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SABOTAGE and THEFT of VICTIMS’PROPERTY.Destruction of the relationships with families, friends and colleagues by way of LIES, SLANDER, BRIBES, and THREATS

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SABOTAGE and THEFT of VICTIMS’PROPERTY.Destruction of the relationships with families, friends and colleagues by way of LIES, SLANDER, BRIBES, and THREATS

Along with electronically applied pain, sleep deprivation, dissolution of memory, and other mind/body effects, there is frequent entry into the home, car, and workplace of the chosen victim.
Sabotage of property, thefts, and dirtying of premises are common. Electrical appliances can be made to malfunction, or fail FAR sooner than their normal life. Unusual noise from neighbours is common.
Destruction of family and other relationships by way of lies, bribes, and threats is a goal of the non-electronic phase of today’s “mind control”.



The perps will also run libel and slander campaigns. They will scandalize the target’s good name, using character assassination and defamation to destroy the personal and professional reputation of the target so that s/he will be compromised; discredited; unable to find work; blacklisted from employment in areas of professional training and expertise; or be fired from any job s/he holds. Thus s/he is unable to earn a living and will be shunned and ostracized, treated as a pariah by peers and colleagues.

The perps also do their damnedest to drive the target into poverty, bankruptcy and financial destitution. Thus the target is deprived of many of the basic necessities of life; cannot pay the bills; may lose his/her home; may lose vehicles so s/he is left without basic transportation; and/or is forced into an exhausting struggle just for minimal day-by-day survival.

They may arrange automobile or other ‘accidents’ intended to seriously injure or kill the target. Should the target survive the attempts on his life, the individual is still likely to be isolated, alienated from family and friends, unable to find emotional support or material assistance. They also want the target disabled and/or suffering from chronic illness, which they may create with continuous or repeated exposure to electromagnetic radiation; attacks with directed-energy (so-called “non-lethal”) weapons and/or by poisoning the target’s environment with chemical/biological warfare. They may also administer drugs or poisons surreptitiously through the target’s food and drink.

The perps may invade the target’s home (‘black bag jobs’) committing acts of theft (often of documents); tampering with the target’s property and/or installing surveillance bugs/phone taps.

They often engage in vandalism, destroying the target’s property. Slashing or placing screws in the tires of the individual’s vehicle is common, as is draining the oil, puncturing the radiator or cutting the brake lines.

Sabotage of computers is another tactic which can be done at the computer’s location in the target’s home or office; remotely through land lines; through electronic directed-energy devices or even by dedicated satellite.



Organized Stalking

.. scattering the target’s mail on their porch while the target is away at work. Or frequent, make believe, obviously sarcastic “wrong number” calls.
But at the opposite end of the range, you have surreptitious entry to the target’s home, car and workplace, with sabotage of belongings, and torture and even the death of pets. One target came home to find antifreeze in the dog’s dish, and the dog permanently blind. Some pets or wild animals are butchered and left on the target’s doorstep.
….Vicious lies are circulated in the community, and these lies do not stop. Such lies as the target is a prostitute, a drug user, a drug dealer, has a long criminal record, or the highly destructive favourite (applied to both men and women,) the target is a pedophile.
Sabotage, lies, and harassment happen at the workplace as well, and it’s not unusual for the target to be driven from a job. Once that happens, when the target looks for another job, the target is shadowed, and lies are fed to prospective employers. Some targets have been driven to homelessness, and a few have been driven to suicide.
….Along with the lies, endless sabotage of individually small, but cumulatively important belongings accompanies the surreptitious entries, which are done using locksmithing techniques. The target effectively owns nothing, because anything he or she owns is subject to being ruined.
Sabotage is carefully spaced out and held to relatively low individual value per incident, as are the thefts that also occur. A great deal of effort is put into planning the sabotage and thefts, and scheduling them so police will not take the complaints seriously.
Even the sabotage has a well planned psychological element: Clothing is often ripped open at sexually significant places like armpits and crotches. Can you imagine taking your underwear to the police station to report that someone broke in and ripped out all the crotches? Do you think the police would treat that as a crime worthy of their attention?
How long does this go on? With a literal handful of rare exceptions, for life. Because the stalking groups continue to recruit and grow indefinitely, there is no “tiring” of the stalker, as happens in single stalker cases.

Major theft of personal possessions, ie: computer and other valuable into the 1000s of dollars. Illegal entry into apartment, tampering with personal items, foodstuff, beverage


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July 13, 2010 at 19:31

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