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Jessica Wallace

15 June 2012 – 7:39pm / Canada


June 15, 2012


This information is now in the hands of millions of people across the globe. This is a shortened version of a fax which was sent. Millions of people world wide are also doing the same with their information.

Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a human brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who want to attack, control and slow-kill, murder people, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain to attack human body. Essentially, that person is staring at a gun barrel ready to kill.

This is an entirely new arsenal of military weapons, (intended only to be used on the enemy in time of war but is being illegally used on good citizens, innocent civilians). Psychotronic technology is based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body’s psychological and physical data-processing capabilities, and is used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and physical data-processing systems of the human organism. Using latest military technologies illegally they see what we see as in camera and thus steal everything from us! And at what cost to our eyes! Through my eyes, they constantly send me light flashes of various colors: white, red, and blue.

Scientology uses wireless psychotronic and wireless predictive mind control technologies, by illegally accessing human brains, our medical and private information wirelessly, (without our consent or informed knowledge) using person’s health and brain information. They, through the use of illegal wireless military technologies have all our information: pin numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, passport and visa information, our tax returns, how much money each of us has, where we live, our credit line, how much money we owe, our telephone numbers, who we talk to-they listen to our conversations, what we think, read, see, type, paint, create such as music, write and say, regardless of the security that had been installed at the universities, residences, government departments, or private businesses, including courts, hospitals, elections and law firms (they bypass security) ; (all of it is now in the hands of this the most dangerous world’s hate terrorist organization, stored on their hard drives) They have the ability to wirelessly alter all of the above. We need to find out where their equipment is located, where these hard drives are and destroy all of Scientology psychotronic and mind control technologies, shut them down completely. They are too dangerous. This is world’s biggest technological epidemic, millions of people are suffering, yet it is unacknowledged and unrecognized by the authorities and no provisions have been made by our governments to protect the victims and to stop this torture. I am one such victim; I’m Polish.

Scientology stole and copied our memories and knowledge, stored them on wireless technological servers or Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture including using EMF overhead radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with reels to supercomputers which listen and learn for the purposes of further torture attacks, using “yes”/”no” or “good cop, bad cop” technique, in essence taking out the middle, the person. They assigned us barcodes or I.P.s, human GPS.

Brian Mulroney, Conservative Party, (he is a lawyer) Canada’s former prime minister approved this on order by Scientology, for Canadian people without informing Canadians, in 1980s when he was Canada’s prime minister. After he was voted out from office, he sued Canadian Government and Canadian people for some trivial matter and collected 25 million dollars from the taxpayers. He must be sued and arrested for criminal warfare against his own people, because no provisions were made to protect Canadians. We would not be tortured and manipulated in a properly functioning legal, judicial, political and social system.

Jean Chrétien, also Canada’s former prime minister also supports Scientology. As far as I know, no laws had been written or provisions made to protect the public while he was in office, and we were not informed that they intended to do this to Canadians. Former Ontario’s minister, Harris also supports them, as does our current prime minister, Steven Harper. In Canada, Scientology does not have a ‘church status’; it is considered, and recognized in Canadian criminal courts as a criminal terrorist organization! Much of it is kept form Canadians in various cover up situations. Current Canada’s prime minister, Steven Harper also publicly supports Scientology criminal Corporation. The question is WHY?! This is criminal! Recently he illegally hired 6 new Ministers of Parliament without an election! We live in a democracy, not Nazi Germany! The government also approved $113,000 per month per homosexual immigrant for the first three months after the arrival to Canada; that’s $339,000 per person from 79 countries! See Toronto Star article. Have they all gone insane? Harper must be put on trial over this!

Former Canada’s Prime Minister, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau once said: “Governments have no business in the bedrooms of the nation”.

First Scientology attacked Poland, then Ireland, then former Czechoslovakia, then former Yugoslavia, then Greece, then California, then Ontario Canada, forced them into bankruptcy, and now they are going for the throats of all world’s taxpayers!

– Psychotronic wireless murder technologies
– Psychotropic prescription drugs
– Psychiatric medical methodologies – what does all of this tell you?! It tells me premeditated murder – INTENT! GENOCIDE!

There is no doubt in my mind that they are passing the costs of psychotronic attacks on me and the rest of the population onto the taxpayers.

Here are some of the websites with information about wireless psychotronic murder weapons and about victims. This is a very small partial list about these extremely dangerous to our humanity technologies (these are old technologies – the latest are still classified and kept from the public):– they are not actually stalking us, it is not actually stalking (they are stalking us as well); however, we are wirelessly connected to psychotronic computer servers, murder machines, which are making it look as if there are numerous people, when in fact, the programmers programmed psychotronic computer servers which are wirelessly connected to us to use numerous sounds, i.e. male, female, children’s voices; also, they are attaching themselves to all sounds at random, all numbers and words, then follow with a wireless hit to our bodies, usually painful, or signal to the genital area, at random as well, even when we urinate, and even in public washrooms in the stalls – anywhere we are located.
Sites about psychotronic information:
http://stodewnit.html– capable of weather changes, hurricanes, instant lightning

Most of the human body assault technologies were created and applied for patents by India’s technological scientists.

There is information on the Internet and internal universities etc. libraries about patents for these technologies, despite the fact that Scientology is hiding the latest, and is preventing us from accessing that information. They broke the Internet and are redirecting us to Scientology duplicated Internet sites, are blocking legitimate sites, preventing emails from reaching their destinations (Cogeco Cable keeps customers emails on their servers, reads through them, then decides if customers emails should be sent to the customers etc. (this is all illegal). We need websites created with all information about Scientology companies so that people don’t fall into their traps as I did. They have controlled Human Resources and Employment Agencies worldwide , everywhere for decades; they control public libraries. All Toronto Employment agencies are Scientology. They hire only for the purposes of firing. As soon as you start working for them, they start undermining. They do the same with politicians. First, they support them, elect them, then, immediately they start to undermine everything!

They are completely blocking all contacts with Sheridan College in Oakville; most contacts to Ottawa University, we are unable to connect to them.

Information about some of the patents for these wireless slow-kill murder machines technologies can be found on these websites: There are many such websites; many are now hidden.

There are legal problems with these technologies, patents and copyrights. It appears that no provisions were made to protect the public.

Some examples: These are old patents, there are numerous new patents.

Patent Number 5448501 – Hablov – wireless illegal GPS human tracking
Patent Number 3951134 – Molech – remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
Patent Number 4877027 – Microwave hearing remote hearing system
Patent Number 4858612 – Wireless hearing device No. 7-tracking people
Patent Number 6052336 – Lowley – Wireless method of broadcasting, audible sound using ultrasound carriers
Patent Number 5356368 – inducing wirelessly desired states of consciousness i.e. sleep or lack of – i.e. putting person instantly to sleep while that person is driving on the highway
Patent Number 5889870 – Norris – acoustic heterodyne device, method, sound interference, parasitic attachment by running secondary communication channels
Patent Number (?) (they removed patent number from my computer file – this patent was for situational awareness, wireless illegal surveillance systems
Patent Number 4893815 – Rowan – illegal wireless human GPS tracking, use of human illegal bar codes or IPs (this is only one such patent, there are many)
Patent Number 5785653 – predicting internal condition of human body wirelessly without person’s knowledge or consent, then making bets on it
Patent Number 6011991 – Mardiossian – same as above
Patent Number 5507291 – wireless method to determine person’s emotional state, also instant ability to change that state i.e. force that person to cry instantly, cause depression, aggression
Patent Number 553 – wireless communication system undetectable by radio frequency carried through carrier mediums including gases, liquids, solids, and reconnecting the sound waves back to the original audio system state
Patent Number 5935054 – encapsulating human body with wireless technology (painful)
Patent Number 59552600- wirelessly disabling car engine (on highways at high speeds)
Patent Number 6017302 – subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous system, sleepiness, disorientation, acoustic radiation
Patent Number 6051594 – affecting sexual response while they watch wirelessly and record; i.e. giving person orgasm while that person is sleeping, then waking that person to humiliate while they wirelessly watch, record then sell that information
Patent Number 7629918 – Hunting humans
Patent Number 6506148 – encapsulating people with wireless technology (painful)
Patent Number 6430443 – Instantly pushing down words – instantly forcing person to say something that person would not normally say; we have absolutely no control over this- we have no ability to stop it, even when we are aware that they are doing this to us
Patent Number 6258022 – changing emotions – same as above – they can force people to murder and rape
Patent Number 6135944 – encapsulating people with wireless electromagnetic technologies (very painful)
Patent to make people shake violently; symptoms resemble Parkinson’s – they removed patent number from my computer file (they did this to me numerous times)
Patent Number 5935054 – encapsulating people with wireless electromagnetic technologies (very painful) this is a very small list of such technological patents, and the list goes on ……

Scientology International Nazi satanic, terrorist, political cult, my next-door neighbors, Dams, Dutch terrorist family who participate in torture for profit experiments, (Cecil, Sybrich Dam, their children and grandchildren), (Dams’ son is in Michigan) members of Dutch “Christian Reformed Church” on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, along with their cohorts, the police, medical profession have been using wireless psychotronic mind control technologies illegally on me and millions of Canadian, US and world-wide citizens. They illegally wirelessly assigned us barcodes or people PIPs or human GPS and attached us to psychotronic supercomputers onto which our memories and knowledge were illegally, without our knowledge copied and are being used to attack us 24/7, whether you know it or not. They start out this process slowly stalking people for decades, so we wouldn’t notice, and increase their attacks in intensity as years progress, always wirelessly and in person stalking. They illegally physically accessed and damaged, scarred our brain stems. This can all be proven.

Dutch Scientology members in Holland, now intend to erect twin towers to be joined and to resemble New York Twin Towers just after New York was attacked on 9/11. The world is outraged! Show Holland what should be done about that! Why do all fax numbers for Holland Michigan High School end in 91? See
Through decades of programming and mind control, they now elected in France a new president named: Hollande.

Scientology keeps their members in the dark, feeding them only one steady diet of Scientology and nothing else and many members have no idea of the horrendous terror they have inflicted on our humanity. Many of those who know, are willing participants in these atrocities for their profit. Others are afraid of them and are looking the other way. This is the worst thing that any one of us can do. We are connected to wireless murder machines, and they intend to kill us all – we might as well fight them, if we don’t, we don’t have a chance of ever surviving – we will always remain their slaves, our children will be their slaves, and our grandchildren as well. We are all at risk.

Some of the illegal (intended only to be used by the military in case of war on the enemy, but are being used on innocent civilians) technologies Scientology Nazi terrorist, satanic, political cult organization have been using are: EMF, (overhead, wireless radiation – because of that fertility has decreased in North America), NRM, V2K, Silent Sound, SIGNALS, DEW, ELF, SIGINT, VDI, EBL, 3D Speech and sound, and numerous others. Dams, Dutch terrorist family, my next-door neighbors, who reside on Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada have modified microwave equipment and have been “cooking” my body with microwave radiation coming directly from their house; Dams have also been using modified radar guns, and stun guns on me. And they have been doing this to me and others continuously for decades. They are constantly raping me by sending wireless signals to my genitals. I moved numerous times, they followed. People have moved countries and even continents, only to find out that Scientology Nazi satanic, political, terrorist cult using the above wireless technologies and others, and in person followed them and continued their vicious, inhumane attacks, always with the aid of police, social and medical profession to cover up their wrong doing. They even attacked people in Hollywood, music industry, arts industry – anyone who is in a creative profession.

First, they attack their victims with wireless technologies, then, they extort money from them, and attempt to sell them séances, and tell their victims that it is their dead attempting to contact them.

Partial list of symptoms of these technologies: painful needle like wireless hits to the body, usually to the eyes, followed after I either think, hear or say something they don’t like, cause false heart attacks by enlarging my heart, painful signals sent to the brain, tingling anywhere in the body, (usually the legs), severe itching, constriction of throat, esophagus, coughing, feeling of invisible static electromagnetic cage field around the body, (this is very painful), feeling of being accessed in the genital area, (technological rape), visual disturbances, loss of fertility because of radiation, instant hair loss, loss of creativity and productivity, chronic fatigue, injection of words, allergies, nasal stuffiness, manipulation of emotions, such as instant crying, instant aggression, anger, instant urination usually in public places to embarrass, eye irritation, reading of thoughts remotely, connecting individuals wirelessly to psychotronic supercomputers, murder machines, and running relays between psychotronic servers which listen and learn to reprogram for further attacks on an individual, (slow-kill murder), controlling sleeping patterns i.e. either put the person instantly to sleep while that person is driving on a highway at high speeds, or constantly attack, prevent that person from sleeping to cause disease, cause severe itching all over the body or in difficult to reach places such as inside ears etc., cause imbalance, falls; move body parts such as arms, legs, head, and even to cause people to give themselves a black eye or a bruise (even while that person is asleep – I have bruises on my arms and legs), wirelessly lift a human body then throw that person violently to the ground, cause severe pain anywhere in the body such as: spinal cord, give extremely painful back-aches; pain in kidneys, pancreas, bones, soft tissue, teeth (even when teeth or limbs have been removed – they do this to soldiers whose limbs have been removed); pain in the soft tissue, anywhere in the body; mimic all diseases such as MS and Parkinson’s because they are accessing our brains constantly; cause mental and physical diseases; wirelessly remove information about human body and brain send that information to Scientology wireless psychotronic supercomputers which rework that information, then put that reworked information back into our brains for a slow-kill wireless murder technique to cause disease and to call it natural causes death. Scientology does it all for events and sells those events for profit, just as they are causing fires, air plane crushes all for “reality shows” or “events”! Scientology is our humanity’s biggest cancer.

They attack our planet with wireless technologies capable of causing earthquakes, change weather conditions, cause tornados, instant lightning (etc. – all of it for their profit), and call it natural disasters. See (HAARP) technologies and others capable of creating earthquakes, tornados, instant lightning, and others. This is all done for profit reality shows. And the cost to insurance companies??? They have increased our insurance rates because of this!

As well we are being attacked in person by constant idiotic Scientology “street theatre” , public “reality shows” which are another form of terrorism (without our knowledge or permission). Scientology wireless for profit “events” such as police abducting innocent citizens, (police kidnapped me six times in a decade at a cost of a million dollars to Canadian taxpayers; once, the cop said to me: “And now, we will barter with Ms. Wallace. I had no idea what he was talking about. Now, I realize they kidnapped me for Scientology “reality shows” and in an attempt to enlist me into their cult to cover up previous experiments on me); by removing people from their own premises, then illegally taking them to Scientology doctors in hospitals at an incredible cost to the taxpayers. (Once the police drilled right through my front door lock, another time they dragged me from my house in a nightgown). Dams’ Dutch terrorist family have been stealing money from African Aid Relief Funds through Scientology front group, Dutch Christian Reformed “church” on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Many of Scientology Nazi satanic terrorist political cult members work for Canadian government and other governments, and hide under numerous disguises. They are illegally wirelessly recording their attacks on me and other people then sell that information and do not report revenues from profits, because how could they?! Scientology Nazi satanic cult is stealing intellectual property from all of us using wireless mind control technologies, and is illegally affecting the results of elections, dissertations (who gets university degree), legal wills, contracts, property ownership, judicial decisions – who gets to go to prison and who gets to be released, weather conditions, sports events – using RNM, DEW, VDI and numerous other military wireless technologies etc. If you do a search on the Internet on each individual technology I have listed above, it will explain to you how these technologies work.

Some of the wireless microwave carriers they have been illegally accessing are: Dishevel/Bippsie, Psi/DET, LZI, LZII (algorithms), Antarctic Relay, UN Belgium subset, CIA Beta, CIA Russel, FBI Brother, Kortech Kpsi, Reticulan (all), UN Metric, Liberati, Russian T 2 8, All Carriers (tarball).

My next-door-neighbors, Dams, Scientology members put me in a wireless technological torture chamber, or Nazi Auschwitz 49 wireless concentration camp, are bombarding my body with wireless overhead EMF radiation technological attacks which physically hurt my body as well as next-door microwave radiation coming from Cecil and Sybrich Dam’s house on Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada from modified microwave ovens, modified stun and tazer guns etc. I moved five times in a decade, they continued to follow and continued their attacks physically, in person and using wireless human body attack psychotronic technologies slow-kill murder. Scientology, my next-door neighbors, Dams turned my life, my body, my brain, my current residence at 7055 Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada into a wireless psychotronic slow-kill murder, Auschwitz-49 Nazi concentration camp! This was planned decades ago. In 1987, they created Lotto 649 in Ontario. “Six” stands for Satanism, “49” stands for Auschwitz 49 Nazi concentration camp. In 1987 Brian Mulroney was Canada’s prime minister, member of Conservative Party, and Steven Harper, Canada’s current prime minister, also member of the Conservative Party was Chief Policy Officer for now defunct Reform Party.

In 1987 Cecil Dam, my now next-door neighbor, attempted to murder me on Highway 53, Garner Road, Ancaster, Ontario Canada. He drove a huge tractor trailer rig; I was coming at night from Mohawk College going to my home in Ancaster in the middle of the storm. We were going in the opposite directions. He was driving behind another rig; he crossed into my lane and attempted to force me off the road. I refused to get out of his way. I now realize, that Dams and Scientology arranged my life situations in such a way, that I would now live next door to Dams, all because I am Polish. In 1987 I knew nothing about Dams or Scientology, I didn’t even know they existed.

People who are being attacked by Scientology and Dams, have moved countries even continents, not realizing that they already also were in their own, individual , Auschwitz-49 Nazi concentration camps which follow them; Scientology continues to follow them and continue their torture attacks on all of our humanity. They constrict my throat, send wireless signals to my stomach (my stomach hurts all the time), physically hurt me, constantly send numerous wireless messages using numerous wireless communication channels, make my ears constantly itch inside, constant body assault, psychotronic and dangerous mind control technologies to my brain directly to my ear canal on both sides of my head and directly through to my brain, direct to skull, using Silent Sound Technologies. They attack me all night and prevent me from sleeping. They torture me when I try to take a shower. They encased me in an electromagnetic invisible wireless torture chamber, I feel technologies around me all the time, they stalk me; it is worse at home because Cecil and Sybrich Dam are next door and they use police programmers through their corrupt son-in-law, member of Caledonia Ontario Provincial Police who resides in Fonthill, Ontario Canada to reprogram their attacks on me. Once, they woke me up from sleep (when I was still able to sleep), and screamed at me: “Are you going to join us now?!” And they are doing this to millions of people world-wide! We now have Sleep Hotels, (that’s what they did to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson – sleep murders) and Psychotronic protection hotels!

Scientology attacked Poland, forced 1.5 million people to move to Ireland where there are no corporate taxes, and thus further enslaved them. Polish people are in perpetual trauma as I am the world does not know about it and governments and national security authorities are not helping us. Scientology inflicts the most horrendous trauma on people, yet, Dams and all Scientology members, themselves are afraid of their own physical pain. Now, because of that fear and because they now know they will not get away with all of the atrocities they inflicted on our humanity, they are attempting to change, through UN, death penalty law in the United States- don’t let them; let death penalty stay as is.

Scientology, Dam Dutch terrorist family (Cecil and Sybrich), uneducated and unintelligent, corrupt, unethical people, their son-in-law a corrupt Caledonia Ontario Provincial Police and local police have the ability to change through the use of wireless technologies the outcome of elections, dissertations and who gets university degree using these technologies. They have been attacking athletes, making bets on the outcomes first, (thorough bookies and casinos), as has Soros, (he first bets on war situations, then creates them); then using illegal wireless human body assault and mind control technologies make sure the outcomes of sports events are in the favor of Scientology Nazi cult, Dams Dutch terrorist family, numerous cohorts and police according to how they bet through casinos and bookies. There is no point buying lottery tickets or going to casinos, everything is set up in Scientology Corporation’s favor. Everything, everywhere is preprogrammed in Scientology favor – you are wasting your money if you do.

They even attacked Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps a couple of years ago by wirelessly causing depression and lethargy in him for several months. And most recently, they attacked pilots of F32 – Jeremy Gordon and Captain Wilson of Virginia National Guard- all for Scientology and Dams’ reality shows using illegal mind control psychotronic and other such wireless latest military technologies illegally – see latest 60 Minutes show.

Using these wireless technologies Scientology is programming people to either commit suicide or murder other people or do both – all for their for profit, illegal terrorist “reality shows”.

Here is a list of people who committed suicide while willingly participating in reality shows:…. This is a partial list of willing participants of reality shows who either committed suicide, attempted suicide, or murdered other people:

1. American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson’s mother and two other family members were brutally murdered in Chicago in October 2008.
2. American Idol contestant, Paula Goodspeed, who didn’t make it through the audition process, committed suicide in front of AI judge Paula Abdul’s house in November 2008.
3. The day he auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2010, Joe Finley’s wife Laura was found brutally murdered in the hotel where the show was being filmed.
4. Former Bachelorette contestant Julien Hug shot himself in the head in 2010 after leaving a suicide note for his girlfriend and driving to the desert in California.
5. Captain on The Deadliest Catch, Phil Harris, suffered from a stroke and the reality star tragically died in 2010.
6. Survivor producer Bruce Beresford Redman has been ordered back to Mexico to stand trial for the murder of his wife Monica, whose body was found in a sewage drain in their luxury hotel in April 2010.
7. Amy Winehouse Joins Other Dead Rockers In Macabre ’27 Club’
8. Former Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant Ryan Jenkins committed suicide in August 2009 in a Canadian hotel room after brutally murdering his wife Jasmine Fiore and dumping her mutilated body in a suitcase in California.
9. Danny Bonaduce’s suicide attempt in 2005 was captured by cameras for his reality show Breaking Bonaduce in an emotional episode with his wife Gretchen.
10. MTV Punk’d producer Gabriel Ben Meir was brutally shot in the back of the head in May, 2011 by two robbers a block away from his home in Los Angeles.
11. Shacknai Death Mystery — Cops To Review Hospital Surveillance Video
12. Joseph Cerniglia jumped to his death from George Washington Bridge in New York City in 2009, two years after being on Gordon Ramsay’s volatile reality show Kitchen Nightmares.
13. Rachel Brown, a contestant on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, shot herself in 2007 after appearing on the show.
14. Kellie McGee committed suicide after she made cruel remarks about her sister before her appearance on reality show Extreme Makeover 2005. And the list goes on …..

San Diego suicides: year 2011 – 392; year 2010 – 372; year 2009 – 377, year 2008 -366.

Suicides of sports figures connected to illegal, unknown to them wireless Scientology reality shows and mind control psychotronic technologies: Fred Anderson (baseball), Doug Ault, Marty Bergen (baseball), Lyle Bigbee, Del Bissonette, Fred Bratschi, Drummond Brown, Hugh Casey, Chet Chadbourne, Ed Crane (baseball), Pea Ridge Day, Charlie Dexter, Terry Enyart, Mike Flanagan (baseball), Benny Frey, Bill Gannon (baseball), Harvey Hendrick, Willard Hershberger, Charlie Hollocher, Wattie Holm, Hideki Irabu, Arthur Irwin, Terry Larkin, Con Lucid, Jimmy McAleer, Dan McGann, Edgar McNabb, Jim McElroy (baseball), Win Mercer, John Mohardt, Donnie Moore, C. Morgan, Johnny Niggeling, Hiroyuki Oze, Stan Pitula, Brian Powell, Jake Powell, Morrie Rath, Wally Roettger, Fraley Rogers, Dick Scott, Charlie Shoemaker, Chick Stahl, Virgil Stallcup, Craig Stimac, Luke Stuart (baseball), Patsy Tebeau, Dan Thomas, Ike Van Zandt, Murray Wall (baseball), Ralph Works, Paul Zahniser and the list goes on……

Scientology, wirelessly using psychotronic technologies, first programs people for decades, and events – make bets on us and “events” sets up situations, everything for it to happen, then, they continue their in person and wireless vicious attacks in person and wirelessly humiliate people, and force them to commit suicide – it is all in the wireless programming and Scientology tech; otherwise, the way they do things. They tell people to either commit suicide or join them. They have been constantly doing this to me; telling me to jump into the Niagara Falls.

Using these illegal wireless psychotronic military technologies they are sending me messages to either join Scientology (for their cover up), or commit suicide. They are constantly wirelessly sending me messages: “decision”, “we are legal”, “we are company for you”, “reality show”, “we are harassing each other”. Using military technologies they have the ability to disable all car components, all technologies, all machinery. They are running secondary channels and are tunneling through all technologies, and thus are stealing from all of us. Because of that, what we see and hear is not always what radio or television intended to inform us of, (even in private conversations, what is understood by us) using wireless technologies they are defrauding us.

Using wireless technologies they forged legal documents in California (and everywhere), and claimed that there was a law that one cannot say anything against a church. THEY LIED! There never was any such thing. We live in a democracy, not a totalitarian regime (yet), much as they would like it to be. And since when is a Nazi Party satanic cult political mafia organization that is attacking our whole humanity a church?! Collect back taxes from them! They now call children in legal language “issues”, by forging legal language. In Canada, Scientology does not have a ‘church status’; it is considered, and recognized in Canadian criminal courts as a criminal terrorist organization! Much of it is kept form Canadians in various cover up situations.

Scientology International Corporation stole so much money from pensions, that now, they intend to displace world’s seniors and force them to return to their respective countries of origin to cover up their activities and for further control. Using these illegal technologies they have the ability to cause and mimic all deceases including cancer. And they do all this with the help of police, the medical and social professions, pharmaceutical companies and governments. They participate on an enormous scale in human trafficking, abductions, pedophilia, street drugs and prostitution situations. Their intent is to turn all of our humanity into slavery. (By illegally assigning us barcodes or numbers they already have turned us into their slaves and consider us wireless for profit “products” , just as Nazis did to Polish people and Jews during the Second World War). They physically damaged our brain stems, scarred them, and assigned each of us numbers, barcodes, PIP (people I.P.) human GPS within our bodies. (this can be proven). They keep putting this website everywhere: See: to legitimize what they had done – “in your face” ideology i.e. “yes, we did it, what are you people going to do about it”? Everything you can do with a “product” they can do with people and worse. They consider us their “possessions” or Scientology properties! Check out patents for these technologies; information is out there. They are even attacking nurses, patients and visitors in hospitals.

All our emotions, moods, and thoughts have a specific brain frequency, which has been catalogued and now is on Scientology Nazi satanic cult wireless supercomputers’ hard drives. And there appears nowhere for us to get help to disconnect us from Dams’ family and Scientology wireless psychotronic supercomputers. ( I think one of the psychotronic hard drives is next door at Dam’s residence), another is at 1285 Ontario Street, Burlington, Ontario apartments owned by Ontim Investments – Scientology Corporation; Questica programming company in Burlington, Ontario; Cogeco Cable, Source Cable, Earthlink Cable etc. Canadian laws do not appear to protect us from these vicious attacks on our bodies and minds. When we seek help, we are being further victimized. Scientology organization is criminally liable as are my neighbors!

Scientology is a dead society living parasitically off human and social flesh. Scientology is an offshoot of Jonestown Ghana cult of decades ago when 950 cult members committed suicide while their leader, Jones escaped. Arab Aviation is now denying landing privileges to 295 Scientology airlines to land in Ghana, Angola, Congo, Djibouti, Guinea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kurgyz, Liberia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Gabon, Phillipines, Sao Tome, Principe, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. Scientology is wirelessly on all flights – they followed me from Niagara Falls, to Pearson Airport in Toronto, Ontario Canada to Air Canada airplane and to Los Angeles and back to Canada. Extreme security and safety risk, a terrorist threat! How can we safely fly?!

Scientology distributed computer tablets to their members onto which our thoughts, what we read, hear, type, see, write, paint and think is instantly displayed regardless of where they, and we are because it is wirelessly transmitted. Learning, productivity and creativity drastically decreased across the globe because of these attacks. They are stealing from all of us – everything!

Scientology tells its people to quit school, quit jobs, go on welfare and attack, harass, steal what they can, disrupt everything, and use wireless technologies to attack people. This is an extremely toxic, venomous, totalitarian regime! Using wireless technologies they scare people by wirelessly projecting holograms, such as heads on a platter, or SUVs blocking driveways – terrorism. (look up patents for these technologies). They have whole communes living in apartment buildings doing this – they attack everyone. There are 500,000 such unemployed people in Hamilton, and another 500,000 unemployed in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada attacking our population. They, using latest wireless technologies have the ability to wirelessly steal physical objects without having to enter the premises; delete, alter and steal whole computer data bases even when the computers are not turned on. And at what cost to the taxpayers, businesses and our society?!

Some of these technologies and hard drives are located next door at Dams Dutch terrorist family, on Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario; their cohorts Gary and Patricia Ward on Paisley, Dominic Delazari on Parklawn, Vantright on Parklawn, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada ( neighbors); some at 1285 Ontario Street, Burlington, (former landlord) Ontario Canada apartment buildings owned by Scientology front group, Ontim Investments; [they had a huge, enormous shipment of extremely sensitive electronic computer equipment delivered to that location just before 9/11 attack on the United States], also at another Scientology front group: Questica technology programming located in Burlington (former employer) , Ontario Canada; Cogeco Cable-Burlington (former employer) partly owned by Rogers Cable, Niagara Falls, Quebec and US; Source Cable, Earthlink, Mountain Cable, (Hamilton), Blast Radius Programming,(Toronto) (former employer) MedBroadcast, British Columbia; Coast-to-Coast, Mc Master University and Hospital, McMaster University chemistry professor whose education consists only of grade 13, but teaches 4th year medical students, David Santry (former employer who poisoned me with cyanide) and his two sons who are graduates of McMaster University Computer Sciences program: James and Douglas, and Boris Koehler (former classmate) are involved in the attacks. Mc Master University Hamilton Ontario Human Rights Department fax number 905 522 7102.

Scientology, Dams terrorist family and cops using illegal wireless technologies are able to completely incapacitate person instantly, throw that person, and pin them down and murder instantly at will.

Several times they threw me wirelessly onto concrete floors in supermarkets, once at Food Basics in Burlington, once at No Frills, Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, once outside my residence in Stoney Creek, Ontario; and several times at my own residence in Niagara Falls. The store was not responsible, Scientology woman who walked into the store, used a wireless hand-held device capable of doing that. I did not inform the store. Several times they threw me down the stairs at my residence. Now, they threaten that if I attempt to do maintenance work at my residence, and get up on a ladder, they will again throw me down to the ground.

They have also been threatening me that if I attempt to climb a ladder and attempt to do maintenance on my residence, they will again throw me down to the ground and perhaps this time kill me. Other times, they threw me several times into a bathtub and wirelessly kept me there. They attached technological wireless reels to me and millions of people and connected them to supercomputers for non-consensual mind control experiments, profit, maiming and death, slow-kill murders, usually after they criminally profited or completed their (decades long) experiments for which they got paid. They are constantly wirelessly in my house and everywhere I go, even out of the country, and are illegally wirelessly recording everything I do for their “customers”. You might consider finding out who their customers are – getting that list then post it on several sites on the Internet, so that people don’t fall into their traps as I did. They are blocking all negative information about Scientology on the Internet. They constantly rape me by sending psychotronic signals to my genitals and download numerous dreams of their choice i.e. Himler dream, all dreams are to torment; push down “Hitler” word every time I swallow.

They use these illegal technologies by wirelessly downloading messages and wireless signals to people, wirelessly project holograms into people’s houses such as cut off heads on a platter, or SUVs blocking driveways, people in bedrooms at night, then, they tell people that it’s their dead family members, or evil spirits who are contacting them and attacking them, then, using wireless technologies and various pre-recorded voices and images, Scientology extorts, demands money from people for séances, and for “protection” and attempts to get these people into an occult. Everything they do is hate, terror, rape, theft, damage and fraud. They rape children and girls to input their seed into them. They have been telling me to get out of my property because they are taking over my house. Everything this organization does is illegal, murder, theft, rape and terror.

They installed illegal microwave towers all over the place and are running secondary mass mind control communication channels over top of regular cellular communication channels for mind control of population. What Scientology Nazi satanic cult, Dam Dutch terrorist family and cops have done to me and other people is inhumane, in violation of all known human rights, treaties and laws, and unconstitutionally used on me and the public sector. This is the most horrendous war crime against our whole humanity. Everything they can do to any product, they can do to people and worse! They consider us their “products” and thus their properties from which they profit! They are using us for a mass money laundering world operation using information within our bodies and brains!

Scientology, Dam terrorist family, cops, stole and copied our memories and knowledge and stored them on Memory Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture using EMF overhead wireless radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with wireless reels to supercomputers which listen, learn, reprogram themselves for further attacks. These technologies must be immediately shut down and destroyed! We must be disconnected from them!

Psychotronic murder weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and physical data-processing systems of the human organism. Dams, Dutch terrorist family, cops and Scientology are constantly raping me by sending signals to my genitals, constrict my throat, and constantly send signals to my stomach and the whole body. The whole Dam Dutch terrorist family is attacking me including their grandchildren. My body hurts all the time. My stomach aches, my throat is constricted. Dams are always with me wirelessly attacking my body and sending messages to me despite the fact that I told them to get out of my house and my life continuously. I installed additional fences, and changed locks five times, because Dams were also physically breaking into my property, stealing from me and damaging my property; they refuse to leave me alone. I neither have privacy, peace, health, sleep, rest or security.

Because of Scientology psychotronic murder machines, we now have Sleep Hotels, and Psychotronic Shelter Hotels. First, they attack us by preventing us from sleeping, then they profit again from their criminal actions; to Scientology, this is the norm, it’s their tech.

Scientology hired webmasters for Internet websites, copied government websites, broke links, redirected traffic to their own, stole emails, prevented them from reaching their destinations, retrieved faxes wirelessly, altered their content, deleted them wirelessly or copied them etc. They are even able to wirelessly steal physical objects without having to enter premises, including banks, stock markets, (I was offered a computer network position on TSE – Toronto – I turned them down because of lack of security), other financial institutions, law firms, courts, (all of it), and they are even able to lift human body wirelessly. They did this to me and then screamed: “Are you going to join us now?!” They are inside everything, governments, stock markets, law firms, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, churches etc. and are undermining everything, splitting up families, separating children from parents, abducting people, viciously attacking all of us, especially children, they are illegally removing children from their parents, instigating wars, causing trouble everywhere etc. This is an extremely dangerous, venomous cult. If they are not stopped, this is the end of our humanity! They are pushing our whole humanity over the cliff into an abyss!

They attacked children and young people with savage viciousness and are in the process of taking out governments, student unions – everything. They hide in numerous so called “churches” even in shopping malls. Get yourselves out of Twitter and Facebook! They control Twitter and Face Book and collect all information from text and other communications to use it against us for mind control.

Scientology, Dam Dutch terrorist family, Ravensburgens another Dutch terrorist family which owns Ravensburgers Wholesale in Grimsby, Ontario Canada, cops, using these illegal wireless technologies are accessing athletes, pilots on airplanes, (see plane crash in Amherst, New York state in 2009, which flew into one house only, 50 people were killed; also flight 1549 landing on Hudson River in 2009 – done for Scientology and Dams’ Dutch family “ reality show events”.)

Also, using mind control technologies they illegally access people operating heavy machinery, driving cars, and even inside nuclear plants. As far as these people are concerned, the gorier the better for them (for their reality show “events”). Dams’ son is in Michigan; their corrupt son-in-law, who is a corrupt Caledonia OPP cop lives in Fonthill. These people are unintelligent, terrorists, unethical and uneducated. Cecil Dam is a retired truck driver, Sybrich Dam is a store clerk, yet they have access to extremely dangerous technologies.

Scientology members have these technologies in their cars, trucks, mobile homes, motorcycles, vans etc. and drive around murdering, raping, stealing and attacking, torturing people with wireless technologies and wirelessly recording everything.

Scientology infiltrated all churches, they put their own people through RC church which they infiltrated into the First Nations residential schools to take down the Roman Catholic church, attacked the First Nations’ children from within. They opened a Dutch Roman Catholic church in the United States, then castrated several young men in an effort to take down the RC church.

Holland now plans to erect twin towers, and to connect them to resemble New York Twin Towers as they looked immediately following 9/11 attack; the whole world is outraged! Show Holland what should be done about that!

Scientology attacked Poland and Polish people, forced 1.5 million of Polish people to move to Ireland where there are no corporate taxes, and thus forced them further into slavery. Scientology Nazi satanic cult terrorist organization put Polish people in their own individual, specific to them psychotronic wireless torture chambers – Auschwitz-49! I am Polish. Money is still owing to Poland and Polish people for that which Nazis did to us! Poland, and Polish people were never compensated, they never received any restitutions for the atrocities inflicted both on the country and Polish people by Hitler and Nazis during the Second World War and since to this day. Polish people, also were either murdered where they were, or put into the gas chambers by Hitler; women were mutilated by Nazi medical experiments, yet no one fought for them. Nazis illegally used Polish land for their Nazi concentration camps in an attempt to turn the world against Poland. Poland has always been the forgotten country. The world has always looked the other way, and it does now.

German occupied Poland was a prison-like territory. It contained more than 430 camp complexes. Some of the major ones, such as Stutthof and Auschwitz consisted of dozens of subsidiary camps scattered over a broad area. The number of subcamps under Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II (Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was forty-eight (48). Their detailed description is provided by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

The camp system was one of the fundamental institutions of the Nazi regime, and with the invasion of Poland became the backbone of German war economy and the state organized terror. The racist policies of the Third Reich against Slavs and other “undesirables” filled the labor and concentration camps from the first days of occupation. The deliberate maltreatment, starvation, overwork and executions of prisoners amounted to ethnic cleansing. Between 1941–1942, the concerted effort to destroy the Polish people including those of other European nationalities led to the creation of death camps, constructed for the sole purpose of extermination. It was only after the majority of Polish and Jewish people from all Polish ghettos were annihilated that the gas chambers and crematoria were blown up in a systematic attempt to hide the evidence of the crimes. The Nazi Germans turned Auschwitz Konzentrationslager into a major death camp by expanding its extermination facilities. The ovens working around the clock till November 25, 1944; were blown up by the orders of SS chief Heinrich Himmler himself.

When I worked in Technical for Scientology (unknown to me until later) through Cogeco Cable, they sent gas smells in my work area the whole time I worked there. This is terrorism, hate crime and persecution! Cogeco Cable, also using wireless human body murder psychotronic technologies for two weeks sent extremely painful signals to my spine. I continued to work despite an excruciating pain, standing up because I was unable to sit.

Scientology recently attacked Ukraine, then demanded protection, extortion money from Ukraine to stop the attacks, just as Dams, the Dutch terrorist Dam family have been demanding from me. Dams have been threatening that they will blind me and hurt my family.

We have informed Interpol, 58 locations of FBI; Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany; CSIS, RCMP,IRS, Canada Revenue Agency, all members of Canadian Senate, all members of the United States Senate, all US Congress members, all Ministers of Canadian Parliament, 40 Class Action Law Firms, Intellectual Property and Copyrights, CRTC, Fintrac, The First Nations, International Red Cross, Geneva Convention, International Criminal Court; Christian, Buddhist communities; Polish, Jewish, Irish, Scottish, Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Pilipino, Latin, Spanish, Chech communities; seniors organizations, veterans, Boys and Girls Scouts, Navy and Army Cadets, youth organizations, child protection agencies, adoption agencies, human trafficking organizations, newspapers, radio stations, television stations, mayors, cities’ councilors in all cities, individual departments government employees, student unions, student governments, sororities, fraternities, alumni, sports teams, human rights and social and criminal justice organizations, all universities, all high schools, middle schools, grammar (lower level) schools, (worldwide), journalist schools, law schools, school boards, parent-teacher associations, the military, tourism industry, wine industry, all sports associations, all car dealerships, all supermarkets, insurance companies, mineral and seafood industry, the Vatican etc., Canada and the United States and world wide. We have also asked country of Qatar and Kuwait to come on board to fight this evil. (Please unite to fight this evil). We need help with proving who and how is attacking us, and with disconnecting us from Scientology psychotronic wireless murder servers, destroy these very dangerous to our humanity technologies, their murder machines; we need help with cutting our wireless cords from them, otherwise they will murder us all . We don’t want Scientology Satanic Nazi Party in our lives.

They went after children with savage viciousness and have sold books with subliminal brainwashing messages to public libraries under “Owl” logo and name. They went after children with savage viciousness. They murdered parents and whole families in other countries, then adopted children and brought them to the United States – mostly Ohio. Scientology, for decades, have been wirelessly projecting owl sounds in neighborhoods. Most of the mind control and psychotronic human body assault wireless psychotronic technologies patents were created and applied for by India’s technological scientists. Indians (from India), Indians, members of Scientology are forcing citizens to marry their members. Most of Cogeco Cable, my previous employer’s employees are from India, as is most of Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

Using the above and similar wireless technologies they also have the ability to change the taste buds. These technologies must be immediately shut down!

Are you ready to live in Orwell’s nightmare of Big Brother and mind control slavery? The New Fourth Reich of Hitler’s demonic dream where perverted and promiscuous sexuality is promoted as “normal” and “healthy” , while Satanism with its rituals of human sacrifice is the only “religion” allowed?!

Scientology Nazi satanic terrorist cult will continue to attack our whole humanity, and in the end, there will not even be any evidence that we ever existed if they are not shut down immediately, their technologies destroyed, their computers destroyed. In the end, they will make sure that there is no evidence left that we, our humanity ever existed!

This is a war crime against our whole humanity! This crime is unrecognized, unacknowledged and not publicly discussed! We have left the door wide open and named the responsible party – Scientology International Corporation (not a church!) – use it, walk through that door, name them publicly; it is time! SHUT THEM DOWN BEFORE THEY BLOW ALL OF US UP! We need your help. Please unite to fight the biggest war crime against our whole humanity!

Jessica Wallace

This email went out to Angela Merkel:

Jessica Wallace, 7055 Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, Ontario – Telephone 905 356 9836.

May 14, 2012

Angela Merkel
CDU – Bundesgeschaftrstelle
Konrad-Adenauer – Hau
KlingelhoferstraBe 8
Berlin 10785 Germany

Chancellor Merkel:

Last week I sent you email about Scientology/Nazi satanic terrorist political cult.

I am asking you, as a Chancellor of Germany, Germany’s most powerful woman to help us shut down Scientology/Nazi Party International, confiscate all of their assets and force them to pay restitutions.

Since Nazi party originated in Germany, it is Germany’s responsibility to rectify all the wrongs they have done, not only to Poland, but also to all of our humanity.

You, as Germany’s Chancellor have the power, and if it comes from Germany, other countries, the world will listen and also will help.

I realize that even if they were to repay Poland, and Polish people for the wrongs they had done, to them because of their wealth, it would still only be a drop in the bucket; it would not even make a dent in their wealth. However, because they acquired that wealth illegally, we must demand that they return it to us.

Money is owing not only to Poland, but also to former Yugoslavia, former Czechoslovakia, Africa, Canada and the United States to name a few. A drop from each country and before you know it, the bucket will be filled.

In the mid fifties, Nazi scientists who either during the Second World War, or immediately following, escaped to the United Kingdom, created HIV in the UK laboratory. They infected a military man, then sent him to Africa to infect African black population; and we now have world wide AIDS epidemic.

We must not only choke them out financially, but also politically, academically, professionally and so on. Nazis who are now members of legitimate democratic political parties must resign, or be forced to resign and to form their own political party and call it what it is – The Nazi Party. They can’t be both. This is illegal. I am asking you to publicly announce that this must be done world-wide for our protection.

They are responsible for wars, genocides, rapes, illegally wirelessly accessing human bodies for their profit by illegally assigning us human GPS and using illegal psychotronic slow-kill murder wireless technologies intended to only be used by the military on the enemy; however it is illegally being used on innocent civilian population world-wide.

Scientology/Nazi satanic terrorist political cult is responsible for all that is wrong in our world today. Too many people are suffering as I am. They are keeping me in a technological wireless psychotronic torture chamber, in essence, Auschwitz Number 49. My body and my mind is constantly being illegally accessed by them, I am constantly being tortured day and night each day, technological psychotronic wireless signals are being sent to my body, and constant messages are being sent to my brain. I am suffering.

Also, I am wondering if you know that Unicef reported a number of years ago that about 50,000 wealthy German businessmen each year cross into Check Republic and rape young children, who are sold by very poor Czechoslovakian families. Who are these people? Information about them must be publicly disclosed and this must be stopped. What if anything is Germany doing about this?

Scientology and their psychotrinic torture and mind control technologies must all be immediately shut down world-wide! They are using these technologies illegally, and are torturing millions of people across the globe.

Some of the wireless microwave carriers they are accessing are: Dishevel/Bippsie, PstDET, LZI, LZII algorithms, Antarctic Relay, UN Belgium subset, CIA Beta, CIA Russel, FBI Brother, Kortech Kpsi, Reticulan (all), UN Metric, Liberati, Russian T 2 8 , All Carriers (tarball).

As I stated in my email to you before, psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a human brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who want to attack, control and slow-kill, murder people, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain to attack human body. Essentially, that person is staring at a gun barrel ready to kill. And that is what they have done to me.

They, through the use of illegal wireless military technologies have all our information: pin numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, passport and visa information, our tax returns, how much money each of us has, where we live, our credit line, how much money we owe, our telephone numbers, who we talk to-they listen to our conversations, what we think, read, see, type, paint, create such as music, write and say, regardless of the security that had been installed at the universities, residences, government departments, or private businesses, including courts, hospitals, elections and law firms (they bypass security) ; (all of it is now in the hands of this the most dangerous world’s Nazi Scientology hate terrorist organization, stored on their hard drives) They have the ability to wirelessly alter all of the above. We need to find out where their equipment is located, where these hard drives are and destroy all of Scientology psychotronic and mind control technologies, shut them down completely. They are too dangerous. This is world’s biggest technological epidemic, millions of people are suffering, yet it is unacknowledged and unrecognized by the authorities and no provisions have been made by our governments to protect the victims and to stop this torture.

Scientology Nazi Party stole and copied our memories and knowledge, stored them on wireless technological servers or Clouds, and are using that information for the purposes of stalking, psychotronic torture including using EMF overhead radiation, and other psychotronic methods connected us with reels to supercomputers which listen and learn for the purposes of further torture attacks, using “yes”/”no” or “good cop, bad cop” technique, in essence taking out the middle, the person. They assigned us barcodes or I.P.s, human GPS.

– Psychotronic wireless murder technologies
– Psychotropic prescription drugs
– Psychiatric medical methodologies – what does all of this tell you?! It tells me premeditated murders – INTENT! GENOCIDE!

Some of the information about people who are suffering from slow-kill murder psychotronic technologies can be found on the following websites:

Some other illegal technologies (intended only to be used by the military in case of war on the enemy, but are being used on innocent civilians) by Scientology Nazi terrorist, satanic, political cult organization are: EMF, (overhead, wireless radiation – because of that fertility has decreased in North America), NRM, V2K, Silent Sound, SIGNALS, DEW, ELF, SIGINT, VDI, EBL, 3D Speech and sound, and numerous others.

Since I have not been able to obtain any help from Canadian Government, probably because there are too many of Scientology people within Canadian Government, I am asking you for help.

Chancellor Merkel, it is Germany’s responsibility to put an end to this immediately! Too many people are suffering as I am. Please take immediate action. Thank you.

Jessica Wallace
7055 Parklawn Crescent
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
905 356 9836

Written by rudy2

October 25, 2012 at 04:58

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  1. exactly truth this technology use terrorist


    February 16, 2015 at 15:44

  2. Do you have any idea why a family would be generational targeted? Could it be race, status, or heritage..? I’m an African American who 6 years ago found out my grandmother was American Indian as well I am single. Any idea’s? As well do you believe it is better to stay within the country or become an expat?


    May 15, 2015 at 16:18

  3. They Say I am schizophrenic but I know I am experiencing mind control and I’ve read the some books on Scientology and self analysis and it just makes sense. I am forced to take antipsychotics….what do you think

    Danielle Castaldi

    June 17, 2015 at 03:42

    • I hear ya! wanna chat about it?


      April 8, 2016 at 05:24

    • hi Danielle. they want me to think i am paranoid schizophrenic too. but i will not and i never did since i was captured on april 7th 2015. even my longterm boyfriend and family have trouble accepting anything but mental illness. i document everything, and have a case #. Even have a couple names that I’ve given to the FBI. where are you now? Please contact me ASAP

      emily c hopkins

      May 29, 2016 at 14:57

    • My advice to you is if you fantasized man.. Dont get emotional and it wont connect to you more!
      I am currently working on the problem!

  4. I am Joshua scott age 33 suffering from human brain torture for over a year now 9000 hours now i feel like I’m dying from it i need help !! Im not sure what to do about this !!! If u can contact me as soon as possible at my email or 613-915- 5302

    Thank u josh

    Josh Scott

    July 21, 2015 at 20:12

  5. How do you turn it off? I’m being harassed and raped by multiple high officials in the Department of Defenses illegal Top Secret Programs of Direct Energy Weapons used as slow kill method giving us skeleton face… They send their rapist to me after raping me mentally and then do it and rub in my face they made a porno out of it. Yet they won’t STFU and stop reminding of it 24/7 and they keep raping me by playing with my head to make it explode literally military school cadet graduates to rapist stalker?!!!!!! TURN OFF YOUR ILLEGAL RAPE AND RADIATION TO SLOW KILL ME AND STOP SPRAYING GARBAGE IN MY OWN TO INFECT ME WHILE I STARVE TO DEATH LIKE A JEWISH PERSON IN NAZI RUSSIA!

    Kimberly Stayne

    October 9, 2015 at 05:39

  6. Stop gassing me like a bug you over privileged CIA wankers! STOP SLOW KILLING ME DOD! I can’t fix your incompetence when you allow it to be as such like domestic terrorist. More like evil hateful tunnel rats that need to be exterminated!
    POLICE UP YOUR BUTTS CADETS-no one deserves this treatment you don’t even go through yourselves
    Stop DEWs
    Now that you’ve raped and tortured me to death WILL YOU TURN IT OFF DOD NSA CIA CID SF FAKE POLICE OFFICERS FAKE PESTICIDE FAKE CITY WORKERS (you’re obviously fake because everything is broke and you don’t know a word about your profession!)

    Kimberly Stayne

    October 9, 2015 at 05:50

  7. And stop forcing me to live in poverty and constant hunger all alone with your lab created monsters both male and female (whores)I DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS USA

    Kimberly Stayne

    October 9, 2015 at 05:53

  8. Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

    My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People.

    Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,


    October 24, 2015 at 19:20

  9. My name is Marisa am a victim of torture eletromagnetic of Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,


    October 24, 2015 at 19:29

  10. I seen this sight a lil bit ago n have the same issue accept this software that wuz stolen from the government.. That i can give the proper proof to n have the names of the ones responsible.. If not mistaken i did my research n it says could give me up to a few weeks to a few months to live cause my brain may shut down cause of this.. My eyes are actually getting bad n colors i see r different to me.. I see the colors changing in n out.. My wife is pregnant n this software is extremely dangerous n most likey will cause serious damage to the unborn baby..


    September 8, 2016 at 13:22

  11. Am living in Kavanur village, Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu-603203, India. Grandfather, Father, I born and grown in this village, permanent house.
    My father Mr. S.Chandran died on October 18 2014 (murdered). He was murdered by own blood relations (brother and sisters) of my father, mother and grandfather’s elder brother’s Son’s and village surroundings neighborhoods by using Electromagnetic pulse(EMF,ELF,), Microwave, Ultrasonic Weapon as the non-lethal weaponry.
    Please Click the below link to watch videos. I uploaded some videos as Evidence for your consideration,

    Hunting me and my family slowly by using EMF and Microwave Frequency (killing people slowly without any proof or evidence and showing to public, that death due to health issues). To robe land and properties from my family.
    It’s difficult to believe and imagine by reading this, truly happening. They are doing physically and mentally torture to me and my family every days.
    They are doing as group of members to robe properties.
    Operating Electromagnetic Microwave weapon remotely in every surroundings neighborhoods houses in each day alternatively.
    In my village most of them are psychopath criminals mingled with terrorist groups. Doing criminal activities as a business in contract basics with most of the government employers.
    Criminal Activities,
    1. Hunting family’s & robbing their properties in many places by giving health issues using EMF,
    2. Doing wrong things in name of god,
    3. Fooling people in name of black magic,
    4. EMF sexual harassment’s,
    5. EMF psychological torture, etc,.
    If something wrong happens to me and my family full & full activities done by all relatives (All Blood Relations) and surroundings all neighborhoods.

    Criminal Activities done by,
    a. Brother and (3 elder sisters & sons, daughters of elder sisters) of my Father,
    b. Brothers and sister of my Mother,
    c. Grandfather’s elder brother’s Son’s,
    d. All Surroundings Neighborhoods Houses in my village (devices installed in every house and operated remotely)
    Please Share, reach to public, Help
    HELP to stop this activities…..


    November 17, 2016 at 02:23

  12. I live in browsed florida, someone has been using this same type of electronics on me, I have lost all I have so many time, even now as I type this I’m a a job I started 2 days ago and they are making me feel almost like I want to die, and seeing if they can make me quit. I may soon be homeless. No one’s understand a or can help from what I have learned through the years, they make us think it’s neighbors. Or family, they tell me I have a hit on me. I have done nothing,!!# ,


    December 20, 2016 at 19:17

  13. The device they are using is called a Taser and the reason they know who you are is because they are the police (scientology uses tactical police methods, its because scientology and policing go hand in hand. The police put everyone in the “system” – a government database. THis is why its so easy to follow people around. There is no such thing as a supercomputer. However, there is such a thing as a government database. Scientologists have special training, its all tactical and military style along with some satanism. They know how to work within government systems. That is why they get away with organized crime. Its an organized crime organization that harms people for money. The Canadian government is full of this type of person. The courts are rigged. There is no reality in our justice system. And yes, they use their technology on everyone. Too much information exists about scientology and CIA mind control. Only the goverment can create such an animal and an organization can only grow so big without being harmed because its government owned and operated.


    December 28, 2016 at 00:44

  14. I’m also a victim of 20 yrs ELECTRONIC GANG STALKING HARASSMENT -Because of WOMEN & 10 yrs before Bullied BY WOMEN..? These Women will taunt you 24/7-365 until they put you into a Grave.? These women have used me my entire life 11 or 13 yrs old when she started Rumor’s to have me used by men (BOYFRIEND’S)..They had The women from YOSEMITE The 3 Sightseer’s were killed for 6 or more women meth addicts-so they could have their kids & have all charges they where facing dismissed.? The “MAJOR PLAYER’S ” Tuolumne County highly involved? ALL THE PEOPLE USING ME ARE THE ONE’S THAT KILLED THOSE WOMEN & WERE part of it? Along w/ women’s remain’s found are done by the same people (They harass victim on V2K,TI -sound dev. equip -acting like cops – say things to make victim look like a snitch, or Informant, the BITCH will say anything to have VICTIM'(S) killed MOSTLY KILLED BY YOUR SO CALLED BOYFRIEND- women -do anything to get him to have sex w/ them & then ask him to MAKE DEAL W/ THEM – TO ABUSE , SEXUALLY ABUSE, MIND GAMES, FRAME , SET UP ON ANY CHARGES, USE ANY EXCUSE TO CONTINUE HARASSING? THEY TOLD ME THEY (made agreement ?deal & they will not stop/give me thee life back they took from me w/out asking me to HAVE THEM USE ME FOR A HUMAN SACERFICE FOR METH ADDICT WOMEN.? IN TUOLUMNE CITY.? ) IF THE SYSTEM DOES NOTHING- THEN THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE (REASON WHY LAW PASSED TO -SHOOT COP FOR SELF DEFENSE- IF THEY ARE ONLY USING BADGE TO COMMIT CRIMES, MURDER, AND DESTROY LIVES OF INNOCENT VICTIM’S, -THIS HAPPEN’S WHEN THE SYSTEM NEED’S TO BE TAKEN DOWN & IMPEACH,FIRE-IMPRISONATE ALL CORRUPTED. THAT WORK FOR THE SYSTEM/COUNTY.? HAVE AS MANY PEOPLE FILE A LAW SUIT AGAINST THEM TO HAVE THEM BECOME BANKRUPT, & LOSE THE COUNTY FIRE ALL & RE HIRE..?

  15. I am very badly aftected because of psychometric remote torture. I am suicidal. I cannot prove what I hear. Please help me. My phone number is 9483580388.


    February 9, 2017 at 09:33

    • IT IS SCIENTOLOGY!!! I am a victim since 2015 of John Travolta infiltrating the first line of defense. Do not BLAME law enforcement. Scientology is infiltrating them. God Bless!


      March 23, 2017 at 01:19

  16. I live in Sri Lanka. This is happening in here as well. I experience the harassment both in US and Sri Lanka.


    April 1, 2017 at 08:59

  17. I am targeted an son of Myrnell Thomas constantly attack my body head. This is silent slow death. Non- lethal long range V2K is very real These people of 7020 Manchester, 8001Branch Dr want power, money, status. 700,000 clear. New Orleans

    Shirley Dixon

    August 4, 2017 at 23:44

  18. Thereby i report illegal human research on workless people in germany, by BND, CIA, NSA in support by the Jobcenter in various cities. I report a personal case of illegal psychotronic human experimentation by the BND in conjunction with NSA, CIA in affiliation with the jobcenter of munich. The experiments are performed by americans, like at university of regensburg by Prof. Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml in coopertion with ex-students, like Zheni Arnaudova, a female psychologist, who worked at the Berufsförderungswerk München, Ridlerstr. 55 at project “Chance für München”, she did not had any training for psychotherapy and studied in the field of research on the memory of the brain. So she was only there to select some people, like me, to perform illegal human experimentation on workless, disabled people. I am a deaf person. They are using EEG technologies and voice to skull. The experiments started about end of november 2015 and occur up to date. Especially it got extreme since the 25th december, as the experiments are now performed without any breaks 24h the day. They are talking continuously, possibly a computer system, using artificial intelligence, but still monitoring it continuously. They didn´t stop, as soon as i told them to stop the experiments, and i even did not subscribe to those experiments or gave any waiver to do such experiments on me. They are violating the nuremberg code in extreme way. There are files at NSA and CIA due to their answers for FOIA.

    I seek for help to restore my human rights and to demand for penalty on them.

    Affiliated known persons:

    Zheni Arnaudova, works at university regensburg, Berufsförderungswerk München, together with Prof. Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml at university of regensburg, possibly also with Bernd Ludwig at university of regensburg, see researchgate profile, they are talking like she would also work at Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz Bayern, where also Bäuml and Greenlee work according to their talks. Also she possibly works at BND, together with Dominik Kirner

    Dominik Kirner, works at BND, works together with Zheni Arnaudova, also with NSA

    Mario Wierick, Jobcenter München, works together with Dominik Kirner, Zheni Arnaudova, Bäuml and Greenlee

    Prof. Greenlee, Prof. Bäuml working at university of regensburg various research, human brain computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, brain memory, illegal experimentation as sources of their data is unknown, they did not answer requesting letter for their sources of their data and questions about ethic issues

    Sebastian Kricner

    Dear Mr. Mozer,

    thank you very much for your information.

    As i am actively assaulted by such technologies, i just can inform you,
    that ongoing violations of human rights occur. These assaults are
    occuring since i was an participant at “Berufsförderungswerk München”,
    Ridlerstr. 55, 80339 Munich, at a project called “Chance für München”,
    which was for longterm workless people. There was an psychologist called
    “Zheni Arnaudova”, an former student of Prof. Bäuml and Prof. Greenlee.
    She did not receive training for psychotherapy, although in my oppinion
    only proper trained people are feasible for handling long term workless
    people. The project was to get disabled people back to work, so the
    official clause, but it is also very possible that it is an task taken,
    to put discard disabled long term workless people, because very hard to
    integrate into new work. So to possibly put them into suicide
    (Geschäftsmäßig geförderter Suizid – See StGB).

    As i have read many documents on abuse cases, mainly those originate
    from the USA, like originating projects from DARPA/DoD/CIA. As Bäuml was
    at Stanford university it is highly suspicious.

    There are documents regarding of usage of LORETA, which may possibly in
    use in an modified manner by secret services. It is feasible, that the
    jobcenter of munich is working together or that “Berufsförderungswerk
    München” did provide services to dispose disabled workless people.
    Possibly also an secret project initiated by those people at university
    of regensburg, to commence research on artificial intelligence, then put
    them into disposal, like psychiatric clinics etc.

    See documents, like:

    Click to access LORETA-paper02.pdf

    Notice that in the followin document the usage for “Computer Brain Link
    Interfaces” is mentioned.

    Further affiliated persons:

    It is known that international research is taken place at secret
    services and that international contracts exists for keeping the
    research secret. Possibly is taken as IARPA (Intelligence Advanced
    Projects Activities)

    Also see my posts at:!topic/alt.mindcontrol/-azjhFlbQ2I!topic/alt.mindcontrol/Uuy2KNnPKgs

    There also is literature, like “Military neurosciences and the coming
    age of neurowarfare” by Armin Krishnan. There is an hint, research is
    taking place on CT2WS, Cognitivie Technology Thread Warning System.


    Also keep an eye on those projects “Decision in motion” from Prof.
    Greenlee and also “Visuo-spatial cognition” both are possibly using
    LORETA in an built in system, like GSM or Iridium-Satellites (little
    more latency than GSM).

    Also see documents, like:

    Click to access Lamm%20Cogn%20Brain%20Res%202005.pdf

    Keep in mind, that also Prof. Greenlee is involved into imagery
    technologies. And it occurred, that i also had contact to Prof. Sybille
    Ziegler at TUM Klinikum Rechts der Іsar, even with entrance into
    radioactivity control area without any governmental permit, for no know
    reasons except possibly the requirement to invite disabled applicants to
    jobs due to laws.

    I have an documented tinnitus since 1994, which is interesting due to
    LORETA development since 1994 according to the PDFs, severe abuse occurs
    since the mentioned participation at the project “Chance für München”,
    especially extreme since 25th december 2016 (24h/7d without breaks, like
    psychic driving).


    Sebastian Kricner

    Mozer, Brian (OS/OASH), Wed, Jun 14, 2017 05:40:30PM +0000
    >Dear Mr. Kricner,
    >ORI has received your email and concerns regarding the research of Dr. Greenlee and Professor Baumi at the University of Regensburg. Since Dr. Greenlee does not receive funding from the public health service, ORI has no authority to pursue this matter and will not consider it further. With regard to Professor Baumi, I was not able to make a determination regarding funding of his research, but it would appear that your concerns are not allegations of research misconduct but rather possible dangers of technologies being developed as a result of this research. In this case I would suggest that you raise your concerns with the appropriate officials at the University of Regensburg.
    >Sincerely yours,
    >Brian Mozer
    >Brian Mozer, PH.D
    >Division of Investigative Oversight
    >Office of Research Integrity, OASH
    >1101 Wootton Parkway, Suite 750
    >Rockville, MD 20852
    >From: Sebastian Kricner []
    >Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 5:10 PM
    >To: OS OPHS askORI (HHS/OPHS)
    >Subject: Illegal research complaint / Prof. Greenlee, Prof. Bäuml, University Regensburg
    >Dear Madams and Gentlemen,
    >hereby i request to stop funding and cancel all research projects of Prof. Mark Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml at the university of regensburg.
    >It is due to violations of human rights, i am being abused. They do abuse of psychotronic weapons for research purpose like on how decisions are made in neuronal networks.
    >Also keep an eye on their ex-ѕtudent named Zheni Arnaudova, finished in
    >2012 “Arnaudova, Zheni (2012). Der Einfluss von Hinweisreizen auf das Wiedererkennen von Vor- und Grundschulkindern.”, probably also with abuse of hypnosis.
    >Also do an background check of Prof. Bäuml, he studied at university of stanford, which is know to be an top target for CIA recruiters. Also background check Prof. Greenlee. The combinations of both names is also an sign for former MK-ULTRA persons, like an hint to “Greenbaum” or Mr.
    >Thank you for helping restoring my human rights
    >Sebastian Kricner


    August 12, 2017 at 22:28

  19. They are doing this in central Wisconsin now? That is what man was over heard saying! he knows people who do it and how it’s done with jaw spy wire/ implants….! Oh me gosh get rid of neighbor not wanted and a hate assault tool now? And we live here and what ever happened to law an order and the court system?
    Better not be happening in Wood/Clark county!


    August 19, 2017 at 18:28

  20. My name is Robert Adams I here both man and woman harassing and sound affect 24 hours a day I’m being tortured I shake from head to toe I wrote to bed reporter’s And to NJ govenor Chris Christy I got no respond because people think that I’m crazy I’m afraid to tell my family I know who the people are who do I call and talk to 8629447653 call me

    Robert Lee adams

    November 27, 2017 at 00:33

  21. Omfg the very first day this started happening to me I actually walked into the Church of Scientology in Vancouver on hastings Street in just pure Dumbfoundead had no idea what was going on I remember a poster on their wall in a conference room that was two men in black suits as if they were the Men in Black in the tagline stated ridding the Earth of the World Scum it all makes sense now you have all the transhumanist scientologists politicians every Federal agency working on this together a new world order it seems God help us all


    December 16, 2017 at 00:28

  22. Don’t like being hit on face body day in out on mouth neck nose for head OK as WordPress USA known it a brutal crime and be found you tops WordPress OK


    February 21, 2018 at 00:20

  23. I caught their people in CA, they’re not government agencies, they’re cops, mexicans, and some old men in CA. They use mental health to get away with their crime. Its radio frequencies, they implanted u guys, earth magnets. get rid of it. Good luck, they’re injecting people in the back hills of my area, especially people sleeping outside.

    Ryan Bonson

    April 28, 2018 at 19:08

  24. I’m going through this right now I need help getting them away from me!!!!

    Donna timbes

    May 14, 2018 at 07:10

  25. Hi my name is Brenda Hillman. I have experienced this same tormoil. I know there is a machine right now in Sicily Island LA functioning illeyal. Abusing, mutilating, and shocking people. The sheriffof Catahoula Parish is Toni Edwards or you can contact me at 3188843411

    Brenda Hillman

    July 21, 2018 at 15:27

  26. Michael Williams

    July 24, 2018 at 09:16

  27. There is a few technology devices you have no idea of… therefore it stays a mystery to how and who is doing this terrible things. I have suffered this hell for the last 26 years and know the devices, the people, the places…..
    First of all you need to know that the abduction, intrusion and invasion happens because these people have the technology of time travel, which means that they move through different dimensions that has different time zones….it means that when they do move through these dimensions that they are able to appear invisible, invasion to your privacy is more accessible then ever before.
    Secondly, they can move that seems to us in the normal world, through matter like walls, etc. but it is just actually that they are in a space(dimension) in your space(another dimension) it is actually moving through a ‘time zones’.
    Thirdly, in their ‘invisible state’ they can use their lasers, shocks and all kinds of Electronic devices on the victim, without the proof, trace and evidence of an intruder!
    The tortures starts….manipulation……their entertainment….e.moving objects, pulling hair, touches, spitting, kicking, etc, wonder why your drink tastes different or the computer goes out at the most crucial time…..wonder how they know what you did last night in privacy,…and you are looking for hidden cameras?
    Fourthly, There time travel is possible through magnetic fields and portholes in space…when they travel through these time zones, you can actually see events in time happening…that is why they know your past so well….or your future?…..”in the name of God or magic?”
    Fifthly, I have seen them move through the city streets and scanning what is in people’s purses, handbags and suitcases,,,they even scan the peoples clothes of…yes devices to see through objects….
    sixth, There space shuttle that they move in has different functions and shapes….some look like discs…others like our shape of an underground trains and other like small helicopters, others like glass elevators, …you would see this all in animated movies….frozen, charlies’ chocolate factory, Mission impossible….yes, the Illuminati, the all seeing eye, is because they have the technology to move beyond our world, even into the past and future…and who is behind the movie industry..?
    seventh, They have a device that can put the victim in a hypnotic state of mind, which we call time loss, the victim is then abducted to another timezone where the victim is abused and then put back in real time, you might loose seconds on your watch but you could have been away, held up for many minutes or hours in another time zone. Before the victim is put back into real time… shocks to the short memory to erase the event….that is why you are left with unresolved pain, feelings, unexplained marks on your body.
    eighth, They also have a device that can extract the soul from the body…the soul looks like a outline of the body, and extreme abuse and torture is done to the soul to clone the soul… which is sold for a price…. I can tell so much more…. and yes there is an existing city …the mystery Babylon….as the Bible refers to….also your social group is involved…
    …..I can tell so much more… I have fought this for a long time and have conquered…they are exposed and they have no power over me…Amen, In Jesus Name…Yes, God has woken me up out of hypnotic states and I woke up to see many things….

    Anyway, every victim’s life is on camera, live on a big screen, monitored 24hrs, discussed and treated like objects….

    There is much more technology to the medical and their experiments on the victims are cruel….

    This technology is from aliens and the people involved have lots of fun…a very sick kind of entertainment, yes , they are the ones that are not normal! Sick minds do evil alike!! a very sick nation!


    September 10, 2018 at 13:35

  28. I seem to be getting through to them I’m a target. I asked them to stop harassing you.


    October 14, 2018 at 21:31

    • Who did you ask why can’t they remove the device from my hand why can’t I get help from Police and FBI or the hospital .

      BENJAMIN arebalo

      October 16, 2018 at 23:24

  29. Why should you be classed in same with this great knowledge of A website blogs like this help understanding on the way freedom

    October 28, 2018 at 18:54

  30. I’m being gangstalked relentlessly by a cult of narcissistic serial killers using these homemade directed energy weopons made from high wattage microwave oven generators and lasers type of technology. These individuals are responsible, one Eli nuanez of North East albq New Mexico, one Kevin idler of veguita New Mexico and his entire family and a cult from Bernardo New Mexico areas. On krickett Branden of Alto New Mexico and her entire family , one Joshua longskin of show low AZ and his family and a cult. These narcissistic individuals are killing innocent people at will. This krickett Branden and Eli nuanez and Ann Wilson and her daughter Julia clubb and Maynard place, are illegally hooking innocent people up to atype of phsycotronics and remote nurel monitoring. These individuals from eagar Arizona area are also involved, Katie Brady, and a Dr.scott Hamblin and dr.sean Wilson and a office manager at this medical office last name is Ramsey. This Kevin idler family is hunting humans in the remote desert area of Bernardo New Mexico. And I mean litterly hunting humans, GPS type of microchip implant and v2k technology and all. These are terrorists period. The sickest individuals on Earth.

    Mark Hill

    July 29, 2019 at 21:42

  31. There’s a way to find them it’s all illegal they can’t hide


    September 17, 2020 at 12:16

  32. This is hell, they will be found all of them, there is no hiding place, there are no hiding places for evilness like this….. They cannot hide, they will be found and tried for their crimes.


    March 10, 2021 at 22:25

  33. Great thanks to educate yourself regards to this blog thanks


    October 30, 2021 at 18:53

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