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February 9 , 2001

The Gandor Crash

From: “Tom Bearden”
Subject: Your Commentary on the Arrow DC-8
To:  Russell Wangersky
Assignment Editor
Newfoundland & Labrador Telegram
(709) 748-0826

Dear Russell,

A correspondent sent me a copy of your article on the Arrow DC-8 incident at Gander, and then I checked it at The Telegram Online.

Not too bad an article, though a little tongue-in-the-cheek, perhaps.  But if you really wanted to know what I write or state happened to the Arrow, and the direct indications of it, you really should have called me up and asked me.

A little hard electromagnetics knowledge greater than the standard model U(1) theory and ordinary electrical engineering might be interesting to you, since such has definitely not been applied by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board in investigating the Arrow DC-8 incident.


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