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ARTIFICIAL HF RADIATION FROM MICROWAVES causes changes in the proteins of the cell membrane (ENGLISH)

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Artificial HF radiation from microwaves causes changes in the proteins of the cell membrane, which trigger a signal that modifies the level of internal calcium, then activates enzymes and creates stress proteins. Enzymes first of all set off a chain reaction, then, if the signal persists, the stress proteins block several processes within the cell itself, such as the messages between brain cells called neuromediators, resulting in a change in brain activity. In addition, exposure of the brain to HF microwave radiation for more than 3 minutes causes an opening of the Brain-BloodBarrier. . It takes an hour to eliminate the stress proteins created by making a mobile phone call. For people who live close to a relay antenna and who are irradiated continuously, this period of rest and recovery is impossible.

Written by rudy2

December 13, 2009 at 03:01

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  1. To change the subject to something I can not explain, I think you just did so what next? Is a higher truth is the reason human beings have principles, or does a fools belief a position in space divided by time creates God with the reason a cow sees the slaughter house when they get there, because their a priori assumptions of belief that excludes the possibility of reason by a signal from the other side of their head is a babbling ego that apes the intellect, because the negative curvature of time is outside their sense of perception.


    December 22, 2017 at 06:08

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