times and  send it to the government to add to your file. Infra-red remote controls “scan”  for infrared signals from the “remote control” – but you – hot body – also give  off infrared so they scan you too and this data can be accessed by satellite  beams which are designed to read data from your TV set or VCR. And, there’s not  enough space to go into all the neat stuff the Cable TV Co. can do.


Top Secret Services (TSS) are services to the elite that you pay for but do  not get because you’re a slave. For example, there’s FREE pay phone usage to  anywhere in the world if you dial “911” and immediately dial the correct secret  code. There are very professional and legitimately helpful medical services at  any full-service hospital IF you are important and know the code (the base code  in the medical world is to as for DR. RAY. There is no such person but by using  this “codeword” the doctor with top secret clearance will be alerted and will  come to see you. If you are important enough, he can order the top secret  antidote for AIDS or the top secret cure for cancer which is painless and 100%  effective.)

If you need to communicate you can go to essentially any public place where  there is a computer terminal [like the public library] and pretend to be looking  something up. If you know the codes, you can instantly connect the terminal to  the FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO or whatever good place you need to communicate with.


The Grey “people” are not people – they are highly evolved INSECTS and their  bodies are in evolutionary class IV which is just above the plant kingdom. Their  Alchemic composition is earth and fire only as opposed to Man who is a Class I  creature whose makeup contains all five Alchemic elements: Earth, Air, Fire,  Water and ETHER.

In 1953 President Eisenhower signed the formal agreement with the Greys which  provides that the United States will provide for all of their needs and that  they will give the United States high technology in exchange.

The Greys eat people. They also use people for genetic experiments to try to  make themselves more human. They have lost the ability to reproduce and the  cloning techniques they were using are now failing. They hope to use a process  called “amalgamation” to combine human genetic material with their own to  sustain their race. They need pregnant human women to do this. For food, they  need a chemical produced by humans in states of fear. They have found that  children are easily terrified and so their food consists of children who have  been “prepared” by terror and who are then cut up and made into a “soup” from  which the required elements can be absorbed into their bodies.

In case you are wondering what your legal status is as an “average American”  it is that you have been sold to the Greys for use as insect food – and it’s all  legal !

The primary base for Greys in the United States is Wright Paterson Air Force  Base in Dayton, Ohio. Apparently, part of the duties of the US Air Force now  includes the job of kidnapping the kids of US Citizens so that they can be  killed to feed their Grey friends.

If this sounds “unconstitutional” don’t worry. The US Constitution was  suspended by secret order in 1957 and remains so today.


Like all this good stuff – it can be yours if you are accepted as a member of  the ELITE. But, it’s hard to join: You see, the ELITE transfer to new physical  bodies when they get old and so do not die. So, they have no need of  “replacements”. You’re going to have to be pretty good for them to want you ! If  you love conspiracies, are terminally evil, love to lie, cheat, steal and  deceive people, you are cultivating the right qualities but that may not be  enough. Mainly, under the concept of “the divine right of kings”, you must be  able to trace your bloodline to some very very very important figure from the  past. If you can do that, you may have a chance. Also, YOU MUST BE WHITE – no  blacks are allowed in the inner world of the ELITE.



[The Government generally does not provide citizens with a plain language  statement of what it wants from them. However, it does want specific things and  – if it told the plain truth – it would sound something like this. To spice  things up, we have moved up in time a few years to the point where the New World  Order has been totally externalized.]

Dear Work Unit: This document contains our disclosure of your rights and  responsibilities now that you are considered to be an adult member of our world.

You are a slave worker of the Empire of the Order of the Illuminati. Your  purpose in life is to serve and worship us. You should be grateful that we  allowed you to be born into our world. Our power is absolute and we are living  Gods. We control space and time and have everlasting physical life. You are  temporary. It is useless for you to resist our will and you should abandon now  any hope of resistance.

You have been trained and will now begin your life as a work unit in your  assigned area. If you are obedient, we will treat you well and will provide you  with a balanced existence as determined by our Social Scientists.

In this existence, you will be allowed intervals for relaxing activities and  rest. You will be given a list of permitted activities – activities not  specifically permitted are forbidden.

In general, you are permitted those activities which are considered healthy  by the Division of Psychology which are, among others, sex play, physical games  and moderate use of approved recreational drugs.

If you are a breeder [female], be aware of the population limitations that  are in effect and take note of your maximum quota because you will be sterilized  at the point that your reproduction quota is reached.

Remember that children are the property of the State in the conditional  custody of their parents and can be taken away at any time.

We provide our work units with all reasonable benefits during their period of  productivity. However, we are businessmen and we cannot afford needless losses.  Therefore, you will be terminated at the point where your productivity falls  below accepted norms.

At the time of your birth, you received certain implants in accordance with  our World Security Regulations. You are being made aware that your physical  location is known to us at all times and that we also monitor your brain  activity for any sign of resistance to our will which is punishable by death.

Additionally, we reserve the right to terminate you at any time even though  you have committed no offense if it is indicated that a population correction is  needed to adjust our “herd size” for maximum productivity.





Written by rudy2

August 19, 2011 at 22:02

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