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Randy Quaid flooded with suppressed Targeted Individuals’ blessings
November 3rd, 2010 1:11 am EDT 

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi are being flooded with messages from other American and Canadian Targeted Individuals following Quaid’s Vancouver press conference and Examiner’s article about their targeting hell. Examiner comments and emails to the writer express gratitude, solidarity and validation of the Quaids’ experiences of being targeted by US organized crime involving top government agencies operating with immunity and impunity.   …
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Written by rudy2

December 8, 2010 at 02:30

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  1. David Thornton’s Darpa Wifi Retina Eye Implant from monitor.

    I am posting this because Raymond won’t get his Gov Darpa Obama wifi microchip out of my eye!
    Unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!! They wifi your house.

    David Thornton’s / Howard Raymond’s – members you are being sold!
    I can’ believe Howard Raymond he says he is US. Darpa Totem Government he loves to torture members and laughs about it says he is from an invisible Democratic Darpa Adv. Alien Tech. Obama Warfare Research Dept.and is immune to any crimes he is government.

    Howard William Raymond, D. Thornton from Totem Entertainment last address lives at from 72310 Blueridge Ct.Palm Desert, CA..

    Raymond says they work for the government have a Gov Darpa one way monitor and can view members at all his porn sites. He owns most of them.

    Howard Raymond son of billionaire late Paul Raymond (King of Porn Darpa wified thousands of members in London 15 years)

    Raymond uses an invisible Darpa wifi retina-eye implant installed from your monitor with no cam of your own views, sells and records many members including famous celebrities but doesn’t show their face.

    Howard has a torturing wifi retarted 1st. Grade program and threaten’s you 24 hrs. A day with people you know.
    Raymond did a Wifi CA. Democratic Convention with C.Lauper’s and Obama’s voice in wifi torture 2012 Convention program in California last year.

    Raymond uses an unlisted Jay Leno Wifi Comedy Porn Club from 72310 Blueridge Ct.Palm Desert, CA.

    Crimes Raymond and US Gov.Darpa and Totem Entertainment committed against me.

    1. Invasion of Privacy and demonic mind possession from my monitor from his site he said

    2. Tortured me and my family for two years and sold our sex! He says he wifi’s your house to control the microchip implants.
    He uses electromagnetic energy from your wifi server and house.

    3. Death Threats he said my family and relatives were dying or dead in wrecks or in the hospital for a porn film promo.
    I had to follow my mother to church she was supposed to die with a heart attack or in a wreck but didn’t.

    4. Porn-hijacked my computer Raymond from gov. Totem says and uses a superior gov. Computer controller program to control any computer.

    Howard said Virtuagirl site was my computer’s monitor now and I couldn’t do anything about it.
    5. Howard tried to black mail me saying stand up and do it at or he will send my sex videos from my
    Room to the girls in my city and all over the Internet. He said he implanted girls in my city, S Texas.

    6. He wants to clear his Co. In selling illegal sex from my room for two years telling me this is the last day and chance I have to do it.
    To stand up and and say I want to do porn thank you for the money and software Jay Raymond – David. $100,000 or a million.

    7. He does wifi pressure point pain with painful heart attack palpitations several times and threatens me if I post he will crash
    My computer and ruin my life even more. Raymond virtualized my deceased father and tormented me with him.
    8. H. Raymond told me Dem. Darpa Wifi Bama will always have an invisible undetectable surveillance microchip in me and
    Will monitor everything I do like many others he said he has chipped, thousands in US and worldwide.

    Check links below, US Goverment Darpa invisble airplanes, tanks and programs – eye implants from your monitor.


    October 14, 2013 at 07:11

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Leacroft Witter I have been Exposed and a victim of organized secret society gangstalking, Electromagnetic Assaults, Electronic Harassment, Internet hacking of my

    cell phone and home electronics, Eavesdropping tactics etc for 3 yrs. The Harassment is very real and is being carried out every day by these perpertators for reasons of hate,

    jealousy, revenge, and insecurities.I was conspired against because of a relationship i left with a girlfriend and her daughter which, lasted 6 yrs. I became classified as a

    Targeted Individual immediately right after, which is a person being targeted by a group of individuals in society known as Perpertators or “Perps”. The Known perps that I am

    certain of is my next door neighbor and his neighbors and others that live along the same block of the neighborhood.i know that i am being plotted and conspired against. Some

    of these houses look abandoned and I am positively? sure about their werabouts. I have been watching these Perps for 3 plus yrs, which is the length of time this assault began

    now and i know there routines, and I have names and

    addresses of some of the perpetrators also. I can give descriptions and you could almost tell The way the houses are setup on the block including my home that they are staged

    to Harassing, stalking, as well as eavesdropping on people with hidden cameras and sound devices in the homes. I am a us citizen and I have come to understand through research

    that I have been covertly been bugged with a chip inside my body, a Bio chip of some sort and RFID implanted where I can hear these predators voices and they can hear and see

    my every move. I am constantly being harassed 24/7 everyday with intimidation tactics voice to skull wanting me to moving away from this area where these perps live carrying

    out these acts on citizens violating civil and human rights. I believe that this area was being used for years covertly even before me and family members moved here by these

    perps to carrying out the Harassing of citizens in the neighborhood that they don’t want living there. They are constantly Harassing me with microwave magnetic tracking

    devices and much more technology.This all began 3yrs ago after leaving a 6 yrs relationship I had with my Ex girlfriend and her daughter which I feel has something to do with

    my harassing, because immediately after i separated from my Ex i was attacked by these perps in attempt to make me move away from my Mothers house where the Baby father and his relatives also reside. I have come to understanding that I am being Conspired against by my Ex girlfriends Baby father and his relatives that are employed with Homeland security involvement and other secret agency covertly with the stalking, internet hacking of my personal electronics and info , electronic Harassment

    which deals with Electromagnetic, physcotronic radiation from Satellites and powerlines set up on these houses and government Satellites towers with by my Ex girlfriends baby father and his

    relative also other associates that could be ex military, police, and government involvement of some sort. These perps are always watching me and listening and Harassing me

    electronically with radiation because of the magnetic chip tracker inside of my body. I want to take legal action by issuing a lawsuit and would like to know how to begin the

    process. One of the Perps which is my next door neighbor which identity is a Neal Manning he is the relative of the baby father of my Ex girlfriend address 1011 East 223rd St in the Bronx, NY 10466, also 1009, 1005, 1007, I am positively

    sure that he and others at these addresses are some of the main suspects in my harassing and there neighbors along the whole block of East 223rd street, Bronx, Newyork 10466

    area, between Paulding and Laconia. I have been subjected to (OSEH)- Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment, which are methods used by Perps in targeting a specific person

    for the purpose of inducing harm and possibly death (DEW)- Direct Energy Weapon such as microwave pulp frequencies etc, (V2K)-Voice to skull device which is a weapon use for

    transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. I would like to report this urgent matter to the appropriate? authorities and agencies to get feedback on how proceed legally

    thanks. Also still ongoing currently being exposed and harrassed while working occupation fulltime Residential maintenance porter a citizen electronically, mind hacking, able to

    reading my thoughts as i think of anything, they are controlling metabolic activities in my body, uses of energy weapons, Satellite and Microwave devices giving off magnetic flux force beams to my fore head, frying brain cells and controlling my bathroom usage as well as physcology

    tactics to intimidate my overall well-being, indeed a violation in many ways of my amendment rights, civil liberties, human rights etc.

    Best regards,

    Leacroft Witter
    1013 East 223rd sreet
    Bronx, NY 10466


    May 13, 2017 at 08:25

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