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1. America’s Devolution into Dictatorship\

2. Surveillance State U.S.A. – Wholesale War on Dissent\

3. The Rise of The American Police State…/Rise-of-the-American-Police-State.pdf


NEIGHBORS TO FUSION CENTERS – Begins under Bush When He Rescinds anti-COINTELPRO
regulations – continues under Obama

UNREMITTING HARASSMENT was Started by the CIA and and the Office of the Vice President under Bush.

Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney General James Comey threatened to resign over a surveillance program of the U.S. between Sept. 11, 2001 and March 2004. No further information about this surveillance program implemented by the executive branch was ever revealed.

In July, 2009, a report compiled by 5 inspector generals revealed that President Bush signed off on a massive surveillance program after Sept. 11 whose primary architect was Former CIA Director Michael Hayden. John Yoo, Michael Hayden, and the Office of the Vice President were running the program “around the laws that Congress passed.”

We know how the Cheneys think:

We know about abuse by the CIA.

Was the surveillance program that John Ashcroft threatened to resign over, the FBI Director threatened to resign over, the Deputy Attorney General threatened to resign over – that the executive branch implemented – the same surveillance program cooked up by Former CIA Director Michael Hayden and run by Yoo, Hayden and the Office of Vice President Cheney? Was it the surveillance and harassment
program being reported today by targets of organized gang stalking?









Who will investigate charges that police, firemen, Neighborhood Watch Groups are using Organized Gang Stalking to harass and surveil people all over the United States? Are people being targeted because they are on the Left? Did Yoo, Hayden and the Office of the Vice President think people on the Left are terrorists?

It could start with being “reported” by a neighbor or firemen who are part of fusion centers. No due process. No chance to be informed of what has been said against you. The U.S. government has legitimized “personal vendettas.”

1. The target is put under conspicuous surveillance – by police, firemen, and Stasi-like gang stalkers using red cars, red trucks, or who wear or carry red.

2. It starts from the minute the target leaves her/his home – Same Time Exit/Entry is the standard gang stalking tactic – you go out – they are going out.

3. They use BEEPING – when you take the dog out – go in your yard – at other times.

4. They set off car alarms or have Citizen Stalkers use power equipment (leaf blowers etc.) in their yards, so that the target experiences a wall of NOISE if she tries to take a walk.

5. They have dogs jump out of car windows – let dogs off their leashes, run up at you – use dogs to intimidate.

6. They use NOISE to disturb sleep.

7. They use GPS to track you.

8. Red cars are at intersections – more often in front of you than in back of you.

9. They like to park red cars at the end of parking lots where they are noticed.

10. A gang stalker in red might be there when you exit a store or a red car or truck will pass just as you exit.

11. A gang stalker might be talking on a phone as they pass you by and say your name to the person they are speaking to.

12. They use children in gang stalking – even preschoolers, teenagers, old people, handicap people (the Stasi in East Germany also used children).

13. They get neighbors involved in the gang stalking to socially isolate the target and to gang stalk the target when they enter or leave their home, try to take out the garbage, pick up mail.

Written by rudy2

December 30, 2010 at 17:46

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  1. I am being extremley targeted and have been for a about 5 years. But it has gotten ALOT worse inthe past 5 months. Every thing mentioned above is true, except the wearing red thing. It consumes my life. They make it so obvious and turn there sirens on right in front of my house. Please give some advice to what i van do to make them stop some . 90 percent of the people following me have out of state tags or paper dealer tags. Should i hire a P.I. ? Please help.


    December 5, 2015 at 04:22

  2. I have many of the same problems with these people, but no one believes me. They ( my family) think I am crazy. They say ” they (police etc.) have more important things to do.

    Georgia Ueha

    April 15, 2016 at 03:23

  3. After reporting to the Leeds west yorkshire transpirt police harassment issues officer Stephenson from the transport police abused me and discriminated against me with several other police and ambulance which than involved the abusive social services. My entire life was wrecked by them and i never had any criminal background. The police in leeds are fraud and have caused me and my family nothing but grief. Prior to this my home was set on fire the police never investigated this. Since the transport police some private ambulance like ERS have targeted me through Gang stalking the entire area were i live began to participate, they used electronic harassment for 3 years the police and ambulances tormenting me at my home miss using their sirens with the only purpose to warn me they were monitoring what i was doing on my phone and laptop. You would think i had leaked NSA files this was me just googling trivial things. I have been followed by ambulances and police and the whole situation got so intrusive and orchestrated my family thought a local Media had been involved breaching all my human rights to torment me over a project i didnt want part in. It was the police and ambulances just abusing their powers on me. In a sickening way after 3 years of gang stalking were they enlisted residents to stalk and shop owners doctors and even online organisations to join in reminding me through different ways of being unlawfulky detained and abused i began to suffer from anxiety attacks ( as im typing this the extremely corrupt abusive ambulance crew have appeared down our street blasting off their Warning shit sirens) this could be classed a coincidence up until since 2015 they began to only blast their sirens to troment me near our home. If i was sending an email as if the bastsrd spent their time sat in their van watching on a phone or tablet what im doing online they would blast their sirens right when i would be typing the words Ambulance or police. When sending complaints about the police and ambulance they would show up near our home to intimidate me and warn me (we are monitoring your online activity) this intrusive and illigal bullying started in 2016 and has wrecked my life. The council MP and other counties are aware of their miss conduct in Leeds I have told them everything in to the Parliament. Nobody has put an end to this. They targeted every aspect of my life college careers online websites doctors dentist family controling everything and neighbours joining in monitoring me and harassing me. Even charities joined in breaching all their ethical laws and abusing their service to pass on my details to third parties. The gang stalking in leeds has gottten so bad my fsmiky member thought a media organisation was orchestrating alk this for some secret tv story. What this was is abusive council and police forces and social services abusing an innocent woman to cover up others harassment. Powerful individuals with enough money to pay for murders


    May 12, 2017 at 05:23

    • I believe you. I have been experiencing this since 2010. I aldo know of other people are experiencing the same thing by emergency services and they have gotten other people involved.


      October 7, 2017 at 01:51

    • I believe you. I have been experiencing this since 2010. I aldo know of other people are experiencing the same thing by the emergency services. It it very well organised and quite a lot of people are involved.

      Do you want to get in touch with me? Leave a reply to this posting.


      October 7, 2017 at 05:38

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