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[PART 24]

Behind the Democratic Facade: Mind Control and the Satanic Cult of National Security.

Hans Ulrich Gresch

Nürnberg: October,1995

Preliminary remark: When I wrote the first version of this report, called “Mind Control – Memories of a Victim”, I thought
that I had remembered and understood the essential elements of the mind control treatment I am suffering from. But meanwhile
new insights made the revision of this paper necessary. So I would like to apologize to the readers of the earlier version of these memories that they now have to read the text again, if they are still interested in my case.


What is Mind Control?  

The Basic Process.      

The Role of Torture. 

The Methods.    

The Triangulation of the Mind.  

Who They Were?   

Freedom of Thought.    


Agonies of Uncertainty. 

The First Years.       

Bavaria and Vietnam.     

Psychic Powers. 




A Communist Psychic.    

Near Death Camp.    

“Wir werden das zu verhindern wissen!” 

Electromagnetic fields.  

Bird on the Wire.



What is Mind Control?

Mind control is the misuse of the most advanced knowledge
and techniques of the behavioral sciences, of psychiatry and
psychology, combined with the very old methods of torture
and brainwashing, for the purposes of the military industrial
complex. The general objective of mind control is to transform
a human being into an organism which is as intelligent and
competent as a human being — but which has no free will,
which could be programmed like a computer, which is not able
to ponder upon the consequences of programmed actions and
which is not capable to remember the process of programming
and even the programmed actions after they were finished. Mind
control is industrial production with people as raw material. In
most cases it is arms production, but you can use mind control-
led people for other purposes, too.
To seal up the source of radiation after an accident in a nuclear
power station, for example, could be a suicide squad. Skilled
mind controlled technicians were able to overcome these difficulties –calm, without signs of fear… ignorant of the deadly
danger they are in. Secret services or the political police can
benefit from mind control, too. To infiltrate certain terrorist groups
could be so dangerous that nobody with free will would accept
to do this, but a mind controlled zombie would have no choice.
Young, good-looking women (and sometimes men) could be abused as mind controlled sex slaves to satisfy the perverted desires of powerful politicians — being mere tools doomed to forget the degrading experiences afterwards. And of course the armed forces are interested in fearless, machine-like soldiers impeccably fighting in situations with no hope to save their own lives.
Examples like this make clear that with mind control the ‘democratic’ (or fascio-cratic? – Wol.) state under the law can
solve some of the intricate political problems concerning free will in complex hierarchical societies definitely. Of course this
sentence sounds cynical — but you can’t survive mind control without a good sense of black humor. Although mind control is
administered secretly, some representatives of the ‘democratic’ state have to be informed…and so a convincing justification was
CREATED and fostered by the Satanic Cult of National Security (SCNS). The essence of this justification is that in order to save
democracy you have to ABANDON it gradually. It is not surprising that in many aspects the Satanic Cult of National Security (SCNS)
resembles a FASCIST secret society… The ‘democratic fascists’ CLAIM that behaving like fascists is forced on them by the enemies
of the free world (communists, Moslems or other aliens) — they are reactive fascists. In contrast to the German Nazis(National-
sozialisten) they aren’t guided by an elaborated ideology; their cognitive frame of reference is pure technology.
They are techno-fascists. This doesn’t mean that they don’t use ideologies, but they are not identified with a special ideology as the German
Nazis with racism and nationalism.  (I would argue with this point, in that the writer may NOT be aware of the direct links between
the Nazi S.S. and the CIA-NSA “National Security” agencies. -Wol.) Techno-fascism employs properly adjusted ideologies as
refined tools in the process of mass communication and public relations. It is a defining feature of techno-fascism that the fascist
interventions are hidden behind a democratic FACADE. Mindcontrol is the modus operandi and vivendi of an innovative kind
of fascism which is facade-democratic, so-called reactive, techno-pragmatic and based on the advances of the behavioral sciences,
especially psychology, psychiatry and the neuro-sciences. The ultimate goal of the SCNS is to subjugate the people to dictatorial
control, to prevent them from recognizing this and to replace the real experience of slavery with the fictitious experience of being a
citizen of a democratic state under the law.  (Living under slavery while being ‘programmed’ to believe that one is ‘free’, or at least
as free as they are capable of being. – Wol.) One of the methods to achieve this goal is mind control, the most frequently used
technique is television.

The Basic Process

The process of producing a mind controlled individual usually runs through three phases:

Phase 1: The goal of this phase is to prepare the mind and the nervous system of the victim for programming. And so the victim
is placed into the condition of extreme helplessness,disorientation and fear, is confronted with massive physical and mental stressors.
The victim’s sense of self-preservation is undermined, his identity is weakened or destroyed, he is regressed to the emotional and
cognitive state of an infant and his mind is dissociated.

Phase 2: The goal of this phase is to program the victim like a robot or computer with new attitudes, plans of behavior and new
frames of reference, in which the attitudes and plans make sense. At least TWO PERSONALITIES are constructed: A robot personality that is consciously in contact with the controllers to receive the programming; An artificial new personality that is unconscious
of the fact of being programmed and that is unconsciously determined by the robot personality. The robot defines himself as a robot;
the conscious artificial personality defines itself as a man. The robot is programmed with endlessly repeated indoctrinations and by means of conditioning(punishments and rewards). The robot is called a “slave”. The slave is the interface between the controllers and the
new artificial personality OR personalities.

Phase 3: The goal of phase 3 is to selectively erase the memory of the victim. This is not really a erasure of memory in the sense
that the contents of memory are destroyed. Instead the faculty to remember certain experiences is deleted. At least two domains are
erased: All episodes directly or indirectly associated with the process of mind control, all biographical elements that doesn’t fit for the logic of the new artificial personality.

(Note: I have experienced personally what appears to be a ‘double existence’ consisting of a ‘conscious’ life and an ‘unconscious’ or
programmed personality.  In 1995 I had ‘suspected’ such, however the details or evidence of my suspicions seemed to evade me.
That is until I began ‘hearing voices’ in my mind — from some lost or stolen memory? — insisting that I was a “CIA agent”.  I thought
I might have been going genuinely insane until I was told something very interesting by a friend of mine who has apparently been a
victim of mind control since she was a young girl.  Her father worked with the Manhattan and other top secret projects, so it would seem
that if anyone would become involved in such a scenario, she would.
Anyway, she told me that on at least two occasions yours truly had come by her place and had taken her to what apparently turned out
to be an underground government [or NWO?] facility.  The memories of these excursions were at first deleted from her mind and of course
I myself had no recollection of the events, save for some bizarre ‘dreams’ which I had passed off as merely the creation of my sub-
conscious mind.  On one of these occasions she claimed that I told her that I worked for the “CIA”.  She also stated that my actions
during these trips were robotic and that I was left-handed when in my conscious life I am right-handed.  This really threw me for a loop
because I was aware of the fact that humans do not posses merely one ‘brain’ but two brains in one — the left and right hemispheres.
From what I had learned earlier, I knew that those who suffer from alternate personalities are usually “consciously” active in one
hemesphere whereas the “alternate” personality operates from the other.  In my case I am consciously left-brained and therefore right
handed.  If I am left-handed in the “altered state” in which my friend claimed she encountered me, then the “programmed” personality
would be right-brain dominant.  It would not be so much “erasing” the memory each time as it would be “switching” from one brain-
lobe to another.  This may sound fantastic, that neuro-science might have developed to such Orwellian proportions, however I have
no other explanation for the otherwise unexplained mental hell and torment that I have suffered throughout my life [especially since I
began probing into this whole damned Nazi conspiracy] or for the unusual memories of my friend.  She stated that it was the residual
EMOTIONS involved in the events which eventually brought back the MEMORIES.  Apparently these NAZI-CIA controllers can mani-
pulate the electro-chemical processes of the human mind, but the emotional state is somewhat more evasive and difficult to apprehend
or control.  This is apparently one of the weaknesses of their plan. 
Thoughts are easily suppressed, emotions are a different story.- Wol.)

The overall goal of this process is to convince the victim that she or he is absolutely powerless and the mind controllers are almighty
like god.

The Role of Torture

I am surprised that many authors writing about mind control believe that human robots (zombies, slaves) can be produced by means of
hypnotism, drugs and electrical stimulation of the brain(ESB) alone — eventually completed by some “mild” or symbolic forms of torture
like psychic driving or sensory deprivation.(Walter H. Bowart has corrected this error in the 2nd edition of his pioneering and breathtaking book “Operation Mind Control,Second Edition”.)
But drugs, ESB and especially hypnotism are not so powerful.There may be some wizards who can manage a lot with hypnotism. Nevertheless mind control is not vaudeville, but industrial production. I am convinced that only unrestricted physical torture in combination
with the “soft” psychological and psycho-physiological methods can do the job. Today to torture somebody you don’t need a rack from
the Middle Ages; this could be replaced nowadays with a device emitting the appropriate electromagnetic waveforms and frequencies.
So with the term “physical torture” I mean torture of the NERVOUS SYSTEM, too.

The functions of unrestricted physical torture are at least: to associate the original personality of the victim with pain, panic and horror — the desired personality is conditioned with pleasure afterwards; to function as aversion conditioning to establish new behavior patterns; to establish a panic-controlled mechanism of amnesia (“If you remember, you will try to betray us, but we will be informed before you succeed in managing this, because we are everywhere,then you will be tortured again, so you will not remember!”); to produce an artificial, controlled Multiple Personality Disorder (which is under natural conditions a result of traumatization — ill-treatment, sexual abuse in childhood –,too).

And by the way torture itself, even if not combined with mindcontrol techniques, elicits amnestic disorders or memory blockades concerning the process of torture in many cases. With heavy electroshocks the victim is regressed to a state of an infant.
Then the torture resembles psychologically the ill-treatment in childhood. Rape is common, too, as an equivalent of sexual abuse in infancy. Being a human robot means to be mentally ill, means to be a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD). The difference between a “natural” MPD and a artificial,mind controlled MPD is, that the latter was consciously tailored by the controllers to whom the victim is tied by invisible unconscious chains. Many students in the field of psychology and psychiatry don’t believe that mind control is possible… and that is probably because they haven’t understood the basic concept:
MPD produced by a simulation of the natural conditions of its causes.
This is very important: Only if the natural conditions of the causesof MPD are reproduced, a human robot will work reliably. And that is a “must” in all clandestine actions.

 Freedom of Thought

It took me years to convince myself that I was a victim of mind control and I hope that I am able to make people believing my
story a little bit faster. Being asked why I go through all these horrors of mind control again by writing about it I can only say
that I have decided to fight against these methods because the most precious value mankind possesses is at stake: the freedom
of thought. Freedom of thought is the root of curiosity which is the fertile soil of creativity, joy of discovery, progress and even
love. Although I have heard about mind control projects concerning the whole society, I would rather argue that at the moment only a small number of people are affected. But nonetheless even mind control projects on a minor scale are dangerous enough.

I hope that the responsible politicians who have been lulled by mind control scientist with the seductive melody of fate control
of people will sooner or later recognize the true motive of these psychiatrists and psychologists. Deep in their hearts of stone
they know that for the rulers of our world mind control does not pay off, because it destroys the only productive capital they
have: the inventive human mind. But these scientists are conscious of the fact that in a legal frame no authority would allow them to experiment with people in the way they are permitted in clandestine operations. Above all mind control is a tragedy of science.

If God exists he would probably [allow] mankind to do almost everything — wars, destruction of nature, torture — because
he vested his creatures with the gift of free will. But I’m not of the opinion that God — let us assume his existence — gives
mankind the permission to compete with him in his own business: the creation of souls. I’m not a believer, I’m a sceptic.

Sometimes I define myself as an atheist. But some of my experiences during the process of mind control and later on made me inclined to believe that some kind of supernatural force tries to stop mind control in order to save the planet, because mind controlled human robots are a new species that will destroy the ecological balance on the earth if they become to numerous.
Mind control is probably much more dangerous than nuclear or chemical weapons. But these are philosophical questions far
beyond the scope of this report. This is not a general theory of mind control and not an autobiography. My aim is to convince
the reader that mindcontrol, that the production of human robots is not science fiction, because the methods necessary to ‘mind
control’ people are available. The question is whether they are really employed.
Before answering this question the reader should consider whether he believes his state [is] unscrupulous enough to do things like this secretly. Do any signs exist that the state is ready to violate the law in the name of national security? (I really doubt that “national security” is their true motive, more often than not “national security” seems to be a smokescreen term to justify totalitarism fascism or socialism, or ‘national socialism’ — as I really don’t see much difference between the two other than in the terms themselves. – Wol.) And vice versa– do any signs exist
that the democratic powers are strong enough to exclude governmental mind control? When I was mind controlled in a desert camp
in 1974, a visitor FROM GERMANY came to me in order to give me the opportunity to talk for the last time with a fellow countryman
shortly before my ‘execution’ (which of course was a mock execution).
It was a good looking young man round about 30. Afterwards he made an astonishing political career. Whenever I switch my TV on to watch the news the probability is very high to see his face. Whenever I see his face I am reminded who really rules my country [Germany]. Where mind control [is] concerned, the state acts like the Mafia or the Cosa Nostra.

The events I’m going to describe happened probably between the early 50’s and the early 80’s. My story is exclusively based on my memories.
There are three kinds of memories to consider:
True memories.
False memories produced by myself.
False memories hypno-programmed by the SCNS.
It is not easy to tell these three types of memories apart. Trying this I obey the following rules:
If the memories refer to absolutely necessary elements of the mind control process, I treat them as true memories or false hypno-
programmed memories — else I view them as self-deception.

If the memories are composed of elements extremely capable of disorientating myself or others or if they are suitable to repress true
memories, I believe them to be false and implanted by the SCNS.

If the memories refer to concrete, vivid and clear courses of action necessary to make mind control work, then I accept them as true.
If I remembered mind control processes considered as true — before I read or heard about things like that, I assess the truth of these memories as subjectively verified.

False memories can be implanted on top of extraordinarily severe traumas. Embedded in our mind there is a very archaic structure
responsible for self-preservation that functions beyond rational control. Everything connected with questions of self-preservation
will be checked by this highly emotional, primitive mental system.
Because memories control behavior and behavior can lead to dangerous situations, the self-preservation system controls our memories,too. Whether a traumatic event will be forgotten or not depends on how this systems evaluates its significance for self-preservation.

Here are some examples:

If someone has been bitten by a dog he will not forget this event so easily because the system of self-preservation believes that
remembering this will help him to avoid it in the future.

[Continued to part 2]


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  1. Hello My name is Johann Helgason`i m victim of Human Traffcking ,i was sold into sexual slavery in Iceland i got awy 2 years, i went to Europe they went after me there ,I m now in canda Bc Surrey im seeking imgration here this icelandic cult are after me here they wants me back ,they are all into`new wolrd order ,Mind control brain washing, and Microwave weapon, and many other thinks .

    Johann Helgason

    June 1, 2011 at 18:18

    • What is the nationality of this cult? How are they related to the iceland govt?

      Starkeep Potter

      May 28, 2012 at 02:31

  2. I looking for a copy of operation mind control 2nd edition 1994 by Walter Bowart. Sean.

    Sean Stinn

    August 22, 2012 at 06:23

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